Please help!

Our cat Wild Thing is 13. Please pray for her, she is still bleeding from her mouth slobbering and can't eat. Took her to vet three times for $1000. He said she has either infection, tumor, or cancer. Antibiotics have not worked. The only thing left is a biopsy which will cost $990 more. Have tried Go Fund Me, but no one wants to help.
Our cat is well except for the tumor in the lower part of her mouth. She is surviving for over a month now. I have to force feed her and it is hard for her to swallow. People can give millions to churches, Ken Ham's Noah's Ark, and the Creation Research Society's Creation Museum. I passed a billion dollar church in Hollywood today. But when it comes to saving lives 'Christian's' give nothing. You Christians in name only will answer for your sin and be condemned!


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