The Dawn Horse Fraud

Evolutionists say birds evolved from dinosaurs. This is ridiculous, things go from small to large, from simple to complex, from few to many. Birds are small some dinosaurs are huge.
Even the horse series has horses with more ribs evolving into ones with less ribs. And three toed into one toed. This is impossible. Where is the one toed horse that evolved into the three toed horse.
Even the Bible says that a small mustard seed grows into a large tree.

Have you ever seen a tree turn into a mustard seed?
These are pictures of reconstructions of the Hyracotherium also called the Eohippus Dawn Horse.
Later they found that these fossils were hyrax or Rock Coneys. And they were found with modern horses.
Below are pictures of living hyrax. Did they reconstructed them correctly?
The three-toed Neohipparion lived beside (same time) the one-toed Pliohippus. And in America the one toed and three toed are found together. And the rib count, vertebrae count, tooth count and the size of the animal, varies w…

Pray for David Cassidy

Pray for David Cassidy of the Partridge Family. 
David has been fighting alcoholism, depression, and dementia. He was a great singer. 
His kidneys are shutting down and he wants to die. Pray he finds the Lord and recovers with a new purpose to live for.

WARNING! Single Payer Health Care

The Liberal Conspiracy has been trying to get the Single Payer Health Care Plan into law. They falsely claim it will correct the problems with health care. This is ObamaCare disguised.

It is a clever attack on our freedoms. It is unconstitutional and destroys the free enterprise system that made America great.
It would be socialized medicine under government monopoly. The expenses would go up without competition, the quality would go down without competition. You will be waiting for months to get lifesaving treatments, and wait longer in the doctor’s office. This is already going on for Veterans, and many either die before getting treatment, or they commit suicide from the pain!
Under their Marxist control, the government would tell you what kind of care they decided you will get. And if you appear to be a worthless eater (too old, an opponent of Liberalism, or sickly), you will not receive life saving necessities. All decided by a Death Panel – just like Hitler did.
Then they will requir…

Mysteries of History Revealed

I am the author of these books which reveal:  Recent discoveries and improvements in Carbon 14 dating, led to the discovery that all fossils were buried thousands of years ago. Then there was the discovery of preservation of dinosaur flesh! They have identified DNA, blood vessels, blood hemoglobin, skin, and proteins proving they were buried in recent history no more than a few thousand years ago. Scientists have found that the earth was much more tropical and animals and plants lived longer, grew larger, and were healthier than people are today. This is supported by evidence found in marine shell fossils, and in amber that the earth had more oxygen and carbon dioxide at greater atmospheric pressures. 

They claim grass did not evolve till after the dinosaurs, now they have found grass in the stomach of a sauropod dinosaur. Then a massive asteroid shower caused a worldwide catastrophe including worldwide earthquakes, continent crossing tsunamis, and worldwide massive volcanic eruptions, …

Gay's Attack on the Constitution

The attack by Liberals on Jack Phillips for his refusal to make a cake for a homosexual wedding is an attack on all our freedoms. It would create a precedent that would make the Constitution void! This is another attack from the Liberal Conspiracy to bring in the Marxist world government of the Antichrist.
6 Things You Didn't Know About Jack Phillips and His Supreme Oct 17, 2017 ... Just like any other American, the First Amendment protects Jack's freedom to run his family business consistently with his faith and to decline to ... We are asking the Supreme Court to affirm that Jack – and all Americans – have the right to peacefully live and work according to their beliefs without fear of ... Do You Know What's at Stake in Jack Phillips' Supreme Court Case?…

Liberal Elephant Attack on Trump

Senator Jeff Flake a phony Republican said, "If we become the party of Roy Moore and Donald Trump, we are toast," Flake was caught on mike by ABC affiliate KNXV.

Why Mr Flake, is that because the Illuminati will start attacking the Republicans instead of Trump? In order to bring about their Marxist world government, the rise of Babel.

Senator Jeff is a FLAKE. Another Liberal in disguise. The enemy has infiltrated the Republican Party. I knew this decades ago from None Dare Call it Treason.

Joe Taylor on Facebook·
Looks like the democrat media may have opened Pandora's box with their incessant attack on Roy Moore. We are now seeing dozens of women coming forth to allege sexual harassment, and many of them on the left. Can they say so much about this and not bring Bill Clinton back into the spotlight? My comment on Facebook to this was: 
Jeremy AuldaneyI said that, are all these women Democrats, what a coincidence! At the time I did not know if this was true. When a theory is …

Judge Moore Under Liberal Attack

It appears that Judge Roy Moore is innocent. The first woman to accuse him is using a yearbook signature as evidence that appears to be a forgery. But the accusers refuse to allow neutral analysis of the signature by a third party. The signature does not match the way Roy signs his name. They want to test the ink to see if it is 40 years old, or a recent forgery.