The Origin of THE Conspiracy

       They who do not learn from history will live to repeat its deliberately caused mistakes.        I am re-reading this book from 1961 None Dare Call it Conspiracy by John A. Stormer, which reveals the conspiracy that threatens us today. What happened in the 1940s to the 1960s is STILL going on today. This war is between God’s people and truth and Satan’s people and their lies.     My computer has been sabotaged, I cannot get a picture of this book on line or from my video camera. It does not allow a JPG picture.        What is going on today with the lawless Democrats and RINOS? It has been going on for many decades and Americans were asleep. There is a war between the Antichrist who created Communism (Founded by the Rothschilds and other international banksters and their secret societies) to take over the world vs. Patriots/Christians. And the Patriots in the United States who stand in their way. However, most of the conspirators are IN the United States. Communist agents in

Innocent Blood for Baal 666

        America has been guilty of unconstitutionally killing innocent blood and has been under a curse from God.        The Federal Court violated the Law of the Land. And created a precedent to attack the Constitution.  The Supreme Court's nonelected judges do not have the right to support abortion or anything else, they are ONLY to enforce the Constitution, not add or change it. This right is supposed to be in the hands of the States elected by the People. The Supreme Court is to only interpret the Constitution, instead they have ignored the law and created their own immoral laws out of thin air. This is one of the weapons used by the Communist Conspiracy.      Who opposes the abolishing of Roe vs Wade? People who resort to violence? Communists/Socialists who lie, riot, destroy, support immorality, and kill.        Today Trump’s majority in the Supreme Court has torpedoed the murder of babies and put it back in the legal Constitutional hands of the States and the People.      Wh

Communist Coup of America

    Our Congressman  Jay Obernolte  in San Bernardino California supports American patriots against the enemies of freedom.         The Communist/Illuminati Party takeover of America has infiltrated many organizations and media with propaganda i.e. Fake News. Another one of these includes innocent unbiased sounding: who said:        Jay Obernolte is among the Republican legislators who participated in the months-long, (Disinformation: multifarious attempted coup following the 2020 presidential election. My comment: The election of Biden/Harris WAS a COUP) On January 6, 2021 in the hours after the (Disinformation: insurrection at the Capitol,) Obernolte  voted to reject the (My comment: Fradulent filled) state-certified election results of Arizona and/or Pennsylvania  (states narrowly won by Democrat fraudulent votes), which could have changed the outcome of the election. These legislators pumped the (Misinformation: lies a

Additional California Voter Information

                 Some of the most important candidates which are claimed to be Nonpartisan in Schools, Superior Judge, Tax Assessor, County Offices ARE partisan! Many corrupt politicians agents of Satan have infiltrated these positions and promote Abortion, Globalism, Weather Change Hoax, Mandates, etc. And because it is so complicated with limited time most voters are ignorant of what they stand for.        Here is what I discovered under school administration :        Jim Gibson for School Superintendent: Parents support him against the Liberal conspiracy. He refuses to take bribes from lobbyists, which causes most of our political problems. The Communist teachers unions are against him. But he only raised $4872 in donations. Not enough to go against the well-funded Democrat Communists.        Ainye E. Long: Promotes CRT propaganda against Americans and hatred toward Caucasions.        Marco Amaral: Endorsed by the Communist Green Party.        George Yang: Supports gay mar

Make California Great Again

Image It is Election Time ... But don't be deceived! Support Christian Patriots and Make California Great Again! You can't believe the misleading voter guides. You can't believe the deceptive mail and ads. And don't believe the media and Facebook soundbites either! BEWARE! This site has the same identical answers from most Republican candidates. They are liars.  I notice that many statements on the Internet follow all the Conservative talking points: Inflation, immigration, gas prices, school choice, failed leadership, higher taxes, mandates, term limits, increase in crime, capture and release, etc. RINOS are trying to fool us. The site below is the best choice I have found: I'll be doing an "Election Forum," going straight down the ballot. Together, we will look at the race for Supr