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Is Trump a Merovingian?

The test of a hypotheses is to make predictions about a facts before they are known. I predicted that the next pope would be a Jesuit and would likely be the False Prophet under Antichrist. I was right, he is a Jesuit part of the Illuminati including the Knights Templar Illuminated Masons the Learned Elders of Scion. I also said that Obama was the best candidate for the Antichrist. And if so he would be of the rarest blood type. I did some research and found that AB Negative was the rarest composed of about 0.3% of the world’s population. A skeptical Catholic tested it and found that Obama has AB Negative! I also found that all royalty of Europe and America are Merovingians. And they are the highest royal family of the Illuminati known as the 13th family. I am of the bloodline from what my mother told me about my ancestors, not knowing the significance of it. I have the same ancestors as Obama and all other royalty. I found that all Presidents and Vice Presidents are closely related to ea…