Entertainment Industry is Satanic

There is a persistent theme in the entertainment industry of aliens, extraterrestrials, and UFOs. This includes superstars who claim they are from another planet and sexual overtones of women as alien goddesses. This subject is fascinating because it invokes so many emotions (e.g. fear, wonder, etc.) and this invocation is done on purpose (conspiracy theorists believe). This purpose is to lead and manipulate us as a means to an end for humanity.
There are two approaches for this alien agenda. The most plausible theory I’ve read is Bill Cooper’s theory that an alien threat will be presented to us in order for us to relinquish powers over to a one-world government as the only way of combating this extraterrestrial force. If you want to take another angle (the benevolent path), you could also argue that the entertainment industry is buttering us up to the concept of aliens so that when the Illuminati-reptilian-aliens reveal themselves we won’t persecute or fear them, but rather admire and…

UFO & the Nephilim Report March 15th, 2018

The alien bodies had six fingers proving they are Nephilim.

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La Brea Tar Pits


Donald Trump Member of Secret Society? Daniel Tomlinson, Researcher, Author, very active Mason & member of various Rites and Side Orders.
This is a quick and emphatic NO.
There has been much speculation, mostly by conspiracy theorists - however there is zero evidence for this. There are plenty of Masons on a regional level that are linked and active within the Grand Lodges, hence we have the human factor. We would have known, it he would have been included in various communiqu├ęs either noting his initiation, promotions, or similar. Membership is not a secret, and there are lists who include all the famous Masons.
There is also the question of what members actually do - they serve. As in: make food, wash dishes, play bar-man and learn ritual to ensure that things go smoothly.
This hardly sounds like the picture of Trump… or does it? Factor in his busy schedule to dedicate time to this, and I will let you make up your own mind.
Jeremy: I have found all presidents and most VIPs a…

What's Wrong with the Book of Enoch? (Dr. Gene Kim)


Bloodline of the Antichrist

My van broke down in San Bernardino California a year ago, and on the ride home the young tow truck driver said he was Jeremy Kennedy. I was surprised because my name is Jeremy and it used to be rare name.
And I am a descendant of the royal Merovingian Dynasty from Scotland of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. And my research for my books showed that all Presidents are closely related to each other and the Royal European French Dynasty, mainly the Merovingian Dynasty. This is the highest of the 13 Illuminati Families. And it will be the origin of the Antichrist claiming to be a descendant of King David through Solomon.
And I discovered that the Merovingian bloodline was mostly the rarest blood type AB Negative. The same as Obama and the leader of the Illuminati Knights Templar’s, Jacques de Molay arrested in 1307 AD. The Shroud of Turin was used in de Molay’s torture and carries his image. I then asked Jeremy if he was a relative of President Kennedy and he said he was.
From my research…