God Bless Donald Trump!

. They're just evil, plain and simple. I loved when President Trump quoted from John 15:13 - "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends" That is a true saying and so refreshing to hear a president quote from the Holy Bible and to not prop up Islam as a religion of peace. It was also nice to finally hear the words "Islamic Terrorist, something the previous president couldn't bring himself to say. I thank God every night and pray for President Trump and so should all Christians and Trump supporters, Republicans and Democrats alike. The Clinton, Bush, and Obama crime families have plunged this country in a downward spiral for the last 27 years. I thank God for a president who is actually doing what he promised to do during his campaign.Something we haven't seen in a long time. One more thing - Ignore all the fake news that started spinning their web of lies and deceit as soon as his speech ended and ignore all the stupid, ignorant, and hateful memes and post you see regarding our new President. This is so typical of anti constitution folks. I pray we will be successful again in 2020 (THEN WE WILL HAVE GOOD HINDSIGHT). Good night all.


  1. I don't care if he quotes the whole bible. Shit covered with sugar is candy coated crap! Satan can quote the whole bible. Trump is a complete moron. He is not a Christian at all. Judas kissed Jesus...goodbye for money and Trump loves money.

  2. Filthy language is a sign of Demon Possession and hate for the truth. No, Trump is the best President in all of our countries history. He is the only president who has kept his campaign promises. And almost every person and group opposing him have been paid by Obama, the Clinton's, George Soros founding the Illuminati New World Order Conspiracy and their Satanic destruction of property and justice in evil illegal unlawful riots. Trump loves money, I suppose Obama and Hillary hate money right? How about Rothschild who controlls our money through the Federal Reserve and the IMF?


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