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The Olympics Celebration of Satanism

They are bringing back the Olympic Games to Los Angeles in 2028. The L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti said that we will follow the SUN to L.A. Do you know that the Olympic Games were based on Pagan Religious Festivals, like Beltane, where the best athletes represented the best people, which were sacrificed to the gods of Mt Olympus. And the main god was the SUN & fire god Baal also known as Lucifer 666.

What is Eric Garcetti? He is part of the Illuminati's Liberal Conspiracy he is rallying Democrats against Trump. 
The History of the Olympic GamesAccording to historical records, the Olympics games date back to 776 BC. Dedicated to the Olympian gods, the Olympics were held on the ancient plains of Olympia. Spanning for nearly 12 centuries, the Olympic games came to a quick halt when Emperor Theodosius banned such pagan cults in 393 A.D. A  lot has changed since the end of the Roman Empire, but one thing remains the same. If you want to be an Olympic gold medalist, you need to possess a lo…

In Search of Truth

As a researcher writer into truth involving science and the Bible I have wrestled over how to reach people with my controversial discoveries. Many of my discoveries contradict common knowledge assumed to be facts that I found to be false. They are NOT things I made up or was told, they are facts that I discovered, and some contradicted what I thought was a fact. I had to change my mind.
Most people have false beliefs some more and some less, and reject new facts and discoveries. This is why they say don’t talk about religion or politics to avoid controversy. But those are the most important subjects people need to hear, and those are what I deal with. Some people have beliefs that are totally irrational. Even reliable experts that are right most of the time often have false beliefs. In fact I have found some geniuses on one subject are idiots when it comes to another subject. John Keel agnostic UFO researcher is a genius when it comes to UFOs, but when he brings up the Bible he is a t…

The Tar Pits are Not a Trap

I am an author of two books, several peer reviewed technical papers with the Creation Research Society Quarterly, and The La Brea Tar Pits Mystery | The Institute for Creation Research
Over 230 types of vertebrate animals are found in the La Brea pits, including ... AuldaneyJ1994. ... theasphalt seeps of Rancho La BreaCaliforniaProceedings of the Third International Conference onCreationismTechnical Symposium SessionsR. E. WalshedPittsburghPACreation Science FellowshipInc., 25-35.

My YouTube video  a vertual tour of the L.A. Asphalt Pits.

George Soros/Saul Alinsky & The Liberal Conspiracy

George Soros is using his own money and the money of American taxpayers through our government ambassadors to overthrow foreign governments using paid rioters recruited from CraigsList. George Soros is funding the Liberal Conspiracy to bring in the New World Order of Antichrist, like Obama and Hillary Clinton, George Soros is a disciple of the Communist Saul Alinsky and follow his book Rules for Radicals

George Soros is the same one who is funding riots against Trump.
This book is required reading by the (Liberal Communist led) National Education Association (unconstitutionally placed over all public schools as described in The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion) and this book is promoted on their web site.
NEA raves to teachers about Alinsky 'guidebook' - 3, 2009 ... The National Ed…

Suspicious Activity by Trump Administration

I did not like Trump at first, however, Hillary/Obama are Illuminati agents of Satan's New World Order. But when I saw the anger from the Liberal Conspiracy I supported Trump. And have found he is doing a great job. But lately I have heard from The New American Magazine and the Judicial Watche's Verdict magazine that the Trump Administration is hiding their finances I have become suspecious. Trump has selected a few Council on Foreign Relations members. This is the public relations orginzation which has been controlling our media, corporations, and government to support the New World Order.
Weeks after the election Trump's administration abolished a rule requiring federal agencies to report conference spending, a breakdown of the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) multi-million-dollar conference tab illustrates the need to keep the measure in place. The mammoth agency created after 9/11 supposedly to prevent another terrorist attack fails miserably to protect the southe…

July 25th Inland Empire Creation Science Association

The Inland Empire Creation Science Association presents Ross Anderson, Ph.D. speaking on:Hemoglobin: A Precision Designed Protein"
Hemoglobin is probably one of the most familiar of proteins; it is so common that and familiar that we often take it for granted.  Yet, all of life depends on it. How much do we really know about our very lives depend moment to moment on this average sized protein? How many of us know that from very early in embryonic development we depend on hemoglobin? Hemoglobin is beautifully designed to carry out its functions under a variety of different conditions. While most know hemoglobin is essential in delivering oxygen to the tissues from the lungs, it is also instrumental in helping to maintain proper acid-base balance in the blood, and for delivery of other compounds such as nitric oxide. Hemoglobin consists of four subunits. The subunits are encoded by separate genes on different chromosomes, yet they are coordinately regulated to provide just the right…

Living Flying Reptiles

Jonathan David WhitcombJuly 19 at 3:34pm I just got a report from California they say: . . . "my sister and I had a pterodactyl sighting back in 1992 or 1993.. we've told many people however, each time, we were laughed at. (This is how the Liberal Illuminati Conspiracy keeps things from the public, by evolutionary brainwashing) We'd love to share what we are 100% positive was a pterodactyl or something very similar to one.. it was seen in Anaheim, Ca.. at our home. . . . a wingspan almost as wide as our house.. leathery, tight skin, gray in color.. top of the head, was sharp and it had a long beak-like face.. hands attached to the wings where they bend.. it had feet.. and a long tail that ended as a diamond shape . . ."
I have tried to identify this flying reptile and it appears to be a new species of Ramphorinchus  Rhamop
Reference for above: On Facebook
The Bible refers to a flying called the firey flying serpent, creatures have been seen at night in Papua New Guinea th…