Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Congressional Elections

The media claims Republicans are keeping their healthcare plans secret. Strange, they never complained when Obama and the Democrats did the same with Obamacare supported by Obama lies, and kept the international trade deals (which would have ended our freedoms under the Constitution) secret from everyone including Congressman.
Today the Congressional Elections could swing the balance of power against the Conservatives. The Liberal Conspiracy has spent 5 times as much as the Republicans, and spent more on this election than on any previous election. No doubt George Soros was a donor for the Rothschild Dynasty. They want to destroy the plan to Make America Great Again and continue with their plan to Make Babel Great Again as a world government.  
But once again the Conservative Republicans are winning. Many Conservative/Christians supported the NRCC. I sent them emergency money which was tripled, yesterday. Congressional Committee. 1015800 likes · 48535 talking about this. The NRCC is a political committee devoted to maintaining and...

Today many Conservatives have won!

The strange thing is the media is not blaming Russia and Putin for the lose of the elections this time. This proves that Russia did not cause Trump to win, it was the silent majority. 
However, they are finding evidence that the Liberals did pay illegal aliens, and Liberals to illegally vote for Hillary several times. No mention of this in the main media.

Then the next news item by the Council on Foreign Relations controlled media (CFR public relations for the Marxist United Nations) tells us Russia did try to influence the election of Trump. But it did not interfere with the voting machines. Except maybe Russia put things on social media that was true?

Monday, June 19, 2017

Death is Only the Beginning

Here is a message for atheists, skeptics, and agnostics from Bob Dylan.

When you’re sad and when you’re lonely
And you haven’t got a friend
Just remember that death is not the end
And all that you’ve held sacred
Falls down and does not mend
Just remember that death is not the end


The music

The Bible tells us when Jesus returns to the space above earth he is going to Rapture those who accept his invitation to be among those at the Great Reunion of all Saints free of charge as a free gift to those who believe his Word, "Beam Me Up Scotty!" Those who reject the truth will face judgement during the greatest worldwide catastrophe when the majority will suffer and die of those left behind. 

The Eagles Have Landed

Back to Genesis has a book Already Gone showing that most young people have left the church because of the undermining of belief in the Bible by faith in naturalism based on the religion of evolution.
Lyrics: So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains
And we never even know we have the key.,
Yes atheists and agnostics and theistic evolutionists ignore the Word of God and accept man's false logic.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Please help!

Our cat Wild Thing is 13. Please pray for her, she is still bleeding from her mouth slobbering and can't eat. Took her to vet three times for $1000. He said she has either infection, tumor, or cancer. Antibiotics have not worked. The only thing left is a biopsy which will cost $990 more. Have tried Go Fund Me, but no one wants to help.
Our cat is well except for the tumor in the lower part of her mouth. She is surviving for over a month now. I have to force feed her and it is hard for her to swallow. People can give millions to churches, Ken Ham's Noah's Ark, and the Creation Research Society's Creation Museum. I passed a billion dollar church in Hollywood today. But when it comes to saving lives 'Christian's' give nothing. You Christians in name only will answer for your sin and be condemned!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Attack from Fake News i.e. Liberal Propaganda

Trump is right.
The Liberal Conspiracy of the Illuminati working for the New World Order of the Antichrist state that they control the media and that the people are like sheep are being led to the slaughter. Here is part of their plan in their own words.
Below describes in the Liberal Conspiracies’ own words, why they are so upset about the election of Trump.
Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, No 10,
9. When we introduced into the State organism the poison of Liberalism its whole political complexion underwent a change. States have been seized with a mortal illness—blood poisoning. All that remains is to await the end of their death agony.
11. In the near future we shall establish the responsibility of presidents.
12. By that time we shall be in a position to disregard forms in carrying through matters for which our impersonal puppet will be responsible. What do we care if the ranks of those striving for power should be thinned, if there should arise a deadlock from the impossibility of finding presidents, a deadlock which will finally disorganize the country? . . .
13. In order that our scheme may produce this result we shall arrange elections in favor of such presidents as have in their past some dark, undiscovered stain, some "Panama" or other—then they will be trustworthy agents for the accomplishment of our plans out of fear of revelations and from the natural desire of everyone who has attained power, namely, the retention of the privileges, advantages and honour connected with the office of president. The chamber of deputies will provide cover for, will protect, will elect presidents, but we shall take from it the right to propose new, or make changes in existing laws, for this right will be given by us to the responsible president, a puppet in our hands.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

My Books: Mysteries of History Revealed

I am the author of these books: Recent discoveries and improvements in Carbon 14 dating, led to the discovery that all fossils were buried thousands of years ago. Then there was the discovery of preservation of dinosaur flesh! They have identified DNA, blood vessels, blood hemoglobin, skin, and proteins proving they were buried in recent history no more than a few thousand years ago. Scientists have found that the earth was much more tropical and animals and plants lived longer, grew larger, and were healthier than people are today. This is supported by evidence found in marine shell fossils, and in amber that the earth had more oxygen and carbon dioxide at greater atmospheric pressures.
They claim grass did not evolve till after the dinosaurs, now they have found grass in the stomach of a sauropod dinosaur. Then a massive asteroid shower caused a worldwide catastrophe including worldwide earthquakes, continent crossing tsunamis, and worldwide massive volcanic eruptions, and floods. And these impacts caused continents to move and the ocean to rise, cracking the earth open at the Mid Atlantic Ridge releasing floods of mineralized water with high temperatures. They have discovered that there is more water inside the earth than there is on the surface. As these things come to light scientists are finding that other methods of radiometric dating besides Carbon 14 are being found totally inaccurate. For example lava from Mt Saint Helens which erupted in 1980 dates in millions of years. And this is common results in all forms of radiometric dating. And each radiometric method, that should give the same date, if it were accurate, consistently produces dates that are all different by millions of years, no matter what the real age of the specimen is. And these methods also produce different dates using the same method to different parts of the same rock! How old is the earth really? These things were all discovered by secular scientists who could not believe their results, and have tried to explain these facts away to avoid ridicule. What is the truth about history? Are there unexplained facts hidden from the public? Were there giant humans? The Smithsonian had to produce documents for a court case to show what happened to the hundreds of giant human remains and tools they excavated in the last century. These documents recorded remains of many giants excavated from Megalithic sites, which they claim are missing. Evidence shows there have been millions of large meteorite impacts during recent catastrophic events, which caused the unexplained disappearance of whole civilizations of ancient people around the world, leaving only ruins to puzzle over. Science has kept this from the public. In fact recently meteorites have become more common and are moving slower and hit the ground more often as a result. NASA has recently stopped reporting meteoric events to the public. Researching for this book led me to many new discoveries that amazed me, and were hard to believe, plus it added to my understanding of things I had discovered in my wanderings seeking unexplained anomalies at fossil sites, meteorites, archaeological artifacts, and geology. My research is like collecting pieces to a picture puzzle, which I have pieced together one piece at a time. And the picture it has revealed is amazing beyond my expectations. I had to change my conclusions on some things I thought I knew and so will you. Let me take you on an adventure into time and space. Order from the author at reduced price.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Liberal Conspiracy Attacks Truth

The media controlled by the Illuminati through the United Nations and their Counsel on Foreign Relation's members in the media are trying to promote Carbon taxing, global weather change, Darwinism, Marxism, New World Order, sexual immorality, and Humanism. And undermine Conservative/Christian/Patriot's attempt to Make America Great Again.
FAKE NEWS: Media Hysteria Over Irrelevant Fake Websites Masks More Sinister Agenda. Written by William F. Jasper

The Existence of Fossils is Impossible!

Paleontologists do not tell you that the existence of fossils is impossible. 

And today there is no sedimentary strata forming, and no organisms are being petrified. And the geologic column does not have any mountains, valleys, or canyons.

The existence of billions of fossils everywhere all over the world is a miracle!
The science of forensics, tells us that immediately after death, within minutes, a body begins to decompose. 

But in the past fossils were common, and most have preserved organic substances: blood, veins, soft tissue, DNA, collagen, etc. How can this be?

The evolutionists say Mary Schweitzer, a molecular paleontologist at North Carolina State University discovered that it was the iron that preserves the organic remains. 

HOLD ON! Then how come this doesn’t happen today? The only preserved remains today are mummies, and embalmed bodies. And this never happens in nature today.

So the past is the key to the present?

Monday, June 5, 2017

Preservation of Dinosaur Soft Tissue

 Notice a dead Darwin is NIMROD!
A theistic evolutionist on my video of Mark Armitage on YouTube ( has been arguing against the discovery of soft tissues in dinosaurs and other fossils. I did some searching on the secular science of decomposition after death proving evolutionists are lying when they say soft tissue can last for hundreds of millions of years, due to iron fixing.
After death, though, iron is let free from its cage. It forms minuscule iron nanoparticles and also generates free radicals, which are highly reactive molecules thought to be involved in aging. "The free radicals cause proteins and cell membranes to tie in knots," Schweitzer said. "They basically act like formaldehyde."Formaldehyde, of course, preserves tissue. It works by linking up, or cross-linking, the amino acids that make up proteins, which makes those proteins more resistant to decay.  
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EM Saenz1 hour agoHighlighted reply
+Jeremy Auldaney I agree with you that quite often figures of speech are taken literally when reading the Bible i.e. Jesus referring to "four corners" and some saying that He thought the Earth was flat and square with corners, when "four corners" is in reference to the cardinal points. The term vault in Amos 9:6 is used to define the vastness of a "dome" covering the Earth. I agree with you that the use of the word "vault" in the Bible is definitely referring to the sky. But, you and I have a completely different understanding of what the sky is compared to that of the people when the Torah was being compiled. People back then believed that stars were lanterns that hung from a vaulted ceiling of a dome that covered the Earth. I personally don't believe that the Bible copied Pagan myths. Instead, we can see that the stories that are now in the Bible developed from earlier religious stories prior to Hebrew monotheism. For instance, the story of YHWH's birth and climb to power. YHWH is the son of EL the G-d of all Creation and Asherah the Goddess of Love and War. YHWH was brother to Baal. YHWH was known as the Devine Warrior, the G-d of War (inherited from His mother), the Lord of Heaven's Armies and His domain was the moon (another inheritance from His mother). Anyway, I don't consider the stories describing the lives of the G-ds up to the point were YHWH comes to power as Pagan myths. They are the foundation and origin of the Abrahamic religions. I find the pre-Torah/pre-Biblical accounts extremely interesting.
Read more

Right, Jesus created the earth he knows, and said it was round and hung on nothing. As for evolution and millions of years, there is a lot of evidence that evolution and long ages cannot be true from the facts of geology, paleontology, logic, forensics, and the Bible. Mary Schweitzer had to find an explanation in order to keep her job and not to appear to be an idiot in support of the establishment's consensus science. And she possibly solved the mystery for Mark Armitage, who has not solved the problem of preservation for about 5 thousand years for dinosaurs and other organisms, when soft tissue cannot last for more than a few years. Here is some research from secular science. "Decomposition begins several minutes after death, with a process called autolysis, or self-digestion. Soon after the heart stops beating, cells become deprived of oxygen, and their acidity increases as the toxic by-products of chemical reactions begin to accumulate inside them. Enzymes start to digest cell membranes and then leak out as the cells break down. This usually begins in the liver, which is enriched in enzymes, and in the brain, which has high water content; eventually, though, all other tissues and organs begin to break down in this way. Damaged blood cells spill out of broken vessels and, aided by gravity, settle in the capillaries and small veins, discolouring the skin. Most internal organs are devoid of microbes when we are alive. Soon after death, however, the immune system stops working, leaving them to spread throughout the body freely. This usually begins in the gut, at the junction between the small and large intestines. Left unchecked, our gut bacteria begin to digest the intestines, and then the surrounding tissues, from the inside out, using the chemical cocktail that leaks out of damaged cells as a food source. Then they invade the capillaries of the digestive system and lymph nodes, spreading first to the liver and spleen, then into the heart and brain. The variations may also be related to differences in the period of time that had elapsed since death. An earlier study of decomposing mice had revealed that although the animals’ microbiome changes dramatically after death, it does so in a consistent and measurable way, such that the researchers were able to estimate time of death to within 3 days of a nearly 2-month period. Once self-digestion is under way and bacteria have started to escape from the gastrointestinal tract, putrefaction begins. This is molecular death – the break down of soft tissues even further, into gases, liquids and salts. It is already under way at the earlier stages of decomposition, but really gets going when anaerobic bacteria get in on the act. (An anaerobic organism or anaerobe is any organism that does not require oxygen for growth.) These then feed on the body tissues, fermenting the sugars in them to produce gaseous by-products such as methane, hydrogen sulphide and ammonia, which accumulate within the body, inflating (or ‘bloating’) the abdomen and sometimes other body parts, too.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Post-Flood Hydroplate Cataclysm

Comment on my video illustration of the hydroplate catastrophe that occurred after the Flood of Noah, in the Days of Peleg.
The Hydro-plate Theory, in grand fashion, SPANKS all other theories out there! It is truly shocking to me that other "creationist" groups poo poo Dr Brown's theory in a strikingly similar fashion as do the atheists. Quite infuriating! SHAME ON THOSE PEOPLE! 
张子冀1 day agoHighlighted reply
IT seems the biggest objection to hydroplate theory is the mammoth remains and fossils at the top layer.most creationist believe it disproves the mammal early in the flood. so , is your theory gonna to solve this dilemma?

I simply go along with the facts I discover. I don't try to explain why a theory does or doesn't work. I don't use theories. I use deductive reasoning from facts, not inductive reasoning, usually used in historical sciences. 

I know that both evolutionists and creationists have gotten into a mind set that claims deductive reasoning cannot be used on soft historical subjects which happened in the past and cannot be observed or tested directly. However, these evends do leave hard evidence behind which can lead to a picture puzzle which has so many facts from the Bible and science that fit that could not be the result of coincidence which prove they are real events. Now of course we cannot know all the details like we woukld if we were there, but we can come to a general understanding that we know is true. 

Also, unlike those who use inductive reasoning from a predetermined theory, I do not choose the facts that fit, and ignore any contradictory informtion, I use ALL the facts, and use them to come to a conclusion.

Both evolutionists and most creationists have certain beliefs which they were taught by some expert, which are WRONG! And most people cannot see anythintg that contradicts their assumptions of past events. They are the blind leaders of the blind. I was always skeptical of anything that contradicted the Bible, which protected me from false conculsions like over population, Trump will destroy a peaceful socialist world, global warming, evolution, ancient earth, claiming conspiracies do not exist, etc. Their propaganda runs off me like water off a duck's back. 

I discovered abundant evidence that the Cenozoic, and especially the Pleistocene is Post Flood about the time of Peleg's Division about 2000 BC, when the continents and people were divided. The Bible means BOTH. 

 I used to believe that the Flood of Noah boundary was in the Middle Pliocene and Pleistocene. Walt Brown goes to the extreme and believes the Cenozoic was all part of the Flood. I proved this to be absolutely impossible. The types of animals, fossilization, and geology is different. And the Bible confirms that a major catastrophe happened about 350 yeras after the Flood, that caused the life span to decrease by 1/3 more, just as it did during the Flood. 

The second cataclysm was not as extensive as the first flood, it did not cover all the earth with water and it did not kill all air breathing animals. And God promised he would not bring a flood to kill all life on the land again by water. This is proven by the reference in the geneologies where it refers to Peleg, and is illustrated in the life span change during Peleg's life. 

Years later, researching for my book I discovered massive evidence of a worldwide cataclysm involving earth upheaval and asteroid impacts. I had to change my mind and realized that everything after the Mesozoic KT boundary was Post Flood. This was a great discovery. 

But I am not part of the snobs with jobs with the Institute for Creation Research, etc. so they ignore me. They make snotty rude remaks like, "Be carefule of Lone Ranger creationists. They have ignored Mark Armatage and his research into dinosur soft tissue. Of course like evolutionists when the evidence cannot be ignored they accept the new discoveries.

Even creation paleontologist Kurt Wise told me, creationists can be as prejudiced as evolutionists. 

But many independent researchers do believe I am right like Joe Taylor. Even John Morris has come around. John wrote an article on my Tar Pit paper when I presented this discovery along with the fact that the mammals did not get trapped there when alive. says: "Four generations after Noah, Genesis 10:25 records the birth of Peleg (meaning division) ‘for in his days was the earth divided’. Some suggest the continents of the earth were divided at this time. However, this seems unlikely, as such a process would have had to occur within a very confined time period. The resultant geological violence would be overwhelmingly catastrophic—like another Noahic Flood all over again. Any continental separation thus likely occurred during the Flood."

The geologic and biblical evidence proves this to be FALSE. There was indeed a catastrophe that was almost as massive as the Flood of Noah. I knew this to be a fact but did not know where the boundary was, or what caused it.

This event coincided with the division of people at Babel. I have come to believe all these catastrophic events were during a short period of time. Maybe a few years?

The Bible describes one of these major orogenic mountaing building events witnessed by Abraham when Sodam and Gomorrah were destroyed possibly by a shower of meteorites ignighting methane gas explosions, similar to the asphalt seeps in Los Angeles California along the great fault going through Africa. 

I was reluctant to believe another asteroid shower was the cause of Peleg's Division, so it remained a mystery to me. Then I learned about the Younger Dryus, and the thousands of Carolina Bays. The Carolina craters are being proven to meteroite impacts by independant researchers, And other researchers are finding that the Younger Dryus was a period was triggered by showers of meteorites. 

These events are misdated by evolutionists at c.12,900 to c. 11,700 years before the present. 

Then I came to the conclusion that Bible researchers place Peleg and Sodam and Gomorrah approximately around 1800 BC. I could see from my research on the asphalt seeps in La Brea California that this event had to have happened about the same time. Then more evidence began to pile up, like the neglected research into mega-tsunamis along the West Coast of America. Few have botherd to research this, because it would contradict uniformitarian theory upon which Darwinian evolution is founded. 

All this information has been distorted, ignored, or is unknown to both evolutionist and creationist scientists. My work is cutting edge science which is always rediculed until the evedence cannot be ignored. 

For more details see my book: CLICK HERE.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Asteroids Trigger to the Worldwide Flood

I was the first to propose that the Flood of Noah was triggered by an asteroid shower  in a paper published in 1992. Now several have been published agreeing with me.

False Prophets of Today

I agree with the majority of creation science, and prophecy in current events groups. Including Creation in the Twenty First Century, Creation Magazine Live (, The Institute for Creation Research, Back to Genesis, Creation Research Society, Hal Lindsey, Bible Science Association groups, etc., but some do not agree with me on a few things. They have not supported my work.
That is because they do not do research in some areas which are important. They deal with a limited number of controversial subjects, but there are some that are too controversial for them which are important to understanding the Bible and creation, but they do not want to alienate the world. These subjects include things creation science has taken from evolution without questioning them. They avoid UFOs, Nephilim, giants, falsification of micro-evolution (adaptation), and end time prophecy (except Hal Lindsey).
I had an argument with Henry Morris the III weather asteroids caused the Flood of Noah by cracking the earth open releasing the fountains of the deep. I published a paper Auldaney, J., Asteroids and their connection to the Flood; in: Proceedings of the 1992 Twin-Cities Creation Conference, Twin-Cities Creation-Science Association, Northwestern College, Roseville, MN, pp. 133–136, 1992. 
Since that time several creationists have agreed with my discovery and published papers after that date. 

This is the same thing most churches have done, they avoid the most important subjects in the Bible creation and end time prophecy. They compromise with the world so they can agree on some subjects, hoping to win them over. This is why most church denominations, if not all, agree that the earth could be millions of years old, and God could have used evolution.
And most 'Christian' organizations are promoting heresies. Some are: The church will bring in the kingdom of Christ, all religions lead to Heaven, Muslims worship the same god as we do, American Indians worship the same god, Catholics are Christians, the Rapture is mid trib post trib or no trib, no Satanic Conspiracy for a world government, ancient earth/universe, any version of the Bible is good, God has gone back on his promise to Israel for the land of Israel, Gentiles have aquired the promises to Israel, Palestine belongs to Palestinians (Philistines), speaking in tongues required for salvation, etc.  

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Proof of a Flat Earth?

The Falt Earth people are right? The geologic column proves the earth was flat. And it proves it was formed by a global flood.

Notice the sedimentary rock are laid down by water in flat layers. These flat layers are one mile thick.
 These flat layers go all the way to micro layers called varves in shale. The first picture shows an Eocene fish fossil in a typical layered shale slab. Below it is typical layered sandstone

These are dinosaur trackways. All in flat layers. The one below was tilted as the mountains rose.

Now when the flat layers are forced up during orogenous events (mountain building) as the continents were forced up and moved, sediment which has not hardened into solid rock bends producing anticlines and synclines. But the lithifying of sediment into solid rock must be rapid to preserve fossils, tracks, mud cracks, and ripples. It is similar to cement which hardens within hours or months.
Even fish are preserved in flat death layers. Fish are scavenged and decompose, and disintegrate in days today. The fossils must be covered within hours.
Here are modern Salton Sea fish. They are piles of bones which are not in layers. And they are only a few years old.
Here is strata bent while soft.

These two photos above show what happens when hardened rock layers move after they are solid rock. They crack and form faults.

Now this is how sediment forms today. The geologists say sediment forms in alluvial fans in lakes, rivers and oceans. They never turn into rock, and they form at an angle, not flat. And no one has seen sedimentary rock forming with petrified fossils today, and they do not form in layers. And they do not cover thousands of square miles like the Jurassic Morrison Formation.

Geologists show maps like this. California was under the ocean. If this happened today, would't it be catastrophic. Also they don't tell you that oceans cover basaltic ocean beds, they do not form on the lighter continental granitic rock. In the geologic record they call them incursions. The ocean invades the land only during catastrophic tsunamis.
Here is a geologic map. Most of what you see in colors separates the assumed periods of earth history into Paleozoic, Mesozoic, and Cenozoic. The Mesozoic is divided into Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous. Some of the color represent basement granite that was upthrust from below the sedimentary layers forming mountain ranges, but these areas only cover very little continental land. Most about 90% of the colors are flat sedimentary layers that can be traced from California to New Jersey, containing the same small dinosaur tracks commonly called Grallator about the size of a chicken to a kangaroo. 
These flat strata can be traced from one continent to another around the world. Evolution has been exposed as one of the greatest hoaxes in history and is described in the plan of the Illuminati and they say that these theories known to them to be false are being used to undermine belief in the Bible so they can bring in the Antichrist without opposition.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Birds Evolved from Dinosaurs?

Scientific American tells us:
On November 24, 1887, naturalist/paleontologist Harry Govier Seeley stood before London’s Royal Society to make one of his most important contributions to paleontology. His paper was “On the Classification of the Fossil Animals commonly named Dinosauria” – the terrible lizards being exhumed in greater number and variety than anyone had anticipated.

Editor's Comment: The discovery of dinosaurs scientised the Pagan myths of Egypt, where it is said life evolved from seaweed in the Nile. When they found these amazing animals unlike anything living today they claimed that this showed that dinosaurs evolved into today's animals. This was based on the misconception that the differences did not represent change in the morphology, but rather, they had become extinct, while some survived. They were thinking materialistic, rather than spiritual. They made death into the creator and forgot that death is an enemy and the penalty for sin. The Bible says the things of God are spiritually understood. Creation was by God, not nature.

The Scientific American article goes on:
It was a simple and ingenious solution. The dinosaurs known at the time had the tripartite arrangements of their hip bones in one of two configurations. There were dinosaurs like Diplodocus and Ceratosaurus with a “lizard-hipped”, or saurischian, hip shapes immediately recognizable from a forward-pointing pubis bone. Other dinosaurs, such as Camptosaurus, had the pubis pointing backward to join another bone called the ischium in what Seeley called the ornithischian, or “bird-hipped” shape.

Now Seeley’s classic arrangement is in question. Earlier this year paleontologists Matthew Baron, David Norman, and Paul Barrett unveiled a new dinosaur phylogeny that offers very different view of who’s related to whom.
For the observant person this reveals the fact that all this including evolution is based on imagination, not facts.

The new classification. It shows that ALL the lines have missing links, there are no continuous chains. And they are often changed, because they are based on fiction. Missing chains of links show there is no fossil evidence for evolution

But is the new classification going to stick? Any phylogenetic tree is a hypothesis 

(Editor’s Note: Details of evolution are only accepted because it is the only way natural processes could produce the appearance of design, like the imagination in a Disney cartoon. When a character walks off a cliff without being aware of it he can continue to walk until he realizes he is walking on thin air), 

subject to testing and change with additional analysis and discovery. Other experts may disagree about the species selected for analysis or how certain skeletal characteristics are coded in the input data. (Editor’s Note: But they never question if evolution ever happened.)
All of this taxonomic wrangling is about more than names. The new tree has major implications for what paleontologists think the earliest dinosaurs were like, not to mention how each of the major subdivisions evolved. (Editor’s Note: This just so story will force other scientists to conform to this imagination i.e. consensus science, majority rule.)

There are many facts that contradict evolution theory and falsify it, but since the establishment of this God rejecting world refuse to acknowledge God they must come up with materialistic (atheistic) science fiction stories to explain the facts.
Secular Wikipedia confirms this bird/lizard hipped fact which contradicts the theory.

Maybe evolutionists are going back to believing in dragon birds! It is interesting that the rise of the Dargon/Bird the Phoenix out of the fires of Baal, is symbolic of the rise of The New World Order and the reincarnation of the Egyptian Horus the Antichrist 666.

All carnivorous dinosaurs (certain types of theropods) are saurischians, as are all of the birds and one of the two primary lineages of herbivorous dinosaurs, the sauropodomorphs.

Based on the assumption that birds evolved from small bipedal dinosaurs running through the jungle from a predator, or chasing prey their arms eventually moved from in front to the rear and scales slowly became feathers. If you try to imagine this it is hard not to start laughing uncontrollably.

Of course, when the evidence shows their assumptions could not happen they dream up another story, because there are no facts that support them. They are temporary ‘facts’ only because they cannot accept the truth that things did not evolve, they were created by intelligent designe.