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A Thousand Years is Like a Day

Grover Katzmarek SrI was leaning in some respects towards a young earth even though there were some arguments to the contrary.

Then I came across a modern English translation by Ferrera Fenton who translated the days in Genesis 1 as ages. Before any condemn this man and his fifty years of work, making his translation directly from original languages into English need to read what this man did. Like · Reply · January 23 at 10:50pm
Hide 12 Replies Mike RidenourIf that was the case the Sabbath would make no sense. Like · Reply · January 24 at 1:35am

Central Banks and the Antichrist

How will the Antichrist take over the world? By printing fiat money causing inflation which will lead to a recession that will collapse the economy of the whole world. To do that he needs to collapse the world’s reserve money, the American dollar. To trigger this the Illuminati International banksters use the Federal Reserve to fund socialist bureaucracies and UnConstitutional projects like the Environmental Protection Agency.
Once the dollar collapses the IMF (International Monetary Fund an International Federal Reserve) will print Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) which will replace the world currency.
When inflation and recession destroys the SDRs the Antichrist will bring in the Mark of the Beast an implanted computer chip.
I am reading a new book The Death of Money published in 2014 by an investment/stock expert James Rickards.
This book confirms this. He says, “From 1961 through 1965, annual U.S. inflation averaged 1.24 %. In 1965 President Lyndon Johnson began a massive bout of spen…

Secular Scientists Prove Evolution False

Evolutionists often argue with me and say as a creation scientist you have blind faith in the Bible. And that I should use reliable peer reviewed sources for my Facebook and web site postings.

I tell them, no I get clues from the Bible then I search for the facts and try to use the most unbiased source which is usually establishment evolution believing technical peer reviewed papers from reliable journals or doctrinal student thesis papers from known secular universities and publications. My 500 page books are filled with the facts and quotes from these sources. This is a classic example from the source at the bottom.  Evolutionists have followed Darwin's claime that survival of the fittest drives evolution, but it only selects what already exists and cannot produce new genetic information. Along came Neo-Darwinism claiming mutations drive evolution, but mutations only produce genetic defects resulting in less genetic information. Then punctuated equilibrium came along, but this no…