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Liberals Make America Poor Again

Like all our problems in government corruption; shortages of water and gasoline, the fires and electrical blackouts are deliberate attacks on our freedoms by the Liberal Conspiracy to create a Communist world government. Here is a revealing article below.
Liberals are supporting solar and wind energy, which are so expensive the government will have to support them with tax dollars that will bankrupt the people and the government. This is the goal!
I learned a lot about this from the American Lands Access Association how Liberals were attacking Farmers, cattle Ranchers, Miners, fossil collecting, mineral collecting, meteorite collecting, etc. Remember the cattle rancher murdered by government agents? I first learned about this conspiracy from a book I heard about on the radio which I ordered War on the West by William Perry Pendley:
The conspiracy to take away our rights of private citizens to re…

Rigged Impeachment Poll is RIGGED

This impeachment poll ARE DEMOCRATS RIGGING THE IMPEACHMENT PROCESS AGAINST PRESIDENT TRUMP? Warning! This is a rigged poll! It asks if you believe the Democrats have rigged it. But when you click on YES it does nothing. But if you click on NO or UNSURE it accepts your vote. It looks like this poll is rigged. I noticed the same thing with text messages for Committee in support of the President. It says click on web site but nothing happens. However, I do not have a smart phone. But I tried to reach them on the Internet and it kept telling me my debit card information was wrong. I did it three times after checking if all information was correct. I gave up and donated through

False Science vs Real Science

Ok you asked for it. I see you assume evolution and millions of years is a fact. This creates a bias against anything that does not fit your assumptions. To be honest you must consider all the evidence and not cherry pick what you want to believe. The Bible says the unbelievers are willingly ignorant of the truth. And the truth is not in them.
You do not give details on how it is determined that potassium and argon did not leak out or into the samples. You did not explain how you can determine that all the potassium and argon was not there before the rock was created. You assume evolution is a fact of science. However, they don’t tell you their definition of science is materialism, time, and naturalism. So we have a universe without a cause. And it is a fact of science that all causes that produce amazing design cannot happen by chance.
There are other dating methods that actually give reliable dates, but they only date things thousands of years old. And they are the only methods that …

Oak Island Connection to my Books

Oak Island! I heard about it many years ago on a television program about unexplained mysteries. I have considered myself as a Mysteryologist. I love all the sciences, but mainly fossils and meteorites.
I assumed like everyone else that on Oak Island was pirate treasure. But I did wonder why someone would go to so much trouble to prevent anyone from finding it. And the mystery of who put it there. It was like they didn’t want anyone to dig it up!
Now that the television program The Curse of Oak Island came on, my wife and I were fascinated. And after a few programs I was shocked to see the evidence of a connection to the Knights Templars (The Illuminati/Nephilim bloodlines) and their treasure. I knew about the Grail Treasure in my book and wondered where they could have hidden it. I believe it has a lot to do with the New World Order, the rebuilding of Babel, and the Antichrist.
I have been convinced that it and many other treasures are in Oak Island! It was like an offshore bank for th…

Sin is in the Mind of the Beholder

The Bible warns that to even think of having sex with other than your mate is either fornication or adultery. The same goes for thinking that you want to kill someone makes you guilty of murder.   I have heard that several movie stars hope Trump is killed. And the media condones it. Whereever there are evil people murder follows.
All sin starts with someone thinking about it, then leads to the act when the opportunity arises. Also it warns that hate leads to sin. It says he who hates his borther is a murderer already.
This is how potential terrorists and mass killers are caught. They brag about it on social media.
God will judge them as having committed the crime and send them to Hell. And Hell has different levels just like Heaven. They will be punished for eternity at the level they deserve.
A CNN employee is a murderer. And I may add if Trump is assassinated it will be by a CFR Democrat or a paid Mafia/CIA operative.…

Planned Murder of Trump

The Bible warns that to even think of having sex with other than your mate is either fornication or adultery. The same goes for thinking that you want to kill someone makes you guilty of murder. 
All sin starts with someone thinking about it leads to the act when the opportunity arises.
This is how potential terrorists and mass killers are caught. They brag about it on social media before they commit the act.
God will judge them as having committed the crime and send them to Hell. And Hell has different levels just like Heaven. They will be punished for eternity at the level they deserve.
A CNN employee is a murderer. And I may add if Trump is assassinated it will be by a CFR Democrat or a paid Mafia/CIA operative for them, just like Kennedy and Lincoln.

The Rapture?!

It has been 71 years from the fulfillment of the prophecy made 2500 years ago to the very day that the Jews would return to the their land of Israel May 15th 1948. The number 70 is a sabbatical year. There has been 70 of them. We are living in the 71 year! Muslims try to change the name to Palestine, but is Israel. Palestine means the land of the Philistines, the contaminated bloodlines of the Nephilim giant’s, bloodline of the Merovingian, Knights Templar Antichrist and False Prophet. It has been 70 Sabbatical years since that date. We are now in the 71st year. And all prophecy is fulfilled on Jewish feast days. We cannot set dates for the Rapture like many others have and have been proven wrong. Several false relegions have started this way. But we do know that we are living in the Last Days before the Tribulation Period of 7 years. Antichrist and False Prophet are already here ready to take America away from Trump. God says we do not know the day or the hour. Is that because Rosh Hos…

Mysteries of History Revealed!

I was reading the Introduction to my book Mysteries of History Revealed Part 1 by Henry Morris where he says there was a second worldwide cataclysm after the Flood, about 5 generations later. Since I discovered what I call Peleg’s Division was about 350 after the Flood that makes a generation 70 years. This is confirmed in the Bible as three score and ten.

Fake News Admits they are Fake News

"James O’Keefe has unveiled what just might be his most jaw-dropping video to date. And CNN (Fake News) can’t be thrilled about it. After all, it exposes their anti-Trump, anti-conservative bias once and for all – and it comes straight from the head honcho."

They should have said Anti-Christian also!

CNN Field Ops Manager: It's Bullsh*t, We're Totally Left-Leaning But We Don't Admit It
Project Veritas should win a Pulitzer Prize for its #ExposeCNN investigation. All week long, they have been trickling out videos from their CNN staffer-turned-whistleblower, Cary Poarch. Poarch started at CNN in 2017 at what he thought was his dream job. He entered a Democrat, he even supported Bernie in 2016, but what he saw at the "most trusted name in news" made him squirm with unease. The dishonesty he saw kept him up at night. At some point in 2019, he had enough of the lies and turned to Project Veritas to help expose the network's bias against President Donald J. …

Troop Withdrawel from Syria

John Backman was interviewing Bill O’Rielly on MaxNews television. Bill said that he doesn’t believe what they say on CNN etc. I agree, I don’t either. What they say has no proof.
The Fake News on CNN says the Democrats called a meeting with Trump about his pull out of troops in Syria. And Nancy Pelosi and Democrats were polite, but Trump stormed in and then when they argued with him he stormed out according to one of the Democrats on CFR Illuminati controlled CNN. Like O’Rielly said there is no proof of this. And the major media are all liars.
“When Washington was retiring from being President he gave an address to all Americans the Address expresses Washington's understanding of republicanism by affirming popular government and warning about threats to "Republican liberty". He begins his warnings to the American people by stressing that their independence, peace at home and abroad, safety, prosperity, a…

Columbus Day and the Inquisition

Columbus Day. Did you know that Columbus did not discover America? He rediscovered it. About 4 thousand years ago.

It is an interesting fact that Columbus saw a UFO on the voyage. 
Phoenicians came to America and traded with native peoples that were already here and they were white people not American Indians. Some of these were giants and they built megalithic structures, mounds and worshiped Baal the sun god. These were the people who were scattered from Babel.
After that the Vikings came here. And the Chinese. And Arabs. I have heard the Romans and Greeks may have. But I have not researched this. Then the Pirates, and Knights Templars. Columbus was funded by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. They wanted to claim America for the Vatican. The king and queen were Catholics who hated Christians and Jews. They feared that their Catholic people would be converted.
The Vatican has always forced people to be converted. Then they make the church rich. American Indians at the Missions worked as …

See an old Steam Train Today

I saw one of these steam trains go by in Cajon Pass San Bernardino California. It had Union Experiance on the side of the cars. I head it comming by the sound of its horn and bell, that is different from modern engines.

Last time I sawone of these was several decades ago as I watched at a street crossing. I love old steam trains, old western guns, cars, biplains. There something fascinatining about them that is missing in today's upgrades.

Backlash Attack on Trump by Phony Conservatives

Violent Video Was Product of Right-Wing Provocateurs and Trump Allies.” This is a lie. It was produced to create a backlash against Trump. Jeremy: Both Yahoo and The New York Times are run by Communist Illuminati CFRs  Annie Karni, Kevin Roose and Katie Rogers,The New York Times 5 hours ago  “WASHINGTON — The creator of a gruesome video that showed a fake President Donald Trump killing journalists and political opponents and that was played at a meeting of a pro-Trump group over the weekend is part of a loose network of right-wing provocateurs with a direct line to the White House.” “The unidentified creator of the video operates under the name “The GeekzTeam” and has proclaimed on Twitter to be a “red blooded American with ZERO tolerance for the liberal agenda.” Like many such amateur (Jeremy: expert agents of the CFR Bilderberg’s agitators for the Illuminati), the GeekzTeam specializes in creating (Jeremy: …

Chuck Norris Real Life Hero

Unlike the fictional super hero Arnold Schwarzenegger who is a Liberal villain in real life, Chuck Norris is a hero on and off the screen. 
Chuck says, “Unfortunately, today, "Google won't search for Chuck Norris" has become all too true. And there's one thing to blame: I'm a conservative with one of the most recognized names on the planet, and Big Tech has been in the business lately of suppressing even the biggest conservatives.” Like InfoWars. This is the start of suppression of free speech. Another attack on the Constitution. They hate the fact that Trump can get his word out on Liberal run Twitter. The CFR enemy is quietly trying to sneak up on we the people to take away ALL of our freedoms. “Before explaining my personal grievance with Google, let me catch up those who might not know of Big Tech's whitewashing of conservative thought and media on the internet.” “In addition, what does the Wikipedia-Google partner and slanderous definition about WND say abo…

FAKE News Exposed

PALM BEACH, Florida -- ABC News is coming under heavy fire after airing footage it claimed showed a ferocious attack by Turkish military forces bombing Kurdish civilians in Syria. 
There's only one problem: the video was actually from a nighttime weapons demonstration at the Knob Creek Gun Range in West Point, Kentucky. "We've taken down video that aired on 'World News Tonight Sunday' and 'Good Morning America' this morning that appeared to be from the Syrian border immediately after questions were raised about its accuracy," a spokesman told the Washington Examiner. "ABC News regrets the error." They regret that they got CAUGHT! ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Washington Post, New York Times, regularly publishes FALSE stories to fool the ignorant public. This was described in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion (Scion). Folks pay attention. No matter what the source (except from God), whenever you hear something, always check to see if it is so as t…

Joe Biden's Corruption Exposed

Hunter Biden admits he and Joe Biden were involved in corruption by resigning from the Communist Chinese corporation! So Hunter WAS illegally involved in Urkraine and China.

“That would be called corruption. And that’s why President Trump won the 2016 election – to drain the swamp.” “The problem is that Trump has to work overtime in calling out the Biden nonsense so the (Corrupt Illuminati CFR controled) media will cover it. If he doesn’t do it, nobody else will – at least, not as loud as he will do it.”

Our Kangaroo Courts

The Michigan Supreme Court will review the case of a former pastor who was arrested for distributing information about juries on a public sidewalk. Keith Wood was handing out "informational pamphlets" on the power of jurors to vote their conscience – as permitted by Michigan's Criminal Jury Instructions (and is found in the Magna Carta and our Constitution. The people have a right to overturn an unjust law) – when he was ordered into a nearby courthouse and arrested, according to his legal representatives, the Kallman Legal Group was charged with a misdemeanor and a felony. While the felony count was dismissed, he was convicted on the misdemeanor for exercising his First Amendment rights. Jeremy: I was in front the court in Riverside for jury duty, and a man did the same thing. He gave me a tract that stated that if a juror hears a case and believes that the defendant is innocent, even if the law says he is guilty, the juror can decide AGAINST the law, and find him innocen…

Invasion of the Antichrist's Robots

Big Brother is here. The Liberals of the New World Order of Antichrist plan to make us dependent on robots. I have had a very uneasy feeling about self-driving cars. I believe they will do more harm than good.
Now there is the new cell phone mega system in the works. The Bible says Satan will make the image of the Beast to speak and force all to worship the world ruler. No doubt this will be an Internet connected robot three dimensional hologram. And Satan will take possession of the Internet as if it was part of his body. 5G is being touted as the next industrial revolution, when, in fact, it amounts to surveillance capitalism, in which intimate details of our lives are tracked, recorded and sold to the highest bidder, irradiating us all the while The 5G agenda is vast. It includes 200 billion transmitting objects, according to estimates, that will be part of the Internet of Things (IoT) by 2020, with one trillion transmitting objects a few years later. 5G is meant to usher in more robo…

Water on the Moon?

Here is the explanation of water on earth and the moon from a materialistic atheist viewpoint. “Water deep inside Earth and the moon may originate from the same source: ancient (carbonaceous) meteorites, scientists say.” Jeremy: The Bible refers to water under the earth in chambers, as the source of the worldwide Flood. Which geologic evidence shows us was released by asteroid impacts. “Water is vital to life as we know it, with organisms found virtually everywhere there is water on Earth. When Earth was born, the ingredients of the planet's water most likely would have formed beyond the orbit of Earth. As such, all the water on the planet must have come from either comets or meteorites hurtling inward from the outer solar system.” Jeremy: This is speculation, it is most likely they were produced by the destruction of a planet. God did not create asteroids. Strange, how come there is no life on the moon if there is water? So…

Fox News is Fake News!

A lot of conservatives watch Fox News because they are not part of the Fake News. However I have been suspicious of them. I believe they are part of what is described in the plan of the Illuminati (Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion what everyone should read to understand what is going on) as a Liberal news pretending to be Conservative to fool the public. Whenever I get an intuition or feeling I am usually right. Once again it appears I a right. Trump has come against Fox News for their false reporting of a poll against him. People if you want the truth watch and join the Tea Party, watch Huckabee’s television program on TBN, read the New American Magazine, join and read Jay Sekulow’s American Center for Law and Justice, watch Hal Lindsey’s television program on CBN, watch MaxNews television, join Faith and Freedom Coalition, read The Epoch Times newspaper. There are others too. Here is proof I was right. Don’t trust Fox Fake News!…