Discussion of Evolution with an Atheist

Discussion with the atheist Philip Udoimeh on evolution. 20 hrs Theists like Christians and Muslims always demand that everyone should worship God because it was God who created us. (So you are an atheist. That is a religious belief. It is not based on facts.) To me, this position is too hasty and it lacks foundation. (It has plenty of foundation. You have not researched this subject or you would not say this. Darwinian evolution has no foundation except on circumstantial evidence, and the assumption that there is nothing supernatural. This is based on imagination in support of humanism/atheism. It is a belief based on faith that there is no God. How do you know there is no God? Can you prove it?) Before saying all should worship God because "it was God who created us," there are things we first have to establish: First, you MUST provide evidence that humans were created. (That is simple. Have you ever seen a car, computer, etc. that came about by a natural process, without a de…

Creationists Accept False Micro-Evolution

The problem with speciation is it is assumed to be part of evolution. And creationists have fallen for this assuming hybrids are adaptation.

There are different kinds of ants, pine trees, palm trees, cats, etc. They did not come from a common ancestor. These do NOT show adaptation, they were designed to live in certain different environments for survival. This is design is not micro-evolution.

God used similar genetic designs to create different kinds of let's say ants. The different kinds of ants eat different food (carnivores or herbivores), live in different kinds of ant hills or wood. Some come into houses, some do not. They are different colors, and size. They do not inter breed.

I suspect creationists have assumed this part of evolution (micro-evolution as opposed to macro-evolution) is a fact. Now a male donkey can mate with a horse and produce a mule. But this never happens in nature. Only man can force this kind of mating because of a form of genetic engineering using simi…

A Mystery Adventure

If the Bible is right, then creation scientists are right about dinosaurs being created with man. If so did man use dinosaurs (Dragons) for war and building megalithic structures? They used elephants, so it is likely they used dinosaurs!

Since the first cave discoveries in Germany’s Neander Valley, we have been fascinated by these thick-browned, powerful creatures. Who were they and where did they go? A centerpiece in the study of human evolution, Neanderthal Man has, by his own mysterious demise, created more questions than he has answered. In a book a fascinating spy adventure is told of a battle between the evolution conspiracy and this researcher and his family. But what if Neanderthals could answer for themselves and tell us about their origins?
Now, for the first time, that is possible through the original research of Jack Cuozzo. Fascinated by Nea…

Megalithic Structures Used Giant Animals?

Elephants were used in war in ancient times for about 3000 years. It was expolsives that replaced them in recent centuries.
Today it is a mystery of how ancient man built these huge stone structures. 

I wonder, were elephants used to build megalithic structures?

Do Animals Commit Suicide?

Fake News is nothing new. Disney in 1958 was part of it. In his nature film White Wilderness they documented the ‘suicide’ of the lemmings. Legend says when they increase to a large mass of animals they run off the cliff into the Artic Sea and die. Do animals commit suicide? No known animal does, only man. Usually a person who commits suicide is demon possessed according to the Bible. Disney is part of the Liberal Conspiracy that wants to kill off a large portion of the population to save nature. It has been used by Liberals for population control. Since White Wilderness, this erroneous misnomer has finagled its way into the present-day lexicon, including being referenced in a 2008 US Senate campaign ad, as well as a song by Blink-182. Andrew Rice is an unlikely candidate to represent Oklahoma in the U.S. Senate. A 35-year-old Democrat elected to the state senate in 2006, he favors abortion rights (murder) and civil unions (All unions support D…

Self Destruction of Liberals

The agents of Satan have gone insane. They keep shooting themselves in the foot. Quid Pro Quo, Bribery, Treason, Ice Age, Global Warming, Climate Change, Darwinism, Neo-Darwinism, Punctuated Equilibrium, Theistic Evolution. “Interestingly, the conflict does not seem to be a religious battle on both sides.  Yes, the Islamic religion motivates all of the Arab nations to hate the Jewish people of Israel.  Israel’s Judaism is not a force of hatred against the Muslims.  Actually, more than half of the Israeli citizens are secular Jews who do not embrace or practice Judaism.  We might add that the Islam of the Middle East also hates all Christians, especially those in the United States of America, even though more than half of America’s citizens are not true Christians either.  So while it seems to be a religious conflict, it is really a national conflict, the Arab nations in conflict with Israel and …

Mysteries of Time and Space

The Books: Mysteries of History Revealed by Jeremy Auldaney on Amazon 
Part 1 deals with history, paleontology, geology, and asteroid shower impacts effects on history and geology.  Part 2 deals with the bloodlines and historical events involving the human hybrids called (Anunnaki, the sons of the giant Anak) the Nephilim giants and their descendants down through history to the present.

Ancient Astronaut researchers, The Da Vinci Code, Project Blue Book, discovery of Giants, the geometric code of the Great Pyramid revealed, evidence of ancient advanced civilizations destroyed in worldwide cataclysms, Holy Blood Holy Grail, and the History Channel are exposing facts hidden from the public rewriting history. Creating a paradigm shift. Is the Grail Treasure on Oak Island and will it change our understanding of history? 
The establishment, up till now, interprets science and reality from a naturalistic atheistic viewpoint, denying anythin…