Central Banks and the Antichrist

How will the Antichrist take over the world? By printing fiat money causing inflation which will lead to a recession that will collapse the economy of the whole world. To do that he needs to collapse the world’s reserve money, the American dollar.
To trigger this the Illuminati International banksters use the Federal Reserve to fund socialist bureaucracies and UnConstitutional projects like the Environmental Protection Agency.

Once the dollar collapses the IMF (International Monetary Fund an International Federal Reserve) will print Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) which will replace the world currency.

When inflation and recession destroys the SDRs the Antichrist will bring in the Mark of the Beast an implanted computer chip.

I am reading a new book The Death of Money published in 2014 by an investment/stock expert James Rickards.

This book confirms this. He says, “From 1961 through 1965, annual U.S. inflation averaged 1.24 %. In 1965 President Lyndon Johnson began a massive bout of spending in incurred budget deficits with his ‘guns and butter’ policy of an expanded war in Vietnam and Great Society benefits.” (Page 7)

In other words wars and socialism. George Washington warned of getting involved in entanglements in foreign countries would ruin the country.
Nixon carried on where Johnson left off with more spending. When Nixon resigned many large corporations suddenly went bankrupt. No doubt because the government wasn’t supporting them.

“Inflation was gradual at first; it climbed to 2.9 % in 1966 and 3.1% in 1967. Then it spun out of control, reaching 5.7% in 1970, finally peaking at 13.5% in 1980. It was not until 1986 that inflation returned to 1.9% more typical of the 1960s.” (Page 8)

Remember Reganonomics? Ronald Reagan became President and it took him 3 years to bring the debt down to a manageable level. It has been said that that Donald Trump is a lot like Reagan. This is true. And that is why the Socialist/Liberals are very upset. He is ruining their plans for Marxist World Government under Antichrist.

The economist James Rickards says most people do not realize the danger of inflation and deflation. It sneaks up on people unawares so no one warns the people. And the Congress is asleep or refuses to do anything about reigning in government spending because they are given financing for their re-elections to lucrative Congressional and Senate elections. The Bible warns that it is a sin for a leader to accept a gift that blinds the eyes. Ron and Rand Paul have been warning against this financial conspiracy by the Federal Reserve run by the Illuminati.

Now under Obama the inflation is worse than all other Presidents. The Federal Reserve is turning out counterfeit money as fast as it could before honest Republicans make changes, from change to dollars again. But it could be too late. Russia, China, India, and the Arabs are on the verge of dumping the dollar and demand payment in gold or SDRs. In that case we will need all the oil we can get including building a oil pipeline and continue fracking. Can you see the conspiracy here? It is not about environmentalism it is about a world dominance chess game or monopoly.
These threats could turn into a financial war, or even World War III.

Allen M. Poteshman University of Illinois Urbaba-Champaign 2006, “The unconditional evidence supports the proposition that there was unusual trading in the option markets leading up to September 11, which is consistent with the terrorists or their associates having traded on advanced knowledge of the impending attacks.”

“”No one trades alone.” An axiom of financial markets, this is a truism means that every trade leaves transaction records there to be seen.” (Page 17)

Richards said, friends, family, financial backers, associates, Al-Qaeda and other terrorists knew of the attack and used it to make millions off the stock market. It was passed around on social media before it happened. Bin Laden gloated over the money he made for Allah. (Page 19-20)

I don't know about you but I am not worried. Our prayers were answered when Trump asked for prayer. And I and others were asking people to pray. Then I learned people all over the world were praying in groups. But if worst comes to worst the Rapture will occur before Antichrist can take over if you have asked him to save you from your sins so Jesus will take you and you family out of this coming judgement that will come on the whole world. Meanwhile let us warn others and show them the Authorized King James Bible has the answers.

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