Rarest Blood Type from Aliens or Fallen Angels?

In research for my books I have discovered that the lineage Ancient Astronaught theorists and occult writers like Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code is actually the bloodline the Bible refers to as the seed of the Serpent. The descendants of the Fallen Angels which are behind the New World Order Movement and New Age Religion of Antichrist. Here is a web site with information:

Origin Theories of the Rare Rh-Negative Blood Factor

In our modern age, many citizens of civilized nations know their own ABO blood group (A, B, O, orAB) and most also know whether they are Rh-positive or ...

They list different theories on this rare blood type.
1. Jewish/Israelites (Abraham or Founding Mothers)
2. The Blood of the Gods
3. Hyperborea or Atlantis
4. Ancient Aliens/Anunaki
5. The Basque People
6. The Black Sun/Vril Society
7. The Original Europeans & Ireland
8. Jesus (Yashua's) Nazarene
       9.Adam's Alien Genes
       10.Reptilian or Nephilim
All of these theories have varying degrees of truth and all point to the Nephilim offspring of the Fallen Angels. My Comments:
1. Yes the Jews who left Israel and intermarried with Gentiles who had mixed their bloodlines with the descendant of the Phalistines who were of Nephilim bloodlines producing the Askenazie European Jews.
2. The ancient gods were Fallen Angels who produced Nephilim offspring that produced royal dynasties that ruled the world from ancient times to the present.
3. Hyporborea and Atlantis is the occult name for the PreFlood world which was ruled by the offspring of the Fallen Angels, which God destroyed in the Flood of Noah in 2347 BC.
4. Ancient Aliens or Annunaki is a materialistic reinterpretation of the offspring of Fallen Angels into offspring of physical aliens who evolved on another planet.
5. Bosque people are very ancient people which came from the Cro-Magnon who were descendants of the Phoenicians and megalithic builders scattered directly from Babel and did not mix with other people groups. The Basques have occupied much the same area of northern Spain and southern France for thousands of years.  The main theory about Basque origins suggests that they are a remnant of Paleolithic Europeans inhabiting continuously the Franco-Cantabrian region for 4 thousand years. About the time of Peleg when the earth was divided. They had some of the purest Nephilim bloodlines.
6. The Black Sun/Vril Society was a secret occult society which combined three occult societies. The Vril Society began around the same time as the Thule Society when Karl Haushofer founded the "Bruder des Lichts", which means Brothers of the Light (i.e. The Illuminati followers of Lucifer). This organization is sometimes referred to at the Luminous Lodge meeting together. (This combining of occult movements was done again by Aleister Crowley in the 1900s.) The Germans and Hitler followed this societies beliefs in the master race (Superman or Nephilim) planted on earth by aliens going back to Sumeria where Babel was 4 thousand years ago. Their legends say the Sumerian empire had two classes of people - the Aryan or Master race, and a subservient race which had developed in a negative fashion as a result of mutation (evolution) from apelike creatures using alien technology.    
7. The Original Europeans & Ireland were Phoenicians descendants of the Philistines who were direct descendants of the Naphilim including the Basques. They were megalithic builders.
8.  Jesus (Yashua's) Nazarene’s descendants from Jesus’ children. This is a heresy from ancient occult Jewish Pharasees who became Gnostics and False Prophets in the early Catholic Church. The creation of the offspring of the Fallen Angels was an attempt by Satan and his Fallen Angels to contaminate the bloodline of Yashua (Jesus) replacing Him with the Antichrist.
9. Adam’s alien genes? Adam was created directly by God from nothing. Later Adam’s genes were contaminated by Cain’s daughters and his descendants by producing offspring from Fallen Angels, the Nephilim.
10.                  Reptilian or Nephilim. Some believe they used genetic engineering producing hybrids from humans and reptiles. Many UFO encounters involve reptilian humanoids. And Satan is symbolized as a reptile.  

CONCLUSIONS: All of this information points to the same conclusion. Rare RH Negative blood types are from descendants of Nephilim especially the rarest which makes up only 0.3 % of the population AB Negative, and is commonly found in many famous people: Presidents, royalty, billionaires, famous actors, business leaders, and secret society leaders.


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