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False Information on Tuba City Dinosaur Tracks

The gives false information on the dinosaur track site at Tuba City Arizona. Their web site does not accept comments so I am posting it here. She says they found fossil fish eggs, dinosaur dung i.e. copralites, and plants. Wrong, there are only freshwater Unio bivalve clams, petrified reptile and dinosaur bones, and dinosaur tracks below them. The Indians give false information to ignorant white eyes. They even tell them there are human tracks here. I am the senior researcher on this site and published several technical papers for the Creation Research Society Quarterly on humanoid impressions found near these dinosaur tracks. My conclusions are in my book at Amazon Books under Autlaney Mysteries of History Revealed Part 1.

Biblical Fasting Bring Health & Weight Loss

Here is the proper form of Fasting: Daniel 1: 11 Daniel then said to the guard whom the chief official had appointed over Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah, 12 “Please test your servants for ten days: Give us nothing but vegetables to eat and water to drink. 13 Then compare our appearance with that of the young men who eat the royal food, and treat your servants in accordance with what you see.” 14 So he agreed to this and tested them for ten days.

Bible Study Israelite Temporary Conversion

Bible Study: Exodus 36 to 38. In the construction of the Tabernacle Tent they were directed by God to use Gold, Silver, Bronze, Blue, Purple, and Scarlet. Everything God made has a spiritual meaning. Gold represents His deity, Silver (white purity) redemption form sin, Bronze Judgment, Blue the third Heaven where God dwells, Purple is divine Royalty, Scarlet the sacrifice of His blood. This was the Scarlet covering of the sanctuary. 

The Israelites were Pagans a few days before now they became repentant and were overzealous to contribute to the tabernacle and its work so that there was too much contributed. But when people are scared into obedience they quickly revert back to their evil ways.

The description of how to create all the things relating to the Tabernacle were dictated by God to Moses who wrote it down at the top of Mt Sinai for 40 days and nights. Then it was interrupted by the Israelite’s Satanic orgy. Moses had to go down and put a stop to it before God came down to destro…

The Ten Commandments Binding Document

Bible Study Exodus 33 to 35. Since Israel had rebelled and worshiped the Golden Calf Baal, God was angry and said he would not go with them or he would destroy them. So the Tabernacle was pitched outside the camp at a distance. This Tabernacle was Moses own tent because the Tabernacle had not been built yet. This shows us that Christian groups start at one’s own house. Home meetings are always better than a fancy church which are usually teaching heresies. The home churches are more homey and personal and people can commune their and meet with likeminded friends who know the purpose of life is to educate each other in the truth and spread the Word.

Here are our Baal worshipers in recent history.

Due to the traumatic experiences of meeting God personally, then seeing the unbelievable ignorance and evil in the world illustrated by the rebellion of the people, Moses asks for assurance that God would prevail in the end. He asks to know if any will follow the truth. And if God will accept hi…
The wilderness Tabernacle
An exact model of the Tabernacle.
Exodus 29 to 32. Atonement is a covering for protection. It is symbolized as pitch on Noah’s Ark which is related to the ark Moses was placed in as a baby, and the Ark of the Covenant. They were referred to as boxes. No, tar from oil did not exist, the pitch was like shellac that protected the surface of the wood. Gopher wood was a process of compressing the wood making it flexible but stronger than steel.
Noah’s Ark was an elongate box. (It was as large as a football field with three stories. The bathtub arks are a lie from Satan to make them look overcrowded and top heavy so kids will reject the truth as a myth. God created the design for this ship and he created the laws of shipbuilding.
Ken Ham's exact life size model of Noah's Ark. It was a city in itself with tree floors.
Exodus continues with God’s Words to Moses in Mt. Sinai, on how to make the furniture of the temple for sacrifice, incense, and amount of money in …

The Meaning of the Jewish Tabernacle

Exodus Chapter 27 to 29. The Tabernacle in the wilderness was not very large inside the surrounding fenced area called the court. The Tabernacle was 150 by 75 feet. On the left is the wilderness tabernacle where God came down in a cloud whenever the Israelites camped as they traveled in the desert for 40 years.
This is the wilderness Tabernacle. This is the Temple in Jerusalem.

Temple in Jerusalem. Notice the Roman Antonia Fortress. This is the Wailing Wall falsely claimed to be a wall of the Temple. Jesus said not one stone of the Temple would remain on another. Skeptics and ignorant Nephilim Jews (Judaism is a false religion which denies Jesus and the New Testament) use this fact to say Jesus lied.
Exodus 29:3, it says that those making the garments of the Priest would be full of wisdom. This indicates that the Holy Spirit subconsciously guides those who are doing the work of the Lord.
In reverse, from my experience, those who have not accepted Jesus and the truth are guided by Demonic S…

Bohemian Illuminati

"A Scandal in Bohemia" was the first of Arthur Conan Doyle's 56 Sherlock Holmes short stories to be published in The Strand Magazine. He also wrote The Lost World about dinosaurs alive today on a plateaux in the jungle. Doyle was an Illuminati Freemason and supported of Darwin's evolution propaganda, along with H.G Wells who described the New World Order, and Jules Vern were connected to the prominent secret societies of his time--Freemasons, Golden Dawn, Angelic Society, and Rosicrucians--and Verne used his writings to encrypt the secrets and sacred symbolism of these orders. Science fiction has been used to shape society and prepare the way for the coming New World Order.
This is a quote from Conan Doyle's A Scandal in Bohemia: His friend Watson, "Holmes, who loathed every form of society with his whole Bohemian soul, remained in our lodgings in Baker Street, buried among his old books, and alternating from week to week between cocaine and ambition, the d…

Constantine Catholic Illuminati

John Mark Reynolds this is for you (Facebook prevented me from posting on your site or comment on your post): This is the Greek god, the two faced Janus you posted. Some picture him as an old man and a young man symbolizing the past and future reincarnation of the Nephilim god Nimrod king of Babel as the Antichrist. And notice the 33 degree Illuminati Mason symbol of a Nephilim god with the Phoenix representing Janus in the second picture. Third picture is your picture of the Catholic Saint Constantine Academy. They have suppressed this and I could not get a picture from the Internet because Paganism is too obvious, and had to copy your photo. Constantin was a Pagan Roman (Baal/Satan 666) sun worshiper who combined Christianity with Paganism as shown on this coin in the first picture. Dale Carnegie is an Illuminati international banking dynasty and one of the heads of the Masonic Illuminati Knights Templars and promoter of Darwinian atheistic propaganda with Morgan and Rothschild.

New …

Moses Met Jesus on Mt. Sinai

In Exodus Moses tells us what happened when he met God at Mt Sinai. It says God told him to come up to the mountain with Aaron and 70 elders. There God spoke to them from the fiery cloud called the shekinah cloud. This is the cloud that led them for 40 years and showed them with Manna to eat, and stood in the way of the Egyptians before they escaped across the Red Sea.

There is an uncertainty about the actual location of Mt Sinai. Was it Egypt or Saudi Arabia? 

Secular atheistic scientists claim science (which is a religious cult founded by Francis Bacon called Science which came from Gnosticism) can explained all the miracles of the Bible. Here they claim the sea opened and became dry land because of a powerful wind from natural causes. But they ignore and do not explain the shekinah cloud. As for the burning bush where God spoke to Moses, they claim Moses was on some hallucinogenic drug and thought he heard the voice of God. And the burning bush was over a volcanic vent. Then how come…

Satanic Connections of Religions

Notice that the crescent on the domes of Muslim mosques Pix 1 are identical to the moon goddess on the head of Pagan goddess Selena of the Greeks in Pix 2.

Pix 2 Greek goddess Selena, holding the Olympian Torch of Baal.

Pix 3 A lynching in a drama at the Bohemian Grove with Lucifer on the left, which has wings like the moon goddess symbol.

Pix 4 The owl Idol of Moloch at the Bohemian Grove appears to have a crescent in the shadows.

Pix 5 the moon goddess of the Egyptians Isis which was Semiramis of Babel the archetype for all goddesses which created the linage of the Nephilim and witchcraft.

In Pix 6 see the priest with the Dragon fish miter identical to a Catholic Bishop. Notice the same miter at the Bohemian Grove on the right shown in Pix 4.

All Satanic religions are connected and their goal is to set up the New World Order under Antichrist.

Pix 1
 Pix 2

Pix 3

Pix 4

Pix 5

Pix 6

Dinosaur in Ancient Mosaic

A beautiful ancient mosaic that was one of the wonders of the second century world. (Click to enlarge or see The Nile Mosaic of Palestrina for more details). Housed in Palestrina, which is just south of Rome, this masterpiece depicts Nile scenes from Egypt all the way up into Ethiopia. Scholars now believe this is the work of Demetrius the Topographer, an artist from Alexandria who came to work in Rome. The top portion of this remarkable piece of art is generally believed to depict African animals being hunted by black-skinned warriors. These Ethiopians are pursuing what appears to be some type of dinosaur. The Greek Letters above the reptilian animal in question are KROKODILOPARDALIS, which is literally translated Crocodile-Leopard.

Francis Bacon a Mason Reveals Plan for North America

SPECIFIC EVENTS IN AMERICAN HISTORY DECIDED BY ASTROLOGY "Had you stood on this water-edge of Foggy Bottom on April 3, 1791 ... you would have witnessed remarkable event -- one which seems to have been involved in the magic of the building of Washington, D.C.  On the morning of that day ... there would be an eclipse, when the Sun ... would be blacked out by the body of the Moon .. The eclipse of 1791 was in Aries -- a certain portent that the destiny of Washington, D.C., would be filled with pioneering endeavor and excessive (not to say belligerent) enthusiasms ... the augury of that morning ... was remarkable. The Sun and Moon were not the only pair in Aries at that time:  no fewer than five of the known planets were in that zodiacal Ram -- the sign which favors brave undertakings.  Such cosmic curiosities are a sign that the city had begun in a kind of dream -- as in a vision." [Page 6-7] Indeed, America seems to have been started by occult Freemasons who were following the …

Bohemian Grove Jesuits & Illuminati

Bohemian Grove Illuminati secret Jesuit/CFR campground. There they worship the Idol Moloch the sun god 666 also known as Baal, represented as an Owl like the one on our one dollar bill. BOHEMIAN GROVE MEMBERS Nixon, Carter, Reagan, George Bush, Prince Phillip, Henry Kissinger, Colin Powell, Hillary Clinton, etc. Exposed. The Bohemian club only members are men only, but Hillary Clinton and Queen Elizabeth were guests. 

Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: Moloch, Owls and the Horns of Satan May 29, 2014 - Decoding Illuminati Symbolism:Moloch,Owlsand theHornsofSatan: Part 1 ... Thismayseem innocuous, but ithasa rather sinister and darker purpose. ...Here'ssome direct quoting from the book (which I highly recommend if .... Perhaps this is a carryovertraditionfrom the days ofMoloch worshipas well.

Notice the third eye on Buddha representing the Illuminati Luciferian enlightenment symbolized, the eye in the Illuminati tr…