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The Real History of the Earth

From: home page. ILLUMINATI & NEW WORLD ORDER: STAR TREK, AMERICA, SYRIA, RUSSIA AND THE RACE TO ARMAGEDDON PART 2 of 2 Published on December 4, 2015 Christian Kelch FollowChristian Kelch Second Chance Foundation
PART 2 of 2

This was such a great article and description of our world I had to republish it. Paul did a GREAT job and everything he says here agrees and confirms with my research in my newsletter here and my books: Mysteries of History Revealed Part 1 & Part 2

I will comment and add additional information as the Editor. These comments are NOT made by Paul McGuire, they are my responsibility and come from my research. And may not reflect Paul’s views. By Paul McGuire
September 17, 2013
They did not age, they did not die and they stayed in perfect health. They were beautiful in body, soul and spirit. Adam and Eve were given supernatural powers and …

Bush Mr. Satanic New World Order

In a joint statement from both former presidents Bush, state they reject hate in all forms.
How come they were not attacked for taking so long to comment like Trump was? Both Bush Presidents were Skull and Bones, members of an Illuminati secret society and part of the Illuminati, which is behind the groups causing the riots, so they ought to know.
The Bush/Obama/Hillary gang are in support of the New World Order from above, while the White Supremacists, Black Lives (lies) Matter is the force from below to bring about change into the Marxist New World Order of Antichrist.  So Mr Bush you are admittintg the the Illuminati have always been using the United States to create the Marxist New World Order (founded and run by Communist terrorists) just like Francis Bacon (an Illuminati of that time) stated:

Charlottesville Was Planned Attack on Freedom

As for the riot in Charlottesville, I agreed with Trump before he said anything and wrote an article on it. This riot was planned as an attack on our Constitution, freedoms, and Trump.
Franklin Graham Condemns Using Charlottesville to Attack Trump using-charlottesville-to-attack-trump 2 hours ago ... ... stated Charles Ramsey, who heads up the Philadelphia police department. He explained that while the competing demonstrators “need to be ...
Both sides were involved. And of course there were innocent people there as well as Trump stated. Why should they take down the statue of Robert E. Lee? These rioters who class him and the South with Nazis and White Supermen are liars, and would make him roll over in his grave. Liberals blamed Trump who had nothing to do with any riots. All these riots have been supported and financed by the Priory de Scion renegade Jew George Soros, and the Rothschild Illuminati following Saul Alinsky’…

Worldwide List of Dissodent Scientists

When someone tells you that there are no scientists that disagree with established science theories, tell them they are very WRONG and you could add ignorant. This is a list of 8000 dissident scientists that is published every year. 
And most of them are not creation scientists. Very few creation scientists are listed. No doubt because none of them are doing original research. They spend most of their time lecturing, and writing books, and going to conferences. However, Henry M. Morris the founder of the Creation Science Movement is listed. Even John Morris geologist, Henry’s son is not listed. Dr. Henry M. Morris (deceased)Origin : CLI                  2012 Category:   Religious aspects kind of theory :  kind of particle :    kind of critics :kind of energy   : web1 : key statements: All Spaced Out

Here is another of their dissident scientists:
Now this is odd Fred Hoyle the astronomer coined the term Big Bang on a BBC talk radio, but he did not belie…

Charlottesville, Virginia & Fake News

On Saturday, the United States watched in horror as violence engulfed Charlottesville, Virginia. Far-right and far-left protesters clashed with each other, culminating in one far-right protester driving his car into the far-left protesters, killing a woman and injuring several.
Immediately after this act of domestic terror, liberals began looking around for someone to blame, and they all seemingly settled on one target: President Donald Trump. (Editor’s Note: Wrong. This was the plan all along!) Charlottesville Democrat Editor’s Note: Of course a Liberal conspirator) Mayor Michael Signer singled out Trump for the violence, placing the blame for the day’s events on him and his administration, The Daily Caller reported (Editor’s Note: Spreading the propaganda by Council on Foreign Relations members running the newspaper).

When I was studying Radio and Television broadcasting at Pasadena City College a teacher told us if you don't have news, you create news. For example you ask someone …

Structural Realism in place of Speculation

Thank you John Worrall for the donation to Biblical Science News Ministry.

Structural Realism: The Best of Both Worlds? * by John WORRALL** Summary The main argument for scientific realism is that our present theories in science are so successful empirically that they can’t have got that way by chance - instead they must somehow have latched onto the blueprint of the universe. The main argument against scientific realism is that there have been enormously successful theories which were once accepted but are now regarded as false. The central question addressed in this paper is whether there is some reasonable way to have the best of both worlds: to give the argument from scientific revolutions its full weight and yet still adopt some sort of realist attitude towards presently accepted theories in physics and elsewhere. I argue that there is such a way - through structural realism, a position adopted by Poi…

My Books: Mysteries of History Revealed

I am the author of these books: Recent discoveries and improvements in Carbon 14 dating, led to the discovery that all fossils were buried thousands of years ago. Then there was the discovery of preservation of dinosaur flesh! They have identified DNA, blood vessels, blood hemoglobin, skin, and proteins proving they were buried in recent history no more than a few thousand years ago. Scientists have found that the earth was much more tropical and animals and plants lived longer, grew larger, and were healthier than people are today. This is supported by evidence found in marine shell fossils, and in amber that the earth had more oxygen and carbon dioxide at greater atmospheric pressures.  They claim grass did not evolve till after the dinosaurs, now they have found grass in the stomach of a sauropod dinosaur. Then a massive asteroid shower caused a worldwide catastrophe including worldwide earthquakes, continent crossing tsunamis, and worldwide massive volcanic eruptions, and floods. A…

The Jews Who Hate God

George Soros is the main orchestrator of the Communist New World Order and Liberal Conspiracy. And is carrying out the plan of The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion Illuminati. He is behind the conspiracy to create the kingdom of Satan and his Antichrist.
Here is everything George Soros doesn't want you to know.

White Supremacists: KKK, Nazi, Fascists

That riot in Charlottesville, Virginia by the White Supremacists. Why don’t they call them what they are?
They are Nazi, KKK, and Fascists. This is a satanic group working to help the Liberal Conspiracy to create the New World Order.
The KKK burns crosses, which are a symbol of Tammuz the son of Nimrod. The fire represents the sun/fire god Baal i.e. Satan.

Mark of the Beast is Here

The first project for the CIA after WW II was to study UFOs to see if they were a threat. They went on to get a psychic to contact a UFO and succeeded.  Since then they have been researching and experimenting on mind control using methods used by UFOs at places like Area 51 among other projects in preparation for the New World Order. This area is where all of the technology Hitler was working on went after the war. And America and Russia have been implementing to bring in the kingdom of the Satan possessed Antichrist.
They will convince people that we have made contact with extraterrestrials. This is how Satan will disguise his Fallen Angels when they are cast down to the earth in the middle of the Tribulation Period. I have believed for a long time (since 1980s) that the Mark of the Beast will produce Demon Possessed Mind Control using electromagnetic frequencies produced by a microchip implanted in the hand or forehead. This video confirms I was right. I believed this before I listened …

Preparation for United Nations Invasion

fema Train military vehicles 2016 What's Going on?? Martial Law ...
I saw one of these trains myself, carrying hundreds of steam shovels, Humvees, graders. Some were military grey, some looked non-government civilian construction machines headed toward San Bernardino. Is this part of the SCAG Shadow Government by the United Nations to enforce Agenda 21 to bring us into a Marxist world government and kill off 95% of the world’s population by 2020?
Are you ready for the Rapture?
Here is someone who saw one of these trains:

Here is another:, 2016... video was filmed in Oklahoma.  I just thought it was a bit strange that none of the vehicles had any markings on them at all. Published on Feb 23, 2017 ✔New Video: Putin Prepare for War
✔New Video: NATO to Attack Russia
FAIR USE NOTICE: This video contains …

Biological Adaptation is Fiction

Kevin Anderson was on your television program. Genetics Knows Nothing of Darwinism.
Kevin said that genetics shows mutations make a rising curve. 50% are beneficial, 50% are detromental. I do not agree that there are any beneficial mutations or adaptations. There are NO beneficial mutations! Random processes always go down hill, never up. Loss of information is not an upward trend even if they are beneficial by accident. Only processes that are guided by conscious intelligence can increase information. Random processes always produce LESS information.
As for adaptions, all your examples are of domesticated organisms which are never found in nature. Only by man's interference in breeding. Breeding requires intelligence. And these are produced by loss of information just as you described. The only exaple of adaptation are Darwin's finches. But these are not changes in the birds, veriations among …

No Such Thing as Race

Jeremy Auldaney33 minutes ago
There is no such thing as race. We are all of one race from Adam and Noah. This prejudicial issue was founded on the false theory of Darwinian evolution used by the Liberal Conspiracy of the Illuminati to undermine belief in the Bible so they can bring in the New World Order of Antichrist.
Armando765424 minutes ago (edited)Highlighted reply if that's true, then why did God choose JEWISH RACE as His people? You are spreading Leftist bologna. Of course there are different races. The idea that there is no such thing as race was invented by Leftists - philosophers who believe race is a social construct based on their false theory there is no objective reality & instead there is only "subjective constitution of reality."
My Answer: Miss-translation we are all Homo sapiens sapiens. The original Bible did not mean "race.&q…

White Nationalists Create Violence

The Bible teaches that we are all one race! Evil always brings about violence. Know them by their deeds the Bible says.
So white nationalism is evil. It was created by the Illuminati to confront and create violence against the Liberal Conspiracy to create a backlash against Americans who believe in America and its Constitution and the Christian faith upon which it was founded and that admitting aliens who hate our country are not allowed to invade it and turn it into their country of pagan false religion and socialism. White nationalism is a type of nationalism or pan-nationalism which holds the belief that white people are a race[1] and seeks to develop and maintain a white national identity.[2][3][4] Its proponents identify with and are attached to the concept of a white nation.[5] White nationalists seek to ensure the survival of the white rac…