Big Bang Proven False

 Here are millions of galaxies as seen by the Hubble telescope.

I did a video experiment for YouTube. I intuitively suspected that a Big Bang would NOT form organized galaxies. It would form random clouds spreading everywhere, not organized spiral galaxies in separate groups. I was right, I poured cream into coffee and it formed random clouds everywhere, see pix 1. Then I stirred the coffee and it produced a spiral pix 2. Then a little later it becomes a homogeneous mass everywhere pix 3 (billions of years would produce this). Also a natural random process, assuming it was directed by a natural force were to create a spiral out of a clump of stars would cause them all to spin in the same direction. The Hubble telescope shows two spiral galaxies side by side spinning in opposite directions pix 4. This contradicts the law of conservation of motion. Also, there are planets Venus and Uranus and satellites in retrograde orbits which go in retrograde rotation and 'moons' orbits opposite to the rotation of the sun (opposite direction) which is counter to natural law of motion. That is not all, if a natural random explosion were to create the universe exploding stars should produce similar effects in miniature. See pix 5 and 6. See any spiral galaxies in this dust, how about planets?
Pix 1

Pix 3
Pix 4
Pix 5
 Pix 6

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