Observational Science

Please read this and consider these facts. This is an answer to Matt and Bob. Your mother Beth is concerned about you. She did not have the time to talk to Matt when he was here. And she does not have the knowledge to answer your question.
When you were in Sedona Arizona for Bob’s wedding you told Beth, paraphrase, “Look at the rock strata in the bluffs how can you say it did NOT take millions of years to form, how can you believe the earth is thousands and not millions of years old?”

Picture of Sedona strata above, missing strata in Grand Canyon below and the unexplained Great Unconformity.

What does first hand observation of geology/paleontology show us?
This lays heavy on Beth's heart. So please listen  and think about what I have to say.
Evolutionists start with the assumption that their theory is a fact, then try to fit the evidence to fit it. They start with a preconceived conclusion everything happens by a natural process, there are no supernatural events, the earth is old beca…