Inland Empire Creation Science Association

The Inland Empire Creation Science Association
"Darwinism’s Achilles Heel"
Klaus Schiessel, B.S., M.S. Physics
Charles Darwin’s self-admission of major flaws that pose a threat to his theory in essence doom
it to failure.  In his book, On the Origin of Species by Natural Selection, or the Preservation of
Favored Races in the Struggle of Life (1859), Darwin makes two startling statements in which he
admits weaknesses with his theory.  Although Darwin quickly discounted those weaknesses, they
are real and continue to pose serious scientific roadblocks to the Theory of Evolution.
In this study Klaus will present examples found in nature which “annihilate” and “absolutely
breakdown” his theory (Darwin’s words italicized) and demonstrate that the Theory of Evolution
is scientifically bankrupt—despite its popular and almost universal support among public and
scientific communities!  Come and learn how Darwin’s own words come back to “haunt” this
Klaus  Schiessel  gave   his   life  to Christ at age   20   after   thoroughly rejecting pagan  religious
philosophy as a means to salvation.   He studied physics and mathematics at California State
University at Long Beach and graduated with a B.S. in physics in 1975 and a M.S. in physics in
1982.   His Master’s thesis title was published in Physical Review A, Vol. 26, p. 3334 (Dec.
1982).  He has been a Bible student and Bible study teacher for over 40 years and has a website, hosting his commentaries on many books of the Bible and articles on special topics
such as UFOs and the Bible and The Rapture of the Church.
The last Tuesday of the month
Jun. 27, 2017
At 7:00 PM
At the Seventh Day Baptist Church
5901 Chicago Ave.
Riverside, CA 92506
Downstairs in Room 1.
We will be giving as a door prize:
A Hard Bound Edition of
"Censored Science”

Bruce Malone


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