The Shroud of Turin

The shroud was a prop used by the founder of the Knights Templars, Jacques de Molay to blasphemously reenact the crucifixion of Jesus. Jacques de Molay worshiped Baphomet, a transgender idol of Satan worshipped today by high degree Masons the Knights Templars of today. DeMolay is a Masonic society for young Masons. DeMolay members included Walt Disney, John Wayne Edgar Mitchell, Burl Ives, Paul Harvey, Bill Clinton, and many more. 

Now I am surprised at Paul Harvey, who has put out recordings with Christian principles and warnings against Satans control of the world. Some people do change and leave the organization, or they do not realize what it stands for. It fools people by supporting honorable things. The Jesuit Alberto Rivera left the Satanic society of Jesuits when he realized it was getting more evil as he advanced in the secret society (The Jesuits are behind the False Prophet and work with the Knights Templars who are behind the Antichrist world ruler) several of the above are evil and support witchcraft including Disney and Clinton.

The shroud is a Pagan Catholic artifact. A record of it was found in the Vatican Library (the largest occult library in the world) in documents from the trial of the Templars for blasphemy and conspiracy to take over Europe, convened on October 16, 1311.

It was used in a mockery ritual enactment of the crucifixion of Jesus. After his conviction, de Molay was tortured by being hung on a cross for a few hours, stabbed but left alive. Then he was placed on the ground on the shroud, which was then pulled over him naked and was press down onto his body and mocked by his executioner. Later he was burned at the stake with other Templars. 

Today 33 degree Scottish Rite Masons are Knights Templars and are behind the New World Order conspiracy.


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