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Rarest Blood Type from Aliens or Fallen Angels?

In research for my books I have discovered that the lineage Ancient Astronaught theorists and occult writers like Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code is actually the bloodline the Bible refers to as the seed of the Serpent. The descendants of the Fallen Angels which are behind the New World Order Movement and New Age Religion of Antichrist. Here is a web site with information: Origin Theories of the Rare Rh-Negative Blood In our modern age, many citizens of civilized nations know their own ABO blood group (A, B, O, orAB) and most also know whether they are Rh-positive or ...
They list different theories on this rare blood type. 1.Jewish/Israelites (Abraham or Founding Mothers) 2.The Blood of the Gods 3.Hyperborea or Atlantis 4.Ancient Aliens/Anunaki 5.The Basque People 6.The Black Sun/Vril Society 7.The Original Europeans & Ireland 8.Jesus (Yashua's) Nazarene        9.Adam's Alien Genes        10.Reptilian or N…

Alex Jones and Good Masons

This video reveals the deeper conspiracy for those who have understanding. If people would read and study their Authorized King James Bible, and carefully read the Illuminati Plan called The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion they will have a deeper understanding of the conspiracy of the Antichrist to take over the world. The Protocols reveals that there are different factions within the Conspiracy. Most Masons are not behind the New World Order, they are a Gentile moral social club, which is a cover for the Satanic Ashkenazi Jewish NWO conspiracy of the Knights Templars of the bloodlines of the Nephilim and European Royal Illuminati lineages.
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Alex Jones Reveals His Deep Masonic Roots - YouTube Video for alex jones mason▶ 7:10 Oct 16, 2015 - Uploaded by The Alex Jones Channel Alex Jones finally admits to a caller and the world what his lineage is in Masonry.
These people like Alex Jones and George Washington and oth…

Satanists Throughout our Culture

There are Satanic hand signs used by many of our leaders showing they are Illuminati creating the Antichrist's New Satanic World Order. There are a LOT more. Some of these are well known television mega church 'Ministers.' See the picture of Trump, he is a Satanist along with Hillary, Obama, and Muslim terrorist leaders. Some of these can be mistaken for the sign for Love, but the context shows that not its true meaning, unless it is a sign for the Goddess of witchcraft, the falsely called Goddess of Love who is the Goddess of LUST.

 This next picture is not Jesus. It comes from the Shroud of Turin which is the image of Jaques de Molay the founder of the Knights Templar Masons the Illuminati today.

Britain Askenazi Gentile/Jews

Millions of people decided whether Britain would remain a member of the European Union on June 23. The British people have made their opinion clear. We should stay out of the European Union which Obama is trying to force on us through trade treaties. This IS the Revived Roman Empire of the Antichrist.

In choosing to leave the European Union, the Brits actually brought about an event Bible prophecy foretold was going to happen! Bible Prophecy Foretold a Brexit! - Philadelphia Trumpet
2 days ago - But did you know Bible prophecy said it would happen? ... British Prime Minister David Cameron, who campaigned hard for the Remain ... To know what will happen next with Britain-EU ties, you need insight from a higher source. And the ... and removed from its land by the Assyrian Empire (2 Kings 17:18). - World News, Economics and Analysis Based on… THETRUMPET.COM|BY PHILADELPHIA CHURCH OF GOD Like · Reply · Rem…