Florida Shooter and Mind Control

I am specious.

"If you are familiar with the Jason Bourne films, then you are aware of the concept of mind control of an individual to engage in certain behavior, namely assassinations.

"Often, Hollywood puts out movies about technology that either exists or will exist in the near future, and the reality is that the Central Intelligence Agency has not only admitted to mind control technology, but also has a patent for a drug that is used for such control." 

The woman who took the shooter and his brother in after their mother died recently, was a friend of their mother. She is a convicted criminal. 

The boy's mother died recently. This woman has petitioned  to be named the Administrator of the estate. Their mother had an estate worth $800,000 but had no will according to this woman. Right after the shooting she put his youn…

Democrats Involvement with Russia

Fake News is blaming the Trump administration for involvement with Russia.
A New York Times headline says: "Justice Dept. to Weigh Inquiry Into Clinton Foundation." Yes, the pressure is growing to fully investigate Bill and Hillary Clinton for their many questionable activities tied to their charitable foundation and to Fusion GPS, the creator of the largely bogus Trump dossier.
Going back to the very beginnings of the Obama administration, Russian leader Vladimir Putin made extraordinary efforts to get a dominant foothold in the U.S. nuclear industry. Using the Russian state-owned nuclear monopoly Rosatom, Putin engaged in a campaign of "bribery, extortion, (and) money laundering" in his efforts to acquire Uranium One, a Canadian-based nuclear materials company that controls 20% of all U.S. domestic uranium supplies, according to Chuck Grassley, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.
Obama's Justice Department, then under Eric Holder, knew about this but did…

Trump Worst President?

Trump is rated as the worst president in American History. Actually Trump is our Greatest President. He is the first to oppose the globalist deep state conspiracy of the United nations and their CFRs
“Since then, the wave of similar surveys more likely reflected the politics of those casting their votes than the abilities of our presidents.” “When asked which presidents should be the next to be placed on Mount Rushmore, five of these so-called politics experts listed Lincoln, Washington, and Theodore Roosevelt, whose visages are all already carved into Mount Rushmore.”

Florida School Shooting Witness

This morning, Mac Slavo posted informationregarding alleged Florida school shooting survivor David Hogg, a former FBI agent's son.  That information was tied back to an interview from an August 2017 interview in which he went into a vicious anti-Trump rant.  Now, that video, along with several other videos of Hogg that have surfaced in the wake of the shooting are being methodically purged from accounts that offer an alternative or critique of those interviews rather than the mainstream news narrative.

First, take a look at this video in which it is clear that Hogg is reading from a script to push an anti-American, anti-Constitutional and anti-Second Amendment agenda.

Solution for Mass Shootings

What must we do to stop mass shootings? Gun control is NOT the answer. And it violates the Second Amendment of the Constitution so gun control is illegal. 

The problem is there are criminals like George Soros, Clinton Foundation, Liberals in Hollywood: Oprah, George Clooney, Spielberg funding picketing and terrorists. As well as gangs like Black Lives Matter, and Antifa, and White Supremacist groups picketing and riots for gun disarmament. These criminals need to be arrested along with anyone supplying weapons to illegal alien terrorists, including domestic terrorists. This is a law enforcement issue just like all other crimes. Homeland Security's job and law enforcement in general is to STOP these criminals. Crime is increasing everywhere. Our nation's problems are caused by suppressing the teaching of the Bible in schools. And removal of all Christian symbols and prayer in public. And the Constitution has not been enforced! It must be aggressively enforced with fines and impri…

Cataclysm From Space, 2800 BC – The Cause of the Biblical Flood


California Inland Empire Creation Science Association

The Inland Empire Creation Science Association
Edward Rockland
The Limits of Science: Faith in Science versus the Science underlying our Faith
What are the true limits of secular science, and what fields in science can we use to defend our faith. Secularists have the federal funding and control of the schools; the onus on proving their truth is on them. There are several major naturalistic impasses, beginning with the creation of all matter, time, energy, and the laws of the universe from nothing, and then continuing through to the creation of man. After the first unbridgeable impasse, you have several other major impasses that must be bridged empirically before you make any secular truth claims. This discussion will help in laying out the big picture and asking questions to non- believers to show them the extent of their secular faith. 
We will discuss the formula to determine the probability that God created everything. Because everyone has faith, we can determine objectively …