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Asteroids Trigger to the Worldwide Flood

I was the first to propose that the Flood of Noah was triggered by an asteroid shower  in a paper published in 1992. Now several have been published agreeing with me.

False Prophets of Today

I agree with the majority of creation science, and prophecy in current events groups. Including Creation in the Twenty First Century, Creation Magazine Live (, The Institute for Creation Research, Back to Genesis, Creation Research Society, Hal Lindsey, Bible Science Association groups, etc., but some do not agree with me on a few things. They have not supported my work. That is because they do not do research in some areas which are important. They deal with a limited number of controversial subjects, but there are some that are too controversial for them which are important to understanding the Bible and creation, but they do not want to alienate the world. These subjects include things creation science has taken from evolution without questioning them. They avoid UFOs, Nephilim, giants, falsification of micro-evolution (adaptation), and end time prophecy (except Hal Lindsey).
I had an argument with Henry Morris the III weather asteroids caused the Flood of Noah by crack…

Proof of a Flat Earth?

The Falt Earth people are right? The geologic column proves the earth was flat. And it proves it was formed by a global flood.

Notice the sedimentary rock are laid down by water in flat layers. These flat layers are one mile thick.  These flat layers go all the way to micro layers called varves in shale. The first picture shows an Eocene fish fossil in a typical layered shale slab. Below it is typical layered sandstone

These are dinosaur trackways. All in flat layers. The one below was tilted as the mountains rose.

Now when the flat layers are forced up during orogenous events (mountain building) as the continents were forced up and moved, sediment which has not hardened into solid rock bends producing anticlines and synclines. But the lithifying of sediment into solid rock must be rapid to preserve fossils, tracks, mud cracks, and ripples. It is similar to cement which hardens within hours or months.
Even fish are preserved in flat death layers. Fish are scavenged and decompose, and disin…

Birds Evolved from Dinosaurs?

Scientific American tells us: On November 24, 1887, naturalist/paleontologist Harry Govier Seeley stood before London’s Royal Society to make one of his most important contributions to paleontology. His paper was “On the Classification of the Fossil Animals commonly named Dinosauria” – the terrible lizards being exhumed in greater number and variety than anyone had anticipated.
Editor's Comment: The discovery of dinosaurs scientised the Pagan myths of Egypt, where it is said life evolved from seaweed in the Nile. When they found these amazing animals unlike anything living today they claimed that this showed that dinosaurs evolved into today's animals. This was based on the misconception that the differences did not represent change in the morphology, but rather, they had become extinct, while some survived. They were thinking materialistic, rather than spiritual. They made death into the creator and forgot that death is an enemy and the penalty for sin. The Bible says the thing…

Mysteries of History Revealed

I am the author of these books: Recent discoveries and improvements in Carbon 14 dating, led to the discovery that all fossils were buried thousands of years ago. Then there was the discovery of preservation of dinosaur flesh! They have identified DNA, blood vessels, blood hemoglobin, skin, and proteins proving they were buried in recent history no more than a few thousand years ago. Scientists have found that the earth was much more tropical and animals and plants lived longer, grew larger, and were healthier than people are today. This is supported by evidence found in marine shell fossils, and in amber that the earth had more oxygen and carbon dioxide at greater atmospheric pressures. They claim grass did not evolve till after the dinosaurs, now they have found grass in the stomach of a sauropod dinosaur. Then a massive asteroid shower caused a worldwide catastrophe including worldwide earthquakes, continent crossing tsunamis, and worldwide massive volcanic eruptions, and floods. A…

Global Weather Change Dispute

Disclaimer: This material is being kept online for historical purposes. Though accurate at the time of publication, it is no longer being updated, and parts may not function in current web browsers. Visit for current information.
Current photo of the sun shows largest storm on the sun this year 2017  Here is a photo of a normal sun Scientists have been worried that the sun could go into a nova explosion for many years instead of millions of years from now. The Bible says during the Tribulation period the sun will become intensely hot and men will curse God. And then it will be darkened. And during the Millennium during Jesus reign as world ruler there will be no need for the sun because the New Jerusalem will give light on the earth
NASA's DISCLAIMER means disinformation. This article by NASA is a report of the research they did before the new disinformation. They tell us the original report was accurate at the time, but then they imply that it is now inaccurate! How dumb do…

The Kennedy Event Unexplained

I first became aware of conspiracies in the world when the Kennedy assassination occurred. I have said that the only thing we know for sure about this event is that what we were told is not true.  I was suspicious of the claim that Oswald was a lone assassin. Then when Ruby walks in to the police station on television and gets a clear shot I knew it was a set up by a conspiracy. Later I learned I was right, he was a friend of the police, they all knew him. Ruby was hired to shoot or make it look like he shot Oswald. The bullet should have hit the cop behind Oswald as well. Then conveniently Ruby dies in prison a year later. Or did they change his identity? Ruby was a Mafia agent, and they work with the CIA. And both were involved with the assignation event.  There are numerous anomalies involved. Oswald goes into a theater, no doubt to meet with his CIA/Mafia contact. And he was set up. The rifle they claimed he used was an old fashioned bolt action and could not fire rounds as fast as …

Inland Empire Creation Science Association May 2017

The Inland Empire Creation Science Association Presents Chuck Marler speaking on "  TRUTH, SCIENCE, PHILOSPHY, REASONING & FAITH   " Science doesn’t say anything—only scientists do.  Science is only objective if the scientists are, and much too often they are not.
Chuck will be examining the characteristics and attributes of truth, science, philosophy, reasoning and faith as they apply to the existence of God and evolution.  Most people's beliefs about the origin of the universe and of life have been influenced by what they were taught in school (authority of teaching) and the consensus viewpoint in our culture.  This secular influence is contrary to the truth claims of the Bible and often creates a mood of quiet skepticism with our youth in the church. Most of the time, creation scientists present evidence to convince a person that the scientific arguments for a supernatural creator makes sense based “on the facts.”  But when that same person hears a different interpret…

Corruption in America

The Clinton Gang. The Antichrist is alive and well.
After a UN official blew the whistle on a UN coverup of Soviet atrocities in Hungary, he was fired, persecuted, and eventually died in a suspicious “suicide.” Here is his story.  After blowing the whistle on the UN, Paul (Povl) Bang-Jensen, a United Nations official from Denmark, warned his wife and friends to not believe it if they were told that he had “committed suicide.” He warned all his family and friends that he no desire to kill himself and that it would go against his religion. Then, he “committed suicide.” This took place more than 50 years ago.  But it is similar to other cases up to the present.  Anders Kompass, a senior UN human rights official in Geneva learned that international peacekeeping troops on a UN mandate in the Central African Republic were systematically raping children under 10 years old. When he reported it Kompass was escorted from his office under armed guard, “investigated” for alleged violation of “protoc…

Antichrist's Hoax

Recent propaganda says man is responsible for Global Warming, not the sun. Don't believe it, they are using it to scare nations into accepting a world government.