Labor Unions and Corruption

All unions have been used by the Liberal Conspiracy to communize America in support of Liberalism and Illuminati CFR controlled Fake News as described in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.
This is one of the ways the swamp has gained power in our country. They get money from government and unions to overthrow our Republic based on law and replace it with socialist Democracy opposing our Constitution. If your union is getting a donation from you or dues, call them and tell them you do not want to support Liberal causes.
I just told my union I do not want to support (criminals) like Hillary like they did in the last election, and Liberals for Congress in these midterm elections to bring back the changes Obama (Antichrist) made. They have had several meetings and drives including the woman’s march supporting abortion and gay (immoral non-existent) rights funded by George Soros.
Here is my union SEIU 721: They state, “Dues allow our union to continue to stand up for members and neg…

Stop the Criminals

Trump says: Let me be clear. Their target is you. The swamp doesn’t want you to take your country back, and they’ll fight to the end to stop you.
Jeremy: Right! They want a Marxist world government under Antichrist as the Bible describes. The Clintons, Obama etc. are followers of Saul Alinsky who praises Satan in his book. They are a criminal conspiracy that has committed many crimes including helping our enemies, money laundering, drug/gun running, and murder.
That’s why I need you now to sustain our movement. The only thing that keeps our movement alive is our members. We CAN’T afford to lose a single one.
Please make a contribution of ANY AMOUNT to renew your 2018 Sustaining Membership before MIDNIGHT TONIGHT.

The Clinton Criminal Syndicate

INVESTIGATE THE CLINTONS NOWA Special Project of Liberty Guard                               “I think this may be the scandals of scandals… one of the biggest                                bombshell revelations in my memory.” Rush Limbaugh, October 26, 2017
EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER THE LAW:  Why Congress and the  Justice Department MUST investigate Hillary and Bill Clinton

Finally there is a solid and airtight case to be made for Congress and a Special Counsel to fully investigate the Clintons – and it’s all can be found in “Equal Justice Under the Law” an explosive booklet we have put together and are now distributing all across the country.

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Soft Tissue in Dinosaurs

You have heard about the discovery of soft tissue and organic remains in dinosaurs and other fossils.

Now they have found remains of compound eyes in an animal in the oldest strata the Cambrian claimed to be 600 million years old. The 3 to 6 foot long Cambrian shrimp-like animal known as Anomalocaris has been found preserved with soft eye tissue. “Acute vision in the giant Cambrian predator Anomalocaris and the origin of compound eyes” paper published in the December 2011 edition of the journal Nature, describes the soft eye tissues in the Anomalocaris. These complex eyes have more than 16,000 lenses in each eye.  John R. Paterson, a paleontologist at the University of New England in Australia said, “The common housefly has only 3,200 and most ants have fewer than 1,000.”
It has been proven that organic remains cannot survive more than a 4 million years, not 65 million much less 600 million!  Soft tissue tends to decay in a matter of days or weeks it is even a mystery for creation scien…