Enforce the Constitution & Save America!

WE NEED TO ENFORCE THE CONSTITUTION! I got a idea yesterday. Why not enter a Bill in both Congress and the Senate that everyone who runs for government office in the United States must pass a test. They must present documents showing that they have held positions where they supported laws and rules that were Constitutional, and/or take a test where they decide between sample cases which are both Constitutional, and Unconstitutional. And they have to receive a high 80% Constitutional score or they do not qualify to run for any office where the Constitution is important.

Also, why not require voters to have a valid ID, be a Citizen, and also take a test to see if they recognize between Constitutional and Un-Constitutional issues. And unless they can pass the test with a 80% or higher score, like a drivers test, they do not qualify to vote.

Finally, if a person in office votes for or supports an Unconstitutional law or rule, they must be taken to public trial on television, and if found guilty by a jury, removed from office, and punished like in any criminal case.

If we could do this America would become an even greater nation that any in history. All of our problems: unemployment, business, inflation, illegal wars, interfering in the free enterprise system, destruction of God given freedoms, corruption, and loss of wealth would end if enforced.

Why not contact all of our Congressmen and Senators and tell them to present or sponsor a Bill that would do this and stop all the evil insanity!


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