Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Secret Societies & The New World Order

This is based on an article on    and comments on the article.

“The Rosicrucian movement and origins are part of the subject matter of -The Royal Secret - book on the life of Francis Bacon (Jeremy: Bacon was a Mason and predicted that America would be claimed by the Vatican [The Catholic Columbus did this] and would be used to create the New World Order i.e. world government) and his founding of the Rosicrucian movement with Robert Fludd, John Dee and others in Germany (Jeremy: The Enlightenment Movement [Illuminati agnostics or revival of Gnosticism]). 

My comments continued: Man’s knowledge worshipped as a god as promised by Satan to Eve. This led to atheistic Darwinism] started here and Higher criticism of the Bible),  as a passive replacement for the more militant ideals of the Knights Templar (Jeremy: Wrong. The Knights Templar Masons were arrested in 1307 tried, and burned at the stake for worshiping Baphomet secretly worshiped by high Masons today a transgender idol of Satan, and for attempting to over throw the governments of Europe to set up the revived Roman Empire i.e. Babel and PreFlood world government destroyed in 2347 BC by Noah’s Flood. Many Knights Templar fled to Scotland and created the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry called the Knights Templars today). The Royal Secret shows evidence that the Red Rose (Jeremy: Many Illuminati have photos of them holding a red rose. 

Symbolizing the red bloodline of the Royal Nephilim) emblem stemmed from the time of the Egyptians to Mary Magdalene to King Arthur Pendragon and on to the Tudors and the revival of Freemasonry by Bacon. (Jeremy: The Egyptians were of the Nephilim bloodlines and they were the origin of most of the practices in secret societies. It is falsely claimed that Mary Magdalene produced offspring by Jesus, a famous heresy created by the Gnostics to undermine belief in the deity of Christ. This heresy was made popular in The Passover Plot and The Da Vinci Code. It will be used by the future Antichrist to claim he is of the bloodline of King David and Jesus. He will actually be of the bloodline of the Nephilim and Nimrod through King Solomon. King Arthur Pendragon was a Knights Templar and of the Nephilim bloodline or Rose Line. He was a Pendragon Mason. Pendragon means son of the Dragon or Satan.)”

The Rosicrucians are one of the many organizations that make up the Illuminati. They are part of a movement that goes back to Nimrod/Semiramis of Babel which was scattered across the world like a disease. Today we call them Liberals. This Illuminati Conspiracy was originally founded by Cain. Then revived about 1900 BC at Babel by Nimrod/Semiramis who produced Nephilim offspring. It is said that Semiramis was taken up to space to visit with the Pagan gods and thus became a goddess. She is the archetype which all goddess worship was founded under different names when language was changed at Babel. Legend says she came back in what appeared to be an egg (origin of Easter eggs) and a hatch opened and she stepped out. Typical UFO abduction where the victim says she became pregnant by a space alien.
All world leaders have been descendants of these Nephilim hybrids or Blue Bloods mainly French Royalty the Merovingians. The Merovingian Illuminati took over France during the Illuminati French Revolution symbolized by the Fleur de Lis. This is why Alexander the Great claimed he was the offspring of the gods which he learned from his mother.
I first became aware of this symbol when I saw it on the bottom of a photo of a UFO in Europe. 

The star or Pentagram is a satanic symbol of the goddess or witchcraft. It represents the Egyptian worship of the eye star Sirius. Many UFO contactees claim their alien spirit guides came from a planet around this star. Also the Illuminati clame this and it is represented as the eye in the triangle. Which is the eye of Horus in Egypt, the reincarnation of Nimrod the sun god symbolized as the solar magic square of 666.  
Egypt is also where the worship of one god replaced polytheism. It was Akhenaten father of the famous Tutankhamun. Akhenaten forced the worshipped of the highest Pagan god the 36th god of the sun 666 which represents Baal or Satan.
When the super nova occurred in 1613 the astrologers believed it represented the reincarnation of Semiramis because it resembled the Egyptian eye of Horus. 

The Catholics worship her as the Madonna or Queen of Heaven condemned by God in the Bible. The Jesuits are part of the Illuminati conspiracy. The Knights Templars are behind the secular Antichrist, and the Jesuits are behind the False Prophet, symbolized as King Arthur and Merlin the builder of Stonehenge and other megalithic structures.

Read more in my book Part 2 the history of the Nephilim.



  1. That hand sign is also ASL for "I Love You". You don't mention the fake jews and the Cabal or Kabala or the Rothchilds in the masonic illuminati. Cecil Rhodes is predecessor to the Rothchilds and the Debeers diamond industry monopoly which was banned from doing business in the US for decades. What about Rabbi Joshua Trachtenberg? What about Pope Pius V...expelled jews out of papal States because they are evil! The fact you mention UFO's and not all that I mentioned...seriously discredits your conspiracy theories. You support Trump and that is another mark of the beast against

    1. Your rant shows you are ignorant of all the facts. I do reveal some of the things you mentioned above in my two books. You say my mention of Trump and UFOs discredit my conspiracy theories. Most conspiracies are not theories they are facts of history and current events. No, I simply tell the truth which I have researched and discovered based on facts. When things fit together in complex ways you know they are not coincidences, like a jigsaw puzzle.

      You are knowledgeable and have a lot of good information which I did not cover, and I know about it. It is all one conspiracy from Satan and is very complicated. It is all part of the conspiracy that started with Cain and then Nimrod and the Ziggurat of Babel. You know a lot of information, but you do not know everything or you would not criticize what I said about controversial things that have been ridiculed by the conspiracy to keep them from being believed. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion has been ridiculed as Anti-Semitic Hate Literature. But it is the key to understanding the world wide conspiracy of today, started after the Flood by Nimrod/Semiramis at Babel. Much has been suppressed and ignored as false information.
      Yes, UFOs and hate against Trump are part of this conspiracy. UFOs are manifestations of Fallen Angels and Demons preparing the world for the coming Antichrist who will claim god is civilization of aliens who created man from apelike animals. They are going to fool those who are left behind after the Rapture into believing in materialistic theories that these supernatural appearances are advanced physical aliens that evolved on other planets. This is part of the Theistic Evolution lie of Antichrist and his False Prophet.
      Of course the hand sign has double meanings to fool those who are not enlightened by the King James Bible. These hand signs are obviously satanic when they are done in certain ways, like doing it at an inappropriate time, or the OK with the eye looking through it, or Bush's Devils Horn sign with the hand down at the side. Or Ted Cruse when he saluted the Flag with an inside coat Masonic salute.
      No, the Ashkenazi Jews are not fake, they are Jewish Gentiles with Nephilim bloodlines from Nimrod they are the Learned Elders of Zion the highest Knights Templars.

    2. Everything you mentioned is part of the Illuminati Conspiracy. They want to appear independent of each other, but they are coordinated by the Knights Templar Learned Elders of Zion. As for the Pope you mentioned, the Catholic Church is one of the main leaders of the Illuminati New World Order, they are the Synagogue of Satan. The Illuminati are like a two headed dragon. The secular Knights Templars behind the Antichrist's New World Order, and the religious False Prophet's Occult New Age Religion.