Cyclopes Giants Real or Myth?

Odysseus in the Cave of Polyphemus, Jacob Jordaens. ( Public Domain )
The mysterious, one-eyed creatures revered in Greek and Roman mythologies remain one of the most interesting creatures spoken of in the oldest Mediterranean legends. They were members of the race of giants, whose roots come from the most bygone times in the history of the world.
Two prominent descriptions of the Cyclopes come from Hesiod and Homer. The portrayal that came from their writings affected later texts.

Polyphemus, Johann Tischbein. (1802) ( Public Domain ) Polyphemus is one of the only Cyclopes recognized by name.

This articlein Ancient Origins makes you think the cyclopes are mysterious myths. The Fact is they were real people. And as always the Bible gives the answer. The cyclopes were giants which were the result of being offspring by Fallen Angeles. Numbers 13:33 and Deuteronomy 3:11. They were very evil. They were hybrids with odd physical characteristics, and supernatural powers. The Israelites were instructed to kill them all off but they didn't. They were of the Hamite lineage of Canaanites, later becoming the Egyptians, Arabs, and Esau's descendants who want to destroy Israel today, Their descendants the seed of the Serpent mixed with the Ashkenazi Jews are with us today and are behind the orchestration of the New World Order called the Learned Elders of Zion or Scottish Rite of Freemasonry the Knights Templar Illuminati. Some are psychics and Illuminati behind the Liberal Conspiracy with AB negative blood type.
They did not have one eye. This is a reference to the third eye in the forehead which means they have psychic powers from their Demonic parents. They were the builders of the megalithic structures world wide about 2000 BC. They were scattered from Babel in Mesopotamia. Gaia (Gaea) the Earth Mother goddess bare to Ouranos (Uranus) the Sky god, is a reference to Nimrod and Semiramis of Babel. Semiramis bore Tammuz which she claimed was a reincarnation of Nimrod. Semiramis was a willing UFO abuuctee. This Nephilim lineage is the bloodline of the future Antichrist through the royal linage of the French Merovingian kings and queens of the tribe of Manasseh. For more details read my books.


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