Methods of Attack from Humanists

I have noticed that militant atheists and agnostics always oppose creation science on the basis of belief and faith in their idea of evolution. They never base it on actual scientific facts. Those who do not ignore the truth resort to sarcasm, ridicule, obscene language, or character attacks. When they do try to use facts they are usually ignorant of the theory of evolution and give evidence that has been proven false or incorrect. For example many say Carbon 14 has proven the earth to be million of years old. But according to secular geology Carbon 14 only dates recent archaeology (not paleontology) back to 50 thousand years approximately. They say the Grand Canyon proves the earth is million of years old, but according to secular science the Grand Canyon was cut into old strata recently. All the fossils from the sediment carries out of the Canyon are Pleistocene which is only thousands of years old according to evolution theory. Then there is the theory that an embryo goes through the stages of its evolution which was proven false by secular scientists and was based on deliberately forged drawings and the scientist Ernest Haeckel was found guilty of fraud.


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