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Albert Einstein's False Beliefs

When I did my research for my book and articles I discovered that Albert Einstein had escaped Germany during the Nazi holocaust. I learned that he was a Jew. 
Then I found out about the fact that there are two kinds of Jews: the Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jews. I learned that most of the Jews that were killed in Germany were Sephardic Jews. And Hitler was an Ashkenazi Jew, and this is where the name Nazi came from. The pope of Rome helped Hitler gather the Sephardic Jews to the death camps, while saving the Ashkenazi Jews. These half breed Ashkenazi Jews follow the Talmud and other words of men. The Talmud contains hate literature against the Gentiles similar to the Muslim Koran. And they hold these writings of men over the Word of God in the Torah that the Rabbis must be obeyed as more important than the Word of God. This is where the Roman Catholic Church gets their belief that the Pope speaks for God, even when it contradicts the Bible. This is because the Roman Church was founded by an…

Is Socialism Good or Evil?

Excellent comment on my facebook:

John Scott ·  I just had an interesting conversation with a young homeless man who a buddy and I befriended, gave him a place to sleep last night, fed him last night, and then my buddy went and got fresh doughnuts and coffee so we'd all have breakfast this morning. After breakfast, the conversation turned to basically him making a statement that everyone is entitled to health care, and he claimed it was a basic human right.
I asked him why he thought it was a right, and if it was a right who would pay for it. He said he has the right to live and health care is part of that right, and that the government should pay for it. I then asked him where the government gets the money to pay for this perceived right, assuming that it is a right. He said from the enormous taxes we have to pay. I then said, "wait a minute, by your own admission you have decided to be homeless with no job for the last four years. So you are really saying that it is tax payers l…

Responce to My Eclipse Video

This is a response to my comments on the video of the eclipse.
Hayk Tovmasian1 week ago Awesome setup Jeremy and insightful comment. REPLY1 View all 4 replies Highlighted reply Hayk Tovmasian22 minutes ago
"This eclipse is a warning to The United States, because of the fact that this has not happened since the founding of the United States in 1776! We are in a crisus situation right now unlike ever before. If the Liberal Conspiracy succeeds, the U.S. will be used to set up the kingdom of Antichrist. This is why attacks on Trump are increasing."
Here is the eclipse video:

Joel Osteen False Teacher

Jen Fishburne·  Why I Changed My Mind About Joel Osteen
Jen has been duped by a False Teacher and posted this on Facebook: Here is an answer to this misled ‘Christian.’ (NOTE: Since I wrote this, an Illuminati whistle blower says Osteen is a Satanist supported by Illuminati funding!)
I paraphrase parts of this article and add to it. Joel Osteen and Prosperity Gospel Osteen makes God into a genie fulfilling all your greed. God never promised us prosperity and health. The Apostile Paul was beaten and in prison, and had no money. He dpended on others. The Prosperity gospel makes you into your own god, who can demand things from God. This contradicts God's Word. We are to humble ourselves and do the work of an evangelist without seeking any gain. Yes, Osteen stirrs up your excitement with rock music and builds up your pride and makes you f…

Complex PURPOSEFUL Design in Nature

The Inland Empire Creation Science Association presents David Phillipps, M.A. speaking on DESIGN REVISITED WHAT'S ALL THE WHINE ABOUT DESIGN? AN UPDATE, A RESPONSE on August 29, 2017. Here is my response:

There is more to design in nature. Atheistic evolutionists claim it is only the appearance of design.  But nature does not show a random processes like drawing letters out of a hat at random that spell cat, hat, and dog. These are not words, they are random and have no purpose or meaning. These are random letters that have no more meaning than ead, fyz, dkj. Also this example of drawing letters might fool some into thinking if there were an infinite number of letters and millions of years they would develop purpose. But drawing letters that accidently spell simple words cannot compare to the billions of things that go into nature's extremely complex designs, would be like writing a whole encyclopedia by drawing random letters. Every time it stops producing meaning you would ha…

The Beast of Benelux Fact or Fiction?

I remember back in the 1970s there were stories about the existence of the huge computer called the Beast in Brussels at Benelux, owned by the European Union. And this could bring in the Mark of the Beast. Now they claim this was just a rumor from Christian films on the Rapture. I do not agree. I have just come across revelations about Google and their huge network of a million computer centers all over the world, which control almost all communications and data. Even if the Beast is not in Benelux it IS HERE! This is a greater threat than nuclear bombs, terrorism, crime, storms, flooding, shortages, and wars combined.

Benelux is a combination of Belgium/Netherlands/Luxemburg. Benelux is like Washington D.C., is a separate state unto itself run from the White House. Benelux is the Capitol of the European Union and a nucleus for the World Government 
This is one of the million secret storage places for Google's computers that communicate store data and control the world

under the Marx…

My Dream Vision? Pray for Trump

I woke up this morning with a dream. 
I remembered someonr told me snakes come out at night. I saw four rattle snakes crawling across the floor toward me on my left. Then I heard our cat Wild Thing’s voice (who died last month of cancer) further to my left’s “ Raaw”, warning me. I tried to go left to a low wall on my right but was afraid of stepping on 
the snakes in the dark. I then tried to reach for the lamp on the table on my right to switch it on. But my arm was paralyzed in my sleep but finally I did switch it on. But just before I switched it on I felt a message from Donald Trump saying, “Thank you for warning me Jeremy.” The day before I wrote an article on how the 
Liberal Conspiracy was trying to impeach Trump, and if it didn’t work they were going to use a Nicola Tesla scalar wave weapon which causes a person to have a heart attack so it will look like a natural death. I posted this on my Facebook, my Twitter, Trump’s Facebook, Trump’s Twitter, and my web site: BiblicalScienceNew…

Violent Attack on Trump & Freedom

The Liberal Conspiracy working through George Soros using tax payer money, works for the Illuminati paid the White Supremacists/Neo-Nazis to riot.  
Then the Council on Foreign Relations/Builderburgs run media could create False News claiming these lynch mobs support Donald Trump. They wanted to create a backlash from the ignorant public against Trump and honest patriots who want to take back America and the world from the Evil Empire of Saul Alinsky, Obama, Hillary, the Bushes, Aleister Crowley, etc.

The enemy says if you can’t beat them legally, then join them and commit horrible acts to blame the Conservatives like Trump who oppose violence. The Liberal Conspiracy wants to burn Rome so they can blame it on the Christians.

T-rex King of the Dragons Additional Information

I just saw your T-Rex: King of the Dragons with David Rives and Buddy Davis on TBN. Tuesday, August 22, 2017. I am an expert on paleontology and the Bible, and there were several errors in the information in this program. You both need to read my book Mysteries of History Revealed Part 1 where I document this information.
Creationists have been borrowing speculation from evolutionists without being critical and examining the latest research by secular scientists.
Dinosaurs are NOT big lizards any more than birds are related to dinosaurs. They are an extinct form of reptile that stands upright bipedal and quadropedal, like birds, mammals, and humans. This makes them unique. Saying they are big lizards is enforcing a misconception and popular myth. A little error leads to big errors. 
As for the oldest dinosaur being only 25 years old, this is falsified by the Bible. People lived almost a thousand years, thus dinosaurs must have lived hundreds of years, most likely longer than humans. Giant…

C.S. Lewis Illuminati Change Agent

Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis - Book 1, Ch 01 Published on Aug 28, 2017 Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis
This is, in the opinion of many (myself included), the best book ever written (after, of course, The Bible).
All comments are appreciated, especially to assess my decision to invest the time to complete the entire video series.
This book is a great adventure into the mind of a genius. Lewis admits his reluctance to reconsider atheism as his thought experiments lead him to the undeniable fact that Christianity must be the one true religion.
God Bless all who read this.
Ken Potter

My Answer to Ken Potter:
C.S. Lewis was a Catholic. Catholicism is Paganism in disguise. His and Tolkien stories came from there occult background, they spawned the secular Star Track, Star Wars, and Star Gate Neo-Paganism and witchcraft. And these movies have been accepted as allegories for Christian beliefs in these Pagan Protestant churches who deny the inerrancy of the King James Bible. This Rom…

White Supremicists Satanic Origins

This was written by a man who was fooled into joining the American Nazi Party. The fact it is true, except for the fact that the Nazis do not tell the whole story. There are two kinds of Jews. The renegade half Gentile Jews called Ashkenazi (This is where the name Nazi came from) who only believe in the Old Testament and deny the Messiah Jesus. These are the Knights Templar Freemasons who produced the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion of the Priory de Scion. They disrobed God by marrying into Pagan Gentile bloodlines which were contaminated with Nephilim bloodlines.
The Bible teaches we are all one family and there are no races, this comes from Darwinian evolutionary thinking. 
The Illuminati Jews are the French Royal lineage of the Merovingians who claim to be descendants of Jesus through Solomon from Mary Magdalene. They also secretly claim they are offspring of space aliens. This is a blasphemous heresy. Today they worship Baal in the form of Baphomet the transgender idol of th…

Trains Hauling Military Equipment


Madonna a Witch

Madonna is closely related to Hillary! This proves Madonna another name for the Queen of Heaven the queen of Babel is a Merovingian bloodline Illuminati. And it shows that Madonna and Hillary are descendants of the Nephilim hybrids, and Knights Templar Illuminati.
Watch this amazing video:

Fabian Communism Infiltrate from Inside


Communism By The Backdoor | By Dennis Wise By The Backdoor, the latest documentary by Dennis Wise. The New World Order are implementing their totalitarian world government.

WARNING! Bunko Tricks from Internet

WARNING! I advertised for a job and got three offers. They wanted me to post ads on CraigsList for people to advertise a product. And they offered me $275 for three days, another offered more. I accepted. But he wanted me to post a lot of ads and this was against CraigsList rules. So I told him I would set up a web site. He text me, he never talked to me on the phone. And in these texts he alway used improper English. I figured he was in another country like Nigeria and did not speak English, not New Jessey as he claimed. A lot of bunko is coming from outside the United States because they cannot be sued or arrested. Don't fall for these Trojan Horse Tricks I got suspicious, and called the number he wanted customers to use. I got a recording. Then I got a text.
So I had my friend call this number as if they were a customer. They were told to have signs for this product to be placed on their vehicle and would receive $500 every week. I thought it was strang that he said you could pu…

United Nation's Army is Invading America

YouTube has censored my video but I am contacting my lawyers. Hear are others who have seen the same thing!
Here are some videos when I saw thousands of military vehicles coming into San Bernardino California, which I discovered are also coming into all states all over America. We are being invaded by United Nations Communist troops to set up the New World Order in every state. Published on Sep 11, 2015 As seen from an undisclosed position where the old barn used to stand.... Facts as follows.... On the early evening of August 32nd, 2015, a seventeen mile long United Nations occupying force cargo train was observed near Camp Butterfield Illinois. This train was hauling numerous amounts of heavy warfare style equipment that included prime movers, tanks, armored cars, as well as numerous other vehicles. Train power was provided by two General Motors Ford Falcone…

UFOs Satan and the New World Order

This is a fantastic book on the connection between Fallen Angels and their offspring the Nephilim and today’s technology and movement toward the New World Order of Antichrist. I read it many years ago. Stan worked for the American Government on black projects. He was deprogramed to forget, but he started having dreams about working on saucer levitation craft and other advanced twechnology. He wrote this book and moved to Australia for his own protection. He figured that if the information was out there they would only prove it was true if they killed him. I remember someone who stayed at a motel we were at said he worked for the military on a base and saw what looked like a flying saucer with USAF on it. His commender told him he didn't see anything. Stan describes similar observations.

THE COSMIC CONSPIRACY - FINAL EDITION 2010 Paperback – 2010 by Stan Deyo The original 'bible' on the Conspiracy to rule Earth by 'extraterrestrials (aka Satan and his minions) via UFO techn…

The Satanic New World Order Exposed

Image says (You will see a gillotine at this web site. In the Tribulation Period the Illuminati will use the gillotine just as they did in there Illuminati instigated French Revolution): The Luciferian Antichrist Beast System is now and has always been progressive, progressivism didn't begin in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, only the political and technological eras of it. Lucifer’s desire to be like the Most High has been on going over the millennia and has progressively taken a great leap forward the last two centuries. The advanced Technologies of Today has greatly increased to the point of having total control of the NationsWorld Commerce and the Global Religious Systems.
The Antichrist Beast System is all around us, progressively advancing to its end, herding in the masses like never before. Today, Lucifer has built around us a treasure trove of veiled Luciferianism, a Magical Cosmopolitan World of illusion filled with eye candy, founded on the lust of the eye…