How Should We Respond to the King James Only Teaching?

Jeremy Auldaney replied to to Ash Morgan's web comments posted by Jeremy Adams on Facebook: How should we respond to the King James only teaching? To Jeremy Adams Yes, there are people who consider the belief in the KJT only is a heresy, but if you will notice the majority of churches are teaching heresies today. Part of that has been caused by these new translations. It has been proven that they contradict each other and support New Age Doctrines of Demons. And the writes are Non-Christians. The agents of Satan have infiltrated our churches and do not want you to know the truth. The web site mentioned above is one of those False Prophets. If they are right and we should believe all the many versions, and that leads to God's true Word, then what is wrong with believing only the KJT? Does that limit God's Word? Why are these people so hate filled when you say I believe in the KJT only. It was the Bible that evangelized the English speaking world. And America was based on this Bible, the greatest nation in history blessed by God. These same people would have us change our Constitution which gave us our God given freedoms.


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