Elongate Skulls of the Nephilim

Elongate skull with red hair replica by Joe Taylor Mt Blanco Museum.
Elongated skulls are usually explained in terms of head-binding or artificial cranial deformation. This naturalistic explanation emerged in the first half of the 19 th century as a way of explaining away unusual skulls discovered mainly in Europe and South America, in places such as Crimea and Peru respectively. However, many were found in megalithic sites of the mysterious mound builders in America, Egypt, and other places and were hidden at the Smithsonian. The main theory behind the head-binding explanation is that ALL elongated skulls are a result of intentional modification of the form of the skull by applying external pressure by boarding or cloth wrappings. Secular scientists falsely claimed that all elongated skulls are merely deformed ‘normal’ skulls similar to those of modern humans.
This explanation is proven false by the fact that unborn babies have been found with elongate skulls! 
The secular scientists knew about this proof in the 1800s. Secular scientists did not want to support the fact that the Bible describes these hybrids as offspring of Fallen Angels. But they knew all along that these elongate skulls were natural to the Nephilim whose origins was at the Tower of Babel around 1900 BC.

A lithograph from the 1800s
Occult Ancient Astronaut researchers came up with another explanation, that they are aliens from space, the Anunnaki (another name for the Nephilim giants) made famous by occult writers Zecharia Sitchin and Erich von Daniken, etc. These New Age writers are trying to fool people with a naturalistic explanation for the future invasion of demonic beings during the Tribulation Period.
Of course evolutionists (atheistic philosophy) have preconceived ideas and always try to fit all the evidence into 

their religion based on faith in naturalism which has been falsified. See my books.

The fact is the Bible gives the answer to all mysteries. These skull remains are from a remnant of the giants like Goliath and the Pharaohs like Akhenaten who founded the worship of the one god Baal the sun god symbolized as the 36th and highest god whose solar number was 666. This god exalts himself above all other gods of the Egyptians. 

And the future Antichrist will claim he is a reincarnation of this pharaoh and Nimrod. The Nephilim have odd physical and mental abilities like Uri Geller. Some had six figures and toes, different suture lines in their skulls, double row of teeth, and some were giants 8 to 18 feet tall. They are not from another planet, they are the offspring of Fallen Angels from human women and they are still with us today in royal bloodlines. But they have lost some of these odd characteristics which exposed them to attack by normal humans causing their extinction.
See the secular details at Ancient Origins.
Also see the latest discoveries by Joe Taylor and Aaron Judkins. Click Here and see my books on the subject Mysteries of History Revealed.


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