Thoughts on Biden's UN Speech

       Comments by Fox news listeners about Milktoast Biden’s speech. Sparklin 21 September, 2021 I disagree that it is weakness. I call it treason, and those of us who ignored the main-stream media on Hunter's laptop already knew Joe was compromised. So today it finally comes out that the laptop and all the emails are genuine, and Joe was indeed "the big guy". There should be no choice about re... See more Reply 11 2 replies budman856 21 September, 2021 If Trump had committed one small blip of error in Biden's reckless blunder in Afghanistan, the thunderous-roar of demands by the left for impeachment, and probably imprisonment, would be deafening. Some on the left are actually praising him for a job well done. Sickening. Reply 23 leninstalinputinbidin 21 September, 2021 Replying to budman856 Quid pro Joe will read what ever the BLM interns write in his speech. Two minutes after his speech he won't remember what he said

Rocket fuel of Inflation

        The price of gas causes all prices to inflate. It is being driven up by Biden’s Administration by the lack of production of our own fuel, by the raised prices by buying fuel from enemy countries, by raising taxes, by a shortage of fuel, and by inflation. All the fault of the Democrats.

Black Lies Matter

         David Horowitz says,        Black Lives Matter has orchestrated the greatest civil destruction in America in our history.        They lie systematically about the deaths of armed black criminals resisting arrest.          They lied about George Floyd who died from a Fontanel overdose (Because of Biden’s open border) to incite deadly riots across the country. Even Keith Ellison, an Antifa supporter and – as Minnesota’s Attorney General – the chief prosecutor attempting to turn the death of George Floyd into a murder – conceded that  they could not find any racial element in Floyd’s death.   That’s a fact most people don’t know.  The summer of unprecedented insurrectionary violence by Black Lives Matter was based on a monstrous lie.   Black Lives Matter doesn’t want to fight “systemic racism” or end police brutality...   They’re Fidel Castro-adoring communists, and they want an end to America once and for all.   And if patriots like you and me don’t arm y

Plethera of Cataclysms

        We hear about all the calamities caused by the Biden Administration. Inflation, fuel shortage, terrorists and drugs and criminals crossing into America, taxes, forced masks and vaccines, the many evils from the Afghanistan surrender, increase in crime, uncontrolled riots, Communism taking over, fed lies by our leaders.          But there is another catastrophe that is looming. Iran is within one month of achieving the material for a nuclear bomb thanks to Biden. And China building and selling drones to evil countries. What is Biden doing about the threat of a drone or drones carrying atomic bombs! Biden is funding and helping all of our enemies. Maybe if the White House gets hit maybe Biden sleeping in the basement might get woke up.        And we hear that the Democrats want to cut off Iron Dome protection for Israel.        How much more damage will the Democrats do before people wake up?

Covid Communist Weapon

         The attack on Ron DeSantis is based on false information about Covid and its variant. Also, the variant of Covid is being caused by the vaccines causing them to adapt. The fact is more people who have been vaccinated have died from Covid than those who have not been vaccinated. And all of those who have died had other diseases that was the real cause of death enhanced by Covid. Then others who died of other causes that were falsely reported as a Covid death. And the Communists are suppressing other effective cures for Covid because the big farma will not make millions off it, and help Democrats get re-elected with donations. And it would stop the pandemic the Communists desperately want to continue to be able to control the public with unconstitutional mandates creating dangerous precedence that can be used to void the Constitution. And it would cut back on the number of depopulation deaths that the United Nations wants by 2030.      Why else would they want children to be vac

Confusion at the Border

        Biden Administration falsely claims they are sending Haitians in Texas back to Haiti. The problem is they have been living in South America for a long time.        The lying Democrats claim they are fleeing problems in Haiti. airi Not so, they come here because is a better place to live.        And the Communist Democrats are lying about the fact that many are being taken to cities in the United States.        Many of the Haitian immigrants are returning to Mexico to avoid being taken to Haiti.

Biden Administration Lies

        Our government is divided into three Congress, Senate, the President, and the Supreme Court. This is so one of these will not become a dictatorship.        However, the Supreme Court has ordered Biden to re-enact the Stay in Mexico policy until they can be vetted. To see if they are a threat to our country. Right now drugs, weapons, criminals, plagues, and terrorists are walking into our country. What does Biden do? He ignores the order!        When Biden was running for President he said on ABC that a president rules by Executive Orders is a dictator. He admits he is a dictator.        Democrats are Communist dictators. I heard that the Recall Election of California Governor Gavin Nuisance would allow mail in ballots, and drop boxes. I predicted this would be a Fraudulent Election.        Now I heard that several people have reported that when they went to a polling place they were told they had already voted! And communist Governor Nuisance won.        Biden adminis