The Existence of Fossils is Impossible!

Paleontologists do not tell you that the existence of fossils is impossible. 

And today there is no sedimentary strata forming, and no organisms are being petrified. And the geologic column does not have any mountains, valleys, or canyons.

The existence of billions of fossils everywhere all over the world is a miracle!
The science of forensics, tells us that immediately after death, within minutes, a body begins to decompose. 

But in the past fossils were common, and most have preserved organic substances: blood, veins, soft tissue, DNA, collagen, etc. How can this be?

The evolutionists say Mary Schweitzer, a molecular paleontologist at North Carolina State University discovered that it was the iron that preserves the organic remains. 

HOLD ON! Then how come this doesn’t happen today? The only preserved remains today are mummies, and embalmed bodies. And this never happens in nature today.

So the past is the key to the present?


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