Thursday, January 12, 2017

Corpus Christi Blasphemy

5:37am Jan 12
In the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, Abraham asked the Lord to spare the city if he could find 50 righteous people. God responded to Abraham's plea "If I find in Sodom fifty righteous within the city, then I will spare all ....Genesis 18:16-33.

(Jeremy: Abraham reduced it to 10 righteous. But there were only 4 in Sodom and Gomorrah, and during the Flood there were only 8. So God saved them and destroyed the rest.)

The movie "Corpus Christi "is due to be released this June to August. It is a disgusting film set to appear in America later this year which depicts Jesus and his disciples as homosexuals! As a play, this has already been in theaters for a while. It's called "Corpus Christi" which means "The Body of Christ". It's a revolting mockery of our Lord. Christians can make a difference. That's why I am sending this e-mail to you. If you do send this around, we just might be able to prevent this film from being shown in Australia, Canada and America etc. Let's stand for what we believe and stop the mockery of Jesus Christ our Savior. 

Where do we stand as Christians? I am forwarding this to all I think will respect and appreciate being informed. Please help us prevent such offenses against our Lord. There is no petition to sign, no time limit, or minimum number of people to send this to. It will take you less than 2 minutes! If you are not interested and do not have the 2 minutes it will take to do this, please don't complain if God does not seem to have time for you. 

Imagine what would happen if this film were depicting Mohammad in the same way...the Islamic world would be in flames!!. Apparently, some regions in Europe have already successfully banned the film. All we need is a lot of prayer and a lot of E-mails. JUST GET THE WORD OUT!....Will God be able to find at least 50 righteous people who are willing to express their concern and voice their opinion against this act of blasphemy?

Darwin Made Man in His Image

Darwin was our ancestor  he monkeyed with with our ancestry and went bananas.

 Evolutionists look at nature and see only random processes with no design. Does that mean no intelligence in nature or is it that the evolutionist has no intelligence?

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Obama's Farewell Speech

 President Barack Obama's hilarious final White House correspondents' dinner speech.
Obama said, “The end of the Republic has never looked better.” (Jeremy: We should be a Republic not a Democracy.) “If this works well I will use it at Goldman Sachs next year.” (Jeremy: Goldman Sachs is an Illuminati group for New World Order under Antichrist. LIKE Ted Cruz's wife who is also an Illuminati CFR member) “Next year at this time someone else will be standing here at this time defending whose guest who she will be.” (Jeremy: Obama’s wife is Michael, a transvestite man implying Trump is a female.)

At the beginning of President Barack Obama's farewell address he mentioned the New World Order which will be under Antichrist, where we must all must get along with homosexuals, and Muslims and all other countries and accept the Mark of the Beast. This computer chip under the skin was a requirement was in Obama Care but was dropped to gain acceptance. God separated the countries to prevent this during the Days of Peleg and the Ziggurat of Babel.

This is the plan of the Antichrist to recreate Babel and the Pre-Flood world government. 

He talked about supporting the rule of law, but he broke Constitutional law continually as a lawless president using executive orders. What he really means is he supports the law of the Humanist Marxist United Nations where Christianity joins with Paganism without God's protection of human life. 

He separates Muslims from the Koran claiming radicalized Muslims are different from ordinary Muslims. When in fact the Koran teaches intolerance of Christianity and American freedom and wants to institute Sharia law which kills anyone who opposes their dominance over women, the Bible, Christianity, and all freedom.

Obama talks of spreading Democracy, which is socialism or lynch mob rule and consensus science, described in the Illuminati Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. He never mentions our nation was a Republic based on God’s natural laws.

He does not mention that he has condemned Israel and wants to take away their heartland for an enemy who wants to totally destroy God’s people. He does not mention that he has created a huge debt and destroyed the free enterprise system with socialism that ends in a marxist dictatorship. And he has said America is no longer a Christian nation, but a Muslim nation, etc. and other Satanic things.

Obama ends his speech with, “Yes we can” more than once, played backward says, “Thank you Satan.”

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Evils of President Obama

Trump confidant Kellyanne Conway took off the gloves in an interview with CNN. Kellyanne closed her EPIC bombardment on the Evils of President Obama by simply saying it would be “very unfortunate if politics were the motivating factor … We can’t help but think that’s often true. That is not the way that peaceful exchanges work in a democracy.”

Conway went on to outline what she called calculated steps Obama had taken to torpedo Trump’s presidency.
Abandoning Israel by having UN declare Israelis in Jerusalem and the West Bank to be Illegal.

Sanctions against Russia and Putin to stop Trump from working with Russia to fight Radical Islam.

Prevent energy exploration, cattle grazing, and other development by using the 110-year-old Antiquities Act to steal 1.65 million acres of U.S. land from Utah and Nevada.

Banning oil and gas drilling on hundreds of millions of acres owned by the federal government in the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans.

Ending the Registry that President Bush put in place to force Muslim men from tribal regions of the Middle East to identify themselves when entering the country.

Most of these are the result of executive actions that Trump can counter by repealing once he takes office.

Trump has promised to part ways with former administrations in his stand on Israeli settlement activity and a move of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem. But even if Trump changes U.S. policy toward Israel, it is doubtful the U.N. resolution condemning Israeli settlements will be repealed without a lengthy battle.

To do so, he would need to convince nine members of the Security Council — including four members with veto power, China, France, Russia and the United Kingdom — to back a measure to rescind the resolution.

Obama’s recent moves to sanction Russia complicates things as well. The actions against Russia included booting 35 officials from the United States and closing down two compounds that Obama claimed were being used by Russian intelligence to spy on America. Since many congressional Republicans praised the retaliatory steps even there may well be a fight within Trump’s own party over those sanctions.

Obama permanently banned oil and gas drilling across large sections of the Arctic and Atlantic and oceans and closed off 1.6 million acres of Western land to development. Some have raised questions that point to doubt that Trump has the constitutional authority to undo Obama’s use of the Antiquities Act.

No president has ever reversed actions to actions to create a monument under the Antiquities Act. Environmental groups and the Obama administration argue it can’t legally be done. Undoing Obama’s national monument designations might require a prolonged legal battle.

“In terms of whether it can be overturned, no,” said Christy Goldfuss, managing director of the White House Council on Environmental Quality. “The Antiquities Act gives the president the authority to create monuments, but does not provide explicit authority to undo them.”

This does not mean overturning Obama’s unilateral decision is impossible. However, it probably will take another long and costly legal battle to undo what Obama leaves behind.

All these actions have long-lasting ramifications that are obviously intended to complicate Trump’s policy goals. Obama knows he can’t legally hang on to his office after the next three weeks but he can and has done everything possible to weaken his successor.

If Republicans who now control the House and Senate don’t support Trump they shouldn’t be surprised if the same voters who elected Trump show them the door next election cycle.

Cataclysmic Burial of Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs once habituated Earth from Triassic to the Cretaceous (Jeremy: Triassic to Cretaceous Strata. The assumption that these are Periods of geologic history is an interpretation. Creation scientists believe they were tidal impacts at different elevations.) However, they became extinct due to some 
unknown reason. (Jeremy: They ignore the evidence that points to a worldwide flood and geologic upheaval) There are many theories put forward to give reasons for the extinction of Dinosaurs. (Jeremy: Most of these avoid cataclysms by assuming the uniformitarian theory by Charles Lyell of slow gradual deposition over millions of years on which Darwinism was based, but since the discovery of the KT boundary impacts things are changing) One of the most popular theories is that the Earth was hit by an asteroid that led to catastrophic global devastation. This devastation led to their extinction. Another theory is that of Volcano, Greenhouse theory which suggests that the Dinosaurs were killed due to extensive volcanic activity. (Jeremy: All of these theories are correct. Several asteroids and meteorites struck the earth in 2347 BC and again in about 1900 BC. Causing worldwide earth quakes called orogeny forming mountain ranges, faults, mega volcanic eruptions, and flooding. Most dinosaurs are buried in volcanic ash by water.)

Another theory which is supported well by available data is that the Dinosaurs were killed by mass flooding. The fact that most of the graveyards of the dinosaurs was caused by the huge amount of water supports the theory that the mass destruction of the dinosaurs must have been caused by mass flooding.

The Graveyards of Dinosaurs
One of the largest fossil repositories in the world is that of The Dinosaur National Monument fossil quarry. This quarry has some, 1,600 fossils of fossilized dinosaur. The monument gives some insight on the cause for such a huge fossilized graveyard. In the monument opposite the rock face is a mural painting which depicts several dinosaurs wading through the water and below which is written “after a seasonal flood” (Jeremy: This is a lie. These deposits cover many states for thousands of miles, and are found on other continents and are a mile deep.) This is clear evidence that the carcasses of dinosaur was brought by muddy water and then washed into a sandbar. Some of this got completely buried in the sand and got preserved in a somewhat perfect state. (Jeremy: All mixed with minerals in the volcanic ash, which created petrification, surrounded by articulated freshwater clams buried alive.)

In 2007 a massive bed of fossils was uncovered at Lo Heuco in Spain, which contained almost 8000 fossils of an estimated 100 Titanosauruses along with other species of dinosaurs. Later on such a massive fossilization was accounted to be due to heavy flooding by a paleontologist at Cuenca’s museum.

There are many historical evidences of floods like that of the Noah global flood which support the mass destruction of dinosaurs due to mass flooding.

New Evidence Dating Dinosaurs

I discovered this reading about the Cretaceous boundary and suggested creation scientists do this research. I was the first to suggest an asteroid shower triggered Noah's Flood at KT boundary.
 Luis and Walter Alvarez discovered the rare radioactive element Iridium and other elements in an obvious clay layer at the K-T (Cretaceous/Terseary) Boundary in Gubbio, Italy 1981 over the last dinosaur fossils. Iridium in abundance is found only in meteorites. Luis suggested the use of radioactive Beryllium 10 to help date the layer.

Beryllium-10 used to date ice cores - Wikipedia
Beryllium-10 (10Be) is a radioactive isotope of beryllium. It is formed mainly by the cosmic rays on exposed surfaces. The oldest quartz it can date is 800 thousand years. Besides Carbon 14, Beryllium-10 is another cosmogenic (formed by cosmic rays from space) isotope that is frequently utilized for recent Pleistocene dating due to their short decay rates. Be 10 has become extremely popular within the last decade for dating quartz-rich rocks such as granite and granodiorite. 10Be dating may be applied to boulders, glacial loess or other sediments that were exposed at the surface.

When this boundary was first discovered they needed to date this surface. Louis Alvarez physicist discussed with Walter Alvarez his son a professor of earth science, and Luis suggested using beryllium-10, which is laid down at a constant rate in sedimentary rocks and then radioactively decays. Perhaps beryllium could serve as a timer.

Richard Muller, another physicist was asked to join their team and measure the amount of Be10 in this Cretaceous boundary clay. Alvarez was awarded the Nobel Prize for physics in 1968. ... question with his father, the physicist Luis Alvarez, who suggested using beryllium-10...

“However, before they could take the beryllium measurements, they learned that the published decay rate for the isotope was wrong. Calculations based on the new numbers revealed that the planned analysis would not work. For the amounts of beryllium that they could detect, the timer in the 65 million year old clay layer would have already run out — all of the beryllium would have decayed away."

They learned this from evolutionists that Be10 would not last long enough to date a layer 65 million years old. It can only date specimens no older than 800 thousand years. So this method has not been used. 

This was a mistake, because they would have found that the clay DOES contain Be10 because dinosaurs were buried no more than 4500 years ago. This would confirm the dates gotten from dinosaur bones from Carbon 14 and soft dinosaur tissue which also do not last for millions of years.

See details in my books:

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Meaning of WWW 666

The number of the Beast of Revelation 666 is appearing in may places today. This is a typical code found on every product being sold. Each line is a number. See the 6. It has two lines. Now look at the three blank lines. One on the left, in the middle, and one on the right. This is 666.  

The Monster Energy Drink promotes Satanic Rock festivals. And their logo has been identified as 3 Hebrew letters, Vav. This letter in Hebrew can be a V or W. See the Hebrew letters below. Hebrew does not use numbers, they use letters, and Vav is also the number 6. Thus it represents 666 the number of the future world ruler the Antichrist. Both V and W represent a 6.

They call their drink the Monster, another word for the Beast, another name for the Antichrist.

It has also been said that the O in Monster has a Cross. Recently I realized that the three Hebrew letters resemble railroad spikes. I think these represent the three spikes that nailed Jesus to the cross. Two on each side and one in the middle, the longest, represents the one in his feet. 

Now look at all web addresses. they are all https//

The www is 666 in Hebrew. By the way Antichrist will be part Jew and claim to be a descendant of King David through Solomon and Mary Magdalene from Jesus, which is a heresey created by the Gnostics in the decades after 70 AD. The Antichrist will actually be a descendant of Nimrod of the bloodline of the Nephilim. 

This 666 is not the number of Satan, but rather the descendant of Cain and Nimrod which produced the bloodline of the Nephilim human offspring of Fallen Angels. The number 666 is the number of a hybrid man the seed of the Serpent possesed by Satan. It represents the sun god Baal also known as Lucifer the shining one.

The number W or 6 in Hebrew is the 23rd number of the English alphabet. The Magic Square of the Number 23 is like the Magic Square number of 36 which is 666. The number 23s Magic Square is 276, the number of Satan and his Demons all through the Bible numeric codes.

Now look at the One Dollar bill. the number under the bill with symbols of the Illuminati there is 666 coded into the date 1776, which was the date of the founding of the Illuminati headquarters in Washington DC