The Face on Mars?

Scientists have been trying find life in space based on the assumption that life can evolve if there is water and the building blocks found in living things. But like a building it takes more than bricks, lumber, and nails to make a building. And living things are much more complicated than simple buildings. They require a creator. Scientists have found there was water on Mars, and they have found the building blocks of life. But they have not found life anywhere in space.

The top photo is of the 'Face on Mars.' A team of researchers have claimed it is a match for the Sphinx in Egypt and have created a whole civilization here. This is ridiculous, the real Sphinx has a lion's body. The one on Mars is facing up. And now look at the same face in the second photo. The angle of light can create an illusion. When people are looking for something, they can be fooled by a lot of circumstantial evidence that supports their false beliefs. This is circular reasoning and a person can fool themselves.  

 Here is a dinosaur track on Mars. Notice there are no tracks leading to it or away. This is an eroded rock with a superficial resemblance.
 Wow, a dinosaur skull! No it is an eroded rock.
 This is obviously a hip bone on the right just like the real bone on the left. No it is an eroded rock.
 Some have said they found Trilobite fossils on Mars. The two top pictures are of real Trilobites. The two below are highlighted rocks on Mars.
 Oh my goodness, someone lost their bolar hat on Mars. The one on the right is an odd shaped rock. 
 Surley this is a dinosaur skeleton! No it is a line of eroded rocks.
If a person looks long enough you can find an odd shaped rock that looks like what you are looking for. Like seeing things in clouds.


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