Akhenaten Founder of Nephilim Bloodline


Akhenaten established the worship of one god the sun, and replaced polytheism. The spolar magic square symbolized him as 666. Akhenaten and Tutankhamen were elongate skull Nephilim i.e. Fallen Angel/human hybrids. The sun god Rah was known as Baal. Baal was Zeus Apollo Bull (Baal). The Assyrians referred to this Fallen Bull as Sat-an for the fallen Lucifer.

Akhenaten was the founder of fire sun serpent worship. Today it is New Age Religion supported by the Illuminati.

The skull here is a cast by Joe Taylor of a skull from Peru.

The architectural ruins in central Mexico and South America show they were people scattered from Babel, creating ziggurats like the one at Babel called the Tower of Babel. These same people from Babel were scattered to Egypt. All these Nephilim bloodlines of hybrid humans worshipped Lucifer as the sun or serpent god. This is the origin of the Phoenix or Serpent Bird.


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