Congressional Elections

The media claims Republicans are keeping their healthcare plans secret. Strange, they never complained when Obama and the Democrats did the same with Obamacare supported by Obama lies, and kept the international trade deals (which would have ended our freedoms under the Constitution) secret from everyone including Congressman.
Today the Congressional Elections could swing the balance of power against the Conservatives. The Liberal Conspiracy has spent 5 times as much as the Republicans, and spent more on this election than on any previous election. No doubt George Soros was a donor for the Rothschild Dynasty. They want to destroy the plan to Make America Great Again and continue with their plan to Make Babel Great Again as a world government.  
But once again the Conservative Republicans are winning. Many Conservative/Christians supported the NRCC. I sent them emergency money which was tripled, yesterday. Congressional Committee. 1015800 likes · 48535 talking about this. The NRCC is a political committee devoted to maintaining and...

Today many Conservatives have won!

The strange thing is the media is not blaming Russia and Putin for the lose of the elections this time. This proves that Russia did not cause Trump to win, it was the silent majority. 
However, they are finding evidence that the Liberals did pay illegal aliens, and Liberals to illegally vote for Hillary several times. No mention of this in the main media.

Then the next news item by the Council on Foreign Relations controlled media (CFR public relations for the Marxist United Nations) tells us Russia did try to influence the election of Trump. But it did not interfere with the voting machines. Except maybe Russia put things on social media that was true?


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