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Big Bang Proven False

Here are millions of galaxies as seen by the Hubble telescope.

I did a video experiment for YouTube. I intuitively suspected that a Big Bang would NOT form organized galaxies. It would form random clouds spreading everywhere, not organized spiral galaxies in separate groups. I was right, I poured cream into coffee and it formed random clouds everywhere, see pix 1. Then I stirred the coffee and it produced a spiral pix 2. Then a little later it becomes a homogeneous mass everywhere pix 3 (billions of years would produce this). Also a natural random process, assuming it was directed by a natural force were to create a spiral out of a clump of stars would cause them all to spin in the same direction. The Hubble telescope shows two spiral galaxies side by side spinning in opposite directions pix 4. This contradicts the law of conservation of motion. Also, there are planets Venus and Uranus and satellites in retrograde orbits which go in retrograde rotation and 'moons' …

Is the Earth Flat or Round?

Jeremy AuldaneyI looked at some of the videos and found they do claim the earth is not round. This is nonsense. It is a lie used as a straw-man argument claiming creationists and Bible believers are dumb flat earthers. The experiment of the boat in one video said it did not disappear from sight because earth is flat. This could be caused by a miscalculation of the size of the earth and its assumed amount of curvature. And the possibility that light can curve instead of going in a straight line. 

As for the speculation that water could not stay in place or flow up hill unless earth was flat and stationary, a fly in a car going 60 MPH prove this wrong. The fly flies about like its environment was sanding still. Motion is relative to surrounding environment. Only when speed changes does inertia cause things to move as conservation of motion. Everything we see in space is round. Even asteroids are not flat. The earth has been seen from space and it is round. The Bible is the…

All Evil is Cosmic WAR

Mankind has been at WAR since the Garden of Eden between God and Satan. Nothing happens in the physical world by accident. Each person must choose who he will believe, God or Satan’s human agents. Every evil thing in history has been planned by Satan/Demons and his human agents. Nothing happens by accident. This is the Creation view of history. Those who believe in this know the illuminati are real. Satan wants to rebuild Atlantis PreFlood civilization/and Post-Flood Babel. The Civil War, World War 1 and II, and the Unconstitutional wars today are planned by Satan and his agents for the purpose of destroying God’s creation and setting up his evil kingdom under a World Ruler the Beast led by the European Union revived Roman Empire organized by the United Nations. Then Satan can make total slaves out of man and eventually kill us all and send us to Hell. Those duped by Satan’s propaganda believe world events are a random natural process of evolution. Christians know they are created.


Flat Earth?

Joe Taylor on Facebook: . The FLAT EARTH. AiG, scientist, Danny Faulkner, just wrote a lengthy article explaining why he believes the earth is not flat. Rob Skiba and Jered Chrestman have pretty well-thought out reasons why they think it is. Before you dismiss either, look at their positions.

MaryAnn Stuarton Auldaney Facebook: It's really simple. When people think of the word "flat", they are thinking of a pancake or a piece of paper with edges that one can fall off of. There is another meaning for "flat" that is more Biblical. Think of the Great Plains or a flat field as opposed to the foot hills and high peaks of the Rockies. In other world, many suspect (without using the word "flat") that the earth had a "smoother" surface topography before the Flood. Many suspect that the high mountains did not exist until during the Flood or shortly after. When I think of a flat earth, I am thinking of a glode whose surface was smoother all the way aro…

Methods of Attack from Humanists


The Satanic Attack on the Authorized King James Bible

This article comes from Why Do We Support only The King James Bible For the English people? Many strong Christians have stood their ground and continued to believe, read, and study only the Authorized King James Bible. Many others, however, have ...
Why Do We Support only The King James Bible For the English people? The King James Controversy can be a very sore subject for Christians of different denominations. Every Bible-believing church ought to take a stand for the King James Bible of 1611 because of clear evidence of God's hand on the inspiration and preservation of His Word by this Book. I plan (Lord willing) for this page to grow in information. Currently, Presented here are several main reasons for supporting the KJV.
Fables And Facts
About The King James Bible
Over the past few decades, new Bible translations have been popping up like popcorn. Many strong Christians have stood their ground and continued to believe, re…

How Should We Respond to the King James Only Teaching?

Jeremy Auldaney replied to Ash Morgan's comment.
Jeremy Auldaney replied to to Ash Morgan's web comments posted by Jeremy Adams on Facebook: How should we respond to the King James only teaching? To Jeremy Adams Yes, there are people who consider the belief in the KJT only is a heresy, but if you will notice the majority of churches are teaching heresies today. Part of that has been caused by these new translations. It has been proven that they contradict each other and support New Age Doctrines of Demons. And the writes are Non-Christians. The agents of Satan have infiltrated our churches and do not want you to know the truth. The web site mentioned above is one of those False Prophets. If they are right and we should believe all the many versions, and that leads to God's true Word, then what is wrong with believing only the KJT? Does that limit God's Word? Why are these people so hate filled when you say I believe in the KJT only. It was the Bible that ev…

Mark of the Beast & Christians

Here is a comment from Teno Groppi on Fcebook:
If a Christian has eternal security (and we do), and Christians will be here during the "Tribulation" (more correctly the time of Jacob's trouble, or Daniel's 70th week), why wouldn't a Christian take the mark of the beast? He can't lose his salvation. He'd be able to feed his family. Seems he'd be a fool NOT to take the mark, since there are no repercussions for him.
Either a secure Christian could lose his salvation (a total contradiction), or he'd be better off taking the mark.
Or maybe is it that Christians won't be here for the 70th week, just like they were not here for the other 69 weeks? ;-)

Looks like I am going to have to give you more facts from the Bible and the technology of the Mark of the Beast.
All Christians will be evacuated before the Tribulation; they are not under judgment or God lied when he said he would keep us out of judgment.
Some falsely claim all Christians must go …

Square& Round Dancing

Frankie Manning featured in today's Google Doodle was an American dancer, instructor and choreographer. Manning is considered one of the founding fathers of Lindy Hop. A happy man, every picture of him he is smiling. I hope he found Jesus, then he will be in smiling in Heaven Dancing.
There is nothing more fun than square dancing! I was 13 when my mother sent me to square dance classes which included some round dances like Salty Dog Rag at Longfellow Elementary in Pasadena. That is where I met my first love Annette Stanton who was 11. Then I used to play Classic Rock on the radio and make up dances to Everly Brothers, Ricky Nelson, Beatles, etc. Years later my sister and I went to classes at Bachelor and Bachlorettes in Van Nuys and Silver Dollars, and others when I was 22. We went to our first club dance before we graduated and loved it. I then tried to start a class as a Caller Instructor, but did not get enough people to keep it going. Years later I took a Caller Class taught b…

Enforce the Constitution & Save America!

WE NEED TO ENFORCE THE CONSTITUTION! I got a idea yesterday. Why not enter a Bill in both Congress and the Senate that everyone who runs for government office in the United States must pass a test. They must present documents showing that they have held positions where they supported laws and rules that were Constitutional, and/or take a test where they decide between sample cases which are both Constitutional, and Unconstitutional. And they have to receive a high 80% Constitutional score or they do not qualify to run for any office where the Constitution is important.
Also, why not require voters to have a valid ID, be a Citizen, and also take a test to see if they recognize between Constitutional and Un-Constitutional issues. And unless they can pass the test with a 80% or higher score, like a drivers test, they do not qualify to vote.
Finally, if a person in office votes for or supports an Unconstitutional law or rule, they must be taken to public trial on television, and if found gu…

Beware of False Teachers

I was very disturbed when David Reagan of Lamb and Lion Ministries showed his interview with Charles Ryrie. David brought up the subject of weather we should used other versions of the Bible in place of the Authorized King James Translation (AKJT). Charles said the New King James was better understood in today’s English. David said he had trouble understanding the Old English in the AKJT. Strange, I read the Authorized King James Bible when I was 12, and I had no trouble understanding it. I believe the Holy Spirit guides you. I have felt that the other versions which are man’s copyrighted words are false. And when you realize that it was False Teachers who produced these versions, and see the twisting of the meanings found in these versions you know there is something Satanic about them. Charles Ryrie used the New King James Bible for his study bible. And David said he loved it. From now on I will not trust Lamb and Lion Ministries. I have found them to be right on almost everything, …