Answer to Brainwashed Evolutionist

I answer this comment posted on my video Anthropologist vs Bill Nye of Anthropologist David Phillipps MA
22monkeymadness20 hours ago Real scientists see nature and create a hypothesis to try and explain it. Creationists try to cram nature into their tiny worldview. This man is in no way an Anthropologist, just a misguided high school teacher. 22monkeymadness5 hours ago Exactly, creationists read Genesis and try to find 
This is David Phillipps MA Anthropology

evidence to prove it's true word for word. That's the very definition of "ad hock speculation." Real scientists don't "cherry pick" they observe the general trend of evidence and don't base their beliefs on outlying 'evidence' and conspiracy theories like creationists do. As for the rest of your statement, It is just so far out there that it's not even fun to disprove. I don't want to offend you, but I seriously think you should get some psychiatric help. This amount of paranoia isn…

Will Antichrist Kick Trump from White House?

Trump Is Just Six Senate Votes Away From Impeachment
If this is true the Antichrist is about to take over America, then the world!

The REAL END-GAME For President Trump and How Charlottsville Virginia Is Involved—Hagmann Tells All…
Proof that this was part of the Liberal Conspiracy is found in the fact that the ACLU, that opposes all Conservative activity, supported the demonstration in Charlottsville, and the Damnedocrat Liberal Mayor supported it also.

NOTE: I was trying to post this on Facebook Aug 17th 2017, then I was told I was using an old Password, when Itried my new password I had recorded, this notice below came up. I do not trust Facebook, they are run by Liberals, and I think they want to sabotage my computer. I have not been able to log onto Facebook since. They give me this warning each time. I believe it is there way of violating freedom speech, and exposing of thei…

Deliberate Violence to Blame on Conservatives

CEOs quite the president’s council. They were fishing for an excuse to blame Trump. They are all traitors, they are part of the Liberal Conspiracy to try and down the Patriots of America. Most CEOs are Masons and Council on Foreign Relations members.
Hundreds of protesters descended upon Charlottesville, Virginia, on Saturday for a “Unite the (Phony) Right” rally: a belated coming-out party for an emboldened white nationalist movement in the United States to blame Trump with a backlash.
The involvement of hate groups and the threat of violence led the city of Charlottesville to attempt to marginalize the rally for “hate speech,” but the American Civil Liberties Union (American [Atheist/Humanist] Civil Liberties Union) who are always against anything Conservative) defended the Liberal Conspiracie's White Nationalist demonstrators’ rights hoping for violence. The combination of rally goers spoiling for a fight…

The Real History of the Earth

From: home page. ILLUMINATI & NEW WORLD ORDER: STAR TREK, AMERICA, SYRIA, RUSSIA AND THE RACE TO ARMAGEDDON PART 2 of 2 Published on December 4, 2015 Christian Kelch FollowChristian Kelch Second Chance Foundation
PART 2 of 2

This was such a great article and description of our world I had to republish it. Paul did a GREAT job and everything he says here agrees and confirms with my research in my newsletter here and my books: Mysteries of History Revealed Part 1 & Part 2

I will comment and add additional information as the Editor. These comments are NOT made by Paul McGuire, they are my responsibility and come from my research. And may not reflect Paul’s views. By Paul McGuire
September 17, 2013
They did not age, they did not die and they stayed in perfect health. They were beautiful in body, soul and spirit. Adam and Eve were given supernatural powers and …

Bush Mr. Satanic New World Order

In a joint statement from both former presidents Bush, state they reject hate in all forms.
How come they were not attacked for taking so long to comment like Trump was? Both Bush Presidents were Skull and Bones, members of an Illuminati secret society and part of the Illuminati, which is behind the groups causing the riots, so they ought to know.
The Bush/Obama/Hillary gang are in support of the New World Order from above, while the White Supremacists, Black Lives (lies) Matter is the force from below to bring about change into the Marxist New World Order of Antichrist.  So Mr Bush you are admittintg the the Illuminati have always been using the United States to create the Marxist New World Order (founded and run by Communist terrorists) just like Francis Bacon (an Illuminati of that time) stated:

Charlottesville Was Planned Attack on Freedom

As for the riot in Charlottesville, I agreed with Trump before he said anything and wrote an article on it. This riot was planned as an attack on our Constitution, freedoms, and Trump.
Franklin Graham Condemns Using Charlottesville to Attack Trump using-charlottesville-to-attack-trump 2 hours ago ... ... stated Charles Ramsey, who heads up the Philadelphia police department. He explained that while the competing demonstrators “need to be ...
Both sides were involved. And of course there were innocent people there as well as Trump stated. Why should they take down the statue of Robert E. Lee? These rioters who class him and the South with Nazis and White Supermen are liars, and would make him roll over in his grave. Liberals blamed Trump who had nothing to do with any riots. All these riots have been supported and financed by the Priory de Scion renegade Jew George Soros, and the Rothschild Illuminati following Saul Alinsky’…

Worldwide List of Dissodent Scientists

When someone tells you that there are no scientists that disagree with established science theories, tell them they are very WRONG and you could add ignorant. This is a list of 8000 dissident scientists that is published every year. 
And most of them are not creation scientists. Very few creation scientists are listed. No doubt because none of them are doing original research. They spend most of their time lecturing, and writing books, and going to conferences. However, Henry M. Morris the founder of the Creation Science Movement is listed. Even John Morris geologist, Henry’s son is not listed. Dr. Henry M. Morris (deceased)Origin : CLI                  2012 Category:   Religious aspects kind of theory :  kind of particle :    kind of critics :kind of energy   : web1 : key statements: All Spaced Out

Here is another of their dissident scientists:
Now this is odd Fred Hoyle the astronomer coined the term Big Bang on a BBC talk radio, but he did not belie…