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Secret Societies and Liberal Conspiracies

Freud's Mafia: Sigmund Freud's Crimes Against ChristianityPaperback– May 4, 2017 by Paul Thomas Boggs(Author)
Sigmund Freud is touted by the psychiatric industrial complex as a savior of those struggling with unseen injuries. 

In reality, Freud was the head of a global crime syndicate whose primary weapon was based on Greek fairy-tales dating back to c.8th-3rd Century B.C. Freud’s fantasies were associated with the Persian conqueror Xerxes, destruction of Sparta at the Battle of Leuctra, the child eating Greek deity Cronus who was also identified in classical antiquity with the Roman deity Saturn, otherwise known as Satan. This book examines how Freud’s unseen hand directed his psychological Mafia to orchestrate America’s Great Depression, inspired Adolf Hitler, Russian and Chinese Communism, and brainwashed millions of Americans into a death cult, through television broadcasted predictive programming.…

Nazi Roots Of The EU Revealed


President Jackson's Magnolia to be Removed

I have agreed with and supported almost everything Trump has accomplished, but this time I do not! However, after investigation I discovered that the tree is dangerous. I remember they say that several people have been killed by falling trees in Central Park in New York. Also, they do not plan to remove the whole tree. And they have taken sprouts from it which are growing nearby, and one will be planted where the original tree was. Here is the 
John Rice, “When Andrew
Jackson went to the White House as the nation’s seventh president, Baker related, he took a cutting from a Magnolia tree from his home, The Hermitage, near Nashville. This branch was planted in the White House lawn in memory of his beloved wife, Rachel, who had died. ...” Rachel died on Dec. 22, 1828, two weeks after he won the election to the presidency and prior to his March 4, 1829, inauguration. Helicopters land near this Magnolia. Here President Bu…

Christmas is Baal Worship

Joseph AmaHura RiverWind on Facebook 10 hrs · Duarte, CA ·  Where are today's Gideons? Where are today's Maccabees, where are the ones calling for repentance from idolatry? If you don't understand this then you don't understand why God judged and punished Israel all throughout the OT. Why do the grafted in branches think they can get away with what the natural branches could not? After all...God doesn't change or are you saying He does?

My reply: Very good. I have warned people that have Santa is worshiping an Pagan idol. Santa is Saint Nicolas, which means the Devil. It comes from Pagan Catholic Religion. Santa is an anagram for Satan. He is an elf another name for a Demonic Spirit. All his symbols reveal him to be Baal the sun god worshiped in Egypt as Ra symbolized by the solar magic square 666. And there is a lot more evidence.

Corruption in the FCC

News Item: The FCC has decided to allow Internet providers to speed up or slow down your Internet Speed. This is discrimination by the Satanic Liberal Conspiracy.
I have discovered that Yahoo News posts Fake News slander against Trump almost every day. And I have posted comments that explain the details showing they are lying.
Then I noticed that the majority were posting similar comments opposing the Fake News. And that these were getting hundreds of Likes, and only a few Dislikes.

Then I noticed that when I posted my facts in opposition to their distortions, the speed slowed down and even asked me if I wanted to wait or leave the page. This is an attack from the Fake News media as described in the plan of the Illuminati called the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Their Illuminati agents of the Satanic Liberal Conspiracy are called the innocent sounding name of The Council on Foreign Relations (set up to infiltrate our society from high positions mainly in media and government …

Trump America's Greatest President

President Trump has kept his word and has strengthened our weak military, made America fuel independent, has cut taxes, has set in motion tax cuts that will decrease our national debt, has increased jobs and unemployment has dropped lowest in 17 years, is bringing companies back to America, has started work on the Mexican wall, has cut decreased illegal aliens crossing our southern border,  cut regulations saving $8 billion dollars, ISIS has been loosing ground, re-negotiating treaties that would kill our jobs and take away our sovereignty, stock market peaked higher for the first time in history, stopped releasing criminals, stopping the opioid epidemic,  restored relations with other world leaders, fill 22 judges positions who support the Constitution. He is the Greatest President in American history. Trump has kept his many promises unlike no other President.…

Hillary's Money Laundering

“Trump tweeted Saturday: "How can FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, the man in charge, along with leakin' James Comey, of the Phony Hillary Clinton investigation (including her 33,000 illegally deleted emails) be given $700,000 for wife's campaign by Clinton Puppets during investigation?"
“McCabe's wife, Jill, did not get $700,000 in donations from Clinton for a Virginia state Senate race in 2015.”

My response: Sounds like Fake News to me. What they mean is it has not been proven that McCabe’s wife received $700,000 in laundered money. The Clinton’s are experts at laundering money. That is how they made enough money to run for President. 
Hillary laundered money for the Mafia from drug and gun running at the Rose Law Firm in Arkansas.  Today the Clinton Foundation launders money regularly in support of the Satanic Liberal Conspiracy.

Yoga is Satanic

The Facebook Group I am a member of: People of the Way is a Pagan Religion from Babel. I have been suspicious from their titles, so I have not visited the site. So when I did it was proven when I read that they say Yoga is not a religion.
I already knew that many churches have Yoga classes. And that these churches support Allah and the Great Spirit as references to God, and that all religions lead to Heaven, and in theistic evolution and oppose creation science, and Bible Prophecy in current events, and do not believe in the Bible as God’s Inspired Word.
Yoga is a practice of Hindu religion, and OM is a mantra and is used to call the spirits. Worshipers repeat OM hypnotize a practice to enter an altered state. The Bible condemns communication with spirits called Divination. This results in contact with Demons called Spirit Guides. OM tattoos are a part of Pagan religion and the OM is the most common.
The intricate, pleasing curves of the ‘…

Tax Bill Will Make America Great Again

See link above to Fake News: Fake News by the CFR Illuminati is raving that this GOP tax cut will cause debt to skyrocket and it only helps the rich. This is an old Communist trick used in the French Revolution, the Bolshevik Revolution, and is being used today by the Liberal Conspiracy led by George Soros using our tax money in ours and other countries to undermine their Democracies, etc.
These idiots do not know reality or they are lying, that by cutting taxes business will boom and jobs will increase causing the debt to decrease! The free enterprise system was what made America great!
These Liberal Communists hate the Free enterprise system slandering it as Capitalism. The Liberal Conspiracy is following Saul Alinsky's plan (taken from the Illuminati plan the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion in turn taken from the Talmud) to create debt and cause riots and friction be…

Satanism & the United Nations

Under the guise of stopping “gun violence” and “genocide,” a fringe County Commissioner in Cook County, Illinois, went to New York City to request that the United Nations deploy “peacekeeping” troops in Chicago. Seriously. These would be the same ruthless soldiers who have come under fire around the world for systemic rape of childrenspreading deadly diseases, murdering unarmed protestersoverthrowing elected leaderswaging war on Africans who did not want to live under a Soviet-backed dictator, and countless other atrocities — especially atrocities targeting black people, and always perpetrated with impunity.
The United Nations is Satanic!

Alien Object past earth

Meteorites and comets orbit our sun. But for the first time a strange unidentified cigar shaped object came from deep space passed earth and went past the sun and was flung back into space.
When I first heard about this object and heard that the scientific community was watching it to see if there was alien life (supporting their evolution hoax), I said, Idiots that is not a spaceship and they will hear nothing.
This is because God created life on earth, and the the universe was created to show his power, for light, and for measuring time, and for signs. And there is no such thing as evolution. Life was never created in the universe.
When an object that has life does head toward earth it will be the New Jerusalem and we will be on it coming to set up Jesus kingdom from Jerusalem in Israel. And the Antichrist will fire atomic weapons at it claiming we are evil aliens invading earth.

Yahoo Fake News Opposed by Patriots

Yahoo’s Daily Fake News in support of the Liberal Communist Conspiracy is always followed by comments by WE the People. These comments are the real news hidden and distorted by the Communist controlled establishment media by CFRs. And not only that, these comments get hundreds of likes by Conservative Patriots, and only tens of dislikes by Liberals.
JeremyA 0 sec agoAuldaney: The Clinton’s were not grossly negligent, they were criminal! She and others are guilty of murder! Hillary was a criminal in Arkansas who made enough money from drug running, money laundering, murder, and gun running from association with the Mafia that financed their time in the White Washed House destroying America as a disciple of Saul Alinsky. Comey is an accomplice and that is why he was fired by Trump. Comey is a traitor to America. This is why the defeat of Judge Roy Moore is suspicious. The Damedocrat…

Proof of Satanic Conspiracy & Their Bloodlines

My books reveal the real history of the world. 
Here are other books that reveal this same history. I did not get any of my research information from these books. But they confirm that my conclusions are correct. 
These books reveal the hidden events orchestrated by the Satanic Conspiracy led by Satan, his Angeles, and his human agents in the Globalist Conspiracy of Antichrist. They are written by Christians, Atheists, and Agnostics.
There are two conclusions in these books. That Jesus did not die on the cross, Jesus had offspring; and they are the bloodlines of all the rulers of Europe and other parts of the world, the royal blue bloods descendants of the Pagan gods the giants called the Anunnaki. And that they are the leaders of the Illuminati secret societies today, guiding the world into the New World Order. And that god is actually a group of aliens that evolved on other planets that seeded earth and are guiding our evolution, known as the ancient astronaut theory. 
The other conclus…

God Bless America for Blessing Israel

John McTernan's Insights passed on, on FacebookLike Page19 hrs ·  December 6, 2017
"Trump officially recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's capital, orders US embassy move"
This is a huge diplomatic move that is turning the world upside down! Wow, wow, wow!
I was talking with my friend in Israel, Pastor Dov, and he said the Israelis were shouting "God bless America" and "God bless President Trump!" Prime Ministry Netanyahu was overwhelmed and crying.
This is a historic moment and please understand it. We are living in history right now. The entire world was against the United States recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, yet God raised up President Trump to do it. He is just like President Truman in 1948, who against all odds, recognized the State of Israel.
How are the Muslims going to react? I believe God's judgment on Islam will occur over Jerusalem! Psalm 122:6 Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper …

Mysteries of History Revealed NEW Description

X-Files of science! Facts you have never heard of! These books will blow your mind in all areas of science that will turn your understanding from upside-down to right side up in: geology, dinosaurs, meteorite impacts, archaeology, giants, ancient advanced civilizations, age of the earth, hoaxes and genuine unexplained artifacts, and history of the earth supported by the latest research by secular scientists published in respected journals and doctorate research thesis papers. They reveal facts that have been suppressed and deliberately lied about by schools, universities, seminaries, scientists, government, media, and the church.
I am an independent alternative Bible science researcher. I specialize in unexplained science, the X-Files. I do not go along with consensus beliefs, I am not politically correct. I do not copy or follow any person or organization, I trust no one except God and th…

Trump's Happy Birthday Jesus Card


Trump's Press Secretary is Right!

Statement from the Press Secretary on the Kate Steinle Case Yesterday’s verdict in San Francisco underscores the danger to public safety when our Nation fails to enforce its laws.  Kate Steinle was killed by an illegal immigrant and convicted felon who had been deported from the United States five times.  He, and countless other criminal illegal immigrants like him, should never be allowed to threaten our citizens. It’s more important now than ever for Congress to secure our borders and provide the resources, including more ICE officers, needed to deport criminal illegal aliens and to finally stop sanctuary city policies that cause needless loss of innocent life.  Politicians who fail to address these needs share responsibility for preventable crimes committed against innocent Americans.

Had San Francisco enforced our Nation’s immigration laws, the Steinle family would be celebrating this holiday with all of their loved ones.

1920 ACLU Founder, Roger Baldwin, Stated "Communism is the Goal!"


ExoPlanetary Evolution Fails

The New York Post tells us the latest facts that refute evolution.
With the incredible number of galaxies that mankind can observe from its tiny little perch here in the Milky Way, we know there is an absolutely incredible number of planetary systems in the universe and that means the possibility that alien life has evolved elsewhere in the cosmos is quite good. (Jeremy: The speculation based on assumption that evolution occurred, based on the assumption that life and the ordered universe created itself by a natural process from nothing. And that God does not exist because nature is all that exists.) 
Unfortunately, new research suggests that some of the most promising places astronomers have been considering as potential life-supporting planets might not be all that friendly after all. (Jeremy: The Bible indicates that this is what they would find, because God created life on earth, not…

Nephilim Contaminated Gentile/Jews

Rudy Coia on Facebook: Jeremy I agree with much of what you say; but I take issue with your contention that Jews are to blame for the world's woes. (Jeremy: They are not, Jews are under attack from Satan and his agents) Yes, there are Jews in the elite power structure; but most are not. (Jeremy: Most high VIP positions in government, science, corporations, bankers, billionaires, movie stars, etc. are Gentile/Jews. Most try to hide this fact. All the Illuminati Families of Jews changed their names when they came to America, like the satanic Bush Family. This was to hide scandals they were involved in, in Europe.) Satan has used the Jew as a scapegoat for millennia. Moreover, in terms of percentage of population killed; Jews are the number one historical victims of the NWO conspiracy. (Jeremy: And most of them were Sephardic Jews who follow the Torah. The Ashkenazi Jews follow the Talmud which contains Gentile hate literature against Christians and Jesus. Jesus confronted these Phar…

Alien Invasion Movie by Creation International

Alien Intrusion, Unmasking a Deception See the video:
Produced by Creation International at, producers of the Canadian television program Creation Magazine Live.
Millions of people have seen UFOs and many even recall personal encounters with strange entities. The popular view is that these are advanced aliens visiting us from far away, but this compelling new documentary takes a deeper look at the events, the beliefs, the experts and the people who have shaped our views in the “otherworldly.” When one examines this phenomenon, one of the most disturbing but powerful affirmations of the spiritual realm, Christianity and the Bible becomes clearer. This documentary seeks to solve one of the most haunting and persistent mysteries of our time by addressing UFO sightings in every country, things seen on radar, what happened at Roswell, alien abductions, government cover-ups, and even a “new” religion.
Jeremy: I have stu…