Obama's Farewell Speech

This photo shows Obama making the Horned Devil hand sign. 

President Barack Obama's hilarious final White House correspondents' dinner speech.
Obama said, “The end of the Republic has never looked better.” (Jeremy: We should be a Republic not a Democracy.) “If this works well I will use it at Goldman Sachs next year.” (Jeremy: Goldman Sachs is an Illuminati group for New World Order under Antichrist. LIKE Ted Cruz's wife who is also an Illuminati CFR member) “Next year at this time someone else will be standing here at this time defending whose guest who she will be.” (Jeremy: Obama’s wife is Michael, a transvestite man implying Trump is a female.)

At the beginning of President Barack Obama's farewell address he mentioned the New World Order which will be under Antichrist, where we must all must get along with homosexuals, and Muslims and all other countries and accept the Mark of the Beast. This computer chip under the skin was a requirement was in Obama Care but was dropped to gain acceptance. God separated the countries to prevent this during the Days of Peleg and the Ziggurat of Babel.

This is the plan of the Antichrist to recreate Babel and the Pre-Flood world government. 

He talked about supporting the rule of law, but he broke Constitutional law continually as a lawless president using executive orders. What he really means is he supports the law of the Humanist Marxist United Nations where Christianity joins with Paganism without God's protection of human life. 

He separates Muslims from the Koran claiming radicalized Muslims are different from ordinary Muslims. When in fact the Koran teaches intolerance of Christianity and American freedom and wants to institute Sharia law which kills anyone who opposes their dominance over women, the Bible, Christianity, and all freedom.

Obama talks of spreading Democracy, which is socialism or lynch mob rule and consensus science, described in the Illuminati Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. He never mentions our nation was a Republic based on God’s natural laws.

He does not mention that he has condemned Israel and wants to take away their heartland for an enemy who wants to totally destroy God’s people. He does not mention that he has created a huge debt and destroyed the free enterprise system with socialism that ends in a marxist dictatorship. And he has said America is no longer a Christian nation, but a Muslim nation, etc. and other Satanic things.

Obama ends his speech with, “Yes we can” more than once, played backward says, “Thank you Satan.”


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