Post-Flood Hydroplate Cataclysm

Comment on my video illustration of the hydroplate catastrophe that occurred after the Flood of Noah, in the Days of Peleg.
The Hydro-plate Theory, in grand fashion, SPANKS all other theories out there! It is truly shocking to me that other "creationist" groups poo poo Dr Brown's theory in a strikingly similar fashion as do the atheists. Quite infuriating! SHAME ON THOSE PEOPLE! 
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IT seems the biggest objection to hydroplate theory is the mammoth remains and fossils at the top layer.most creationist believe it disproves the mammal early in the flood. so , is your theory gonna to solve this dilemma?

I simply go along with the facts I discover. I don't try to explain why a theory does or doesn't work. I don't use theories. I use deductive reasoning from facts, not inductive reasoning, usually used in historical sciences. 

I know that both evolutionists and creationists have gotten into a mind set that claims deductive reasoning cannot be used on soft historical subjects which happened in the past and cannot be observed or tested directly. However, these evends do leave hard evidence behind which can lead to a picture puzzle which has so many facts from the Bible and science that fit that could not be the result of coincidence which prove they are real events. Now of course we cannot know all the details like we woukld if we were there, but we can come to a general understanding that we know is true. 

Also, unlike those who use inductive reasoning from a predetermined theory, I do not choose the facts that fit, and ignore any contradictory informtion, I use ALL the facts, and use them to come to a conclusion.

Both evolutionists and most creationists have certain beliefs which they were taught by some expert, which are WRONG! And most people cannot see anythintg that contradicts their assumptions of past events. They are the blind leaders of the blind. I was always skeptical of anything that contradicted the Bible, which protected me from false conculsions like over population, Trump will destroy a peaceful socialist world, global warming, evolution, ancient earth, claiming conspiracies do not exist, etc. Their propaganda runs off me like water off a duck's back. 

I discovered abundant evidence that the Cenozoic, and especially the Pleistocene is Post Flood about the time of Peleg's Division about 2000 BC, when the continents and people were divided. The Bible means BOTH. 

 I used to believe that the Flood of Noah boundary was in the Middle Pliocene and Pleistocene. Walt Brown goes to the extreme and believes the Cenozoic was all part of the Flood. I proved this to be absolutely impossible. The types of animals, fossilization, and geology is different. And the Bible confirms that a major catastrophe happened about 350 yeras after the Flood, that caused the life span to decrease by 1/3 more, just as it did during the Flood. 

The second cataclysm was not as extensive as the first flood, it did not cover all the earth with water and it did not kill all air breathing animals. And God promised he would not bring a flood to kill all life on the land again by water. This is proven by the reference in the geneologies where it refers to Peleg, and is illustrated in the life span change during Peleg's life. 

Years later, researching for my book I discovered massive evidence of a worldwide cataclysm involving earth upheaval and asteroid impacts. I had to change my mind and realized that everything after the Mesozoic KT boundary was Post Flood. This was a great discovery. 

But I am not part of the snobs with jobs with the Institute for Creation Research, etc. so they ignore me. They make snotty rude remaks like, "Be carefule of Lone Ranger creationists. They have ignored Mark Armatage and his research into dinosur soft tissue. Of course like evolutionists when the evidence cannot be ignored they accept the new discoveries.

Even creation paleontologist Kurt Wise told me, creationists can be as prejudiced as evolutionists. 

But many independent researchers do believe I am right like Joe Taylor. Even John Morris has come around. John wrote an article on my Tar Pit paper when I presented this discovery along with the fact that the mammals did not get trapped there when alive. says: "Four generations after Noah, Genesis 10:25 records the birth of Peleg (meaning division) ‘for in his days was the earth divided’. Some suggest the continents of the earth were divided at this time. However, this seems unlikely, as such a process would have had to occur within a very confined time period. The resultant geological violence would be overwhelmingly catastrophic—like another Noahic Flood all over again. Any continental separation thus likely occurred during the Flood."

The geologic and biblical evidence proves this to be FALSE. There was indeed a catastrophe that was almost as massive as the Flood of Noah. I knew this to be a fact but did not know where the boundary was, or what caused it.

This event coincided with the division of people at Babel. I have come to believe all these catastrophic events were during a short period of time. Maybe a few years?

The Bible describes one of these major orogenic mountaing building events witnessed by Abraham when Sodam and Gomorrah were destroyed possibly by a shower of meteorites ignighting methane gas explosions, similar to the asphalt seeps in Los Angeles California along the great fault going through Africa. 

I was reluctant to believe another asteroid shower was the cause of Peleg's Division, so it remained a mystery to me. Then I learned about the Younger Dryus, and the thousands of Carolina Bays. The Carolina craters are being proven to meteroite impacts by independant researchers, And other researchers are finding that the Younger Dryus was a period was triggered by showers of meteorites. 

These events are misdated by evolutionists at c.12,900 to c. 11,700 years before the present. 

Then I came to the conclusion that Bible researchers place Peleg and Sodam and Gomorrah approximately around 1800 BC. I could see from my research on the asphalt seeps in La Brea California that this event had to have happened about the same time. Then more evidence began to pile up, like the neglected research into mega-tsunamis along the West Coast of America. Few have botherd to research this, because it would contradict uniformitarian theory upon which Darwinian evolution is founded. 

All this information has been distorted, ignored, or is unknown to both evolutionist and creationist scientists. My work is cutting edge science which is always rediculed until the evedence cannot be ignored. 

For more details see my book: CLICK HERE.


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