UFOs Extraterrestrials or Demons and Angels?

There are a lot of UFO television programs and they seem to prove that extraterrestrial aliens do exist. Mainly the Greys. So what should Christians who believe the Bible understand? Did aliens evolve on other planets? The Bible shows us that evolution is a hoax. Evolution is an attempt to explain our origins from a natural materialistic viewpoint without an omnipotent, omnipresent, eternal Creator.
God created everything in the universe supernaturally. These Grey creatures are not good looking, they look like Demons. All through history native peoples have described evil spirits and what they can do. These paranormal cases are identical to today’s UFO encounters. The difference is in ancient times they were considered pagan gods. Today they are interpreted as space aliens. The paradigm change was from the Pagan occult, to an atheistic viewpoint.
So that means UFOs are one of the manifestations of paranormal living entities.
And along with this we understand by the Bible that there are…




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False Books Forbidden in the Bible

Roberta Givens shared a link December 26 at 8:52 AM
The Book of Enoch was Forbidden in the Bible – It Includes Giants, Fallen Angels and a Warning for Mankind
The Book of Enoch isn’t the only collection of scripture that was left out of our modern-day Bible. A book compiled by Joseph B. Lumpkin (2009) entitled “The Lost Books of the Bible: Great Rejected Texts” (I’ll post pics of the book cover and Table of Contents in the comments) is actually thicker than my Bible! (Of course, the print is bigger and the pages are thicker, but still...). It is a must-read for anyone who has read the Bible or is interested in history or religion in general (that includes, of course, Ancient Astronaut Theorists).
My comment on Facebook about this posting and mainly the Book of Enoch and other Gnostic books th…

Jimmy Carter, Mike Huckabee, NEA, Lucifer, Habitat for Humanity

Jimmy Carter did a lot to destroy America. One of his greatest achievements was to take over the public school system for brainwashing purposes in evolution, socialism, and Communist world government (New World Order of Antichrist) to destroy Christian America which stands in their way. He helped the National Education Association (NEA) teacher’s union take over public schools through the new Department of Education. The NEA is a front for Communist organizations. The NEA tells members to Read Communist Saul Alinsky’s book Rules for Radicals who praises Lucifer for his rebellion. 

Both Obama and Hillary are disciples of Alinsky. Hillary was a member of the Marxist, Students for a Democratic Society when she was in college. Her thesis in college was in support of Saul Alinsky’s plan for change. This is where Obama got his motto. Democracy is another word for a transition to socialism through a workers revolution, just like Carl Marx, and is described in the Protocols of the Learned Elder…

Merry Christmas Wise Men!

One of the major themes of the Christmas story is about the wise men. It starts in Babylon with the Magi hundreds of years before Jesus birth. They were the intellectuals of their day. The Magi were based on a mixture of superstition and fortune telling, as well as real science just like the scientists and occult researchers of today. Daniel taught them the truth and they were converted.

The Magi brought gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Frankincense is related to the name of Lebanon; this is believed to be because they both derive from the word for "white". Below are Boswellia sacra trees from which frankincense comes from sap. 

This picture is of hardened Frankincense.Below is Boswellia sacra

The sap is white when it oozes out of a cut in the tree. White in the Bible is symbolic of righteousness. Boswellia sacra trees are considered unusual for their ability to grow in environments so unforgiving that they sometimes grow out of solid rock. 
Like Christians in this evil…

All Animals Could Not Fit in Noah's Ark?

Noah's Ark could not carry all the kinds of animals? To say this would be like saying all people would not fit in Heaven!

Noah’s Ark was the size of three football fields which could house all of San Diego and Los Angeles zoos plus. Most animals were small, they hibernated, and they were small young adults able to reproduce after the Flood, and there was only two of each kind which means every hybrid species was not on the Ark. Only two dog kind, two cat kind. Two horse no burrows. Atheists (evolutionists) try to throw doubt on anything that supports the Bible.
The author of Noah’s Ark: A Feasibility Study Dr. John Woodmorappe who has an MA in Geology, a BA in Geology, and a BA in Biology. He is a science educator by profession. This book on Noah's Ark is a one-of-a-kind compendium of information about animal-care methods, food-preservation techniques, animal-handling techniques, etc. It discusses in great detail how 8 people could have cared for 16,000 animals using pre-scientif…