Beware of False Teachers

I was very disturbed when David Reagan of Lamb and Lion Ministries showed his interview with Charles Ryrie. David brought up the subject of weather we should used other versions of the Bible in place of the Authorized King James Translation (AKJT). Charles said the New King James was better understood in today’s English. David said he had trouble understanding the Old English in the AKJT. Strange, I read the Authorized King James Bible when I was 12, and I had no trouble understanding it. I believe the Holy Spirit guides you. I have felt that the other versions which are man’s copyrighted words are false. And when you realize that it was False Teachers who produced these versions, and see the twisting of the meanings found in these versions you know there is something Satanic about them.

Charles Ryrie used the New King James Bible for his study bible. And David said he loved it. From now on I will not trust Lamb and Lion Ministries. I have found them to be right on almost everything, but all it takes is one mistake to lead to error. It is like an arrow. If it is shot perfectly straight, it will hit the bulls eye. But if it is a tiny bit off it may miss the target entirely. And the more time and greater distance, make the error continue to grow worse. A little Levin leveneth the whole lump. One rotten apple can make the whole bunch rotten.

I have noticed that Hal Lindsey uses several versions also. I have watched both of these television programs for years, but I am disturbed at their ignorance when it comes to the true Word of God.

Both of Reagan and Lindsey have been told by many people that they should not use these versions. And both of them have justified their acceptance of man’s words in these false versions. Are they False Prophets? I will stay watchful. I do know that Hal Lindsey has said nothing about where he stands on young earth creation. As for Billy Graham and many others, these False Prophets often accept Theistic Evolution like Bill Bright, James Dobson, and Pat Robertson.

If David Reagan and Charles Ryrie were right and the New King James is alright, which I do not believe is true, then why did they leave it open that a person could use any translation. The did not mention that there were any FALSE VERSIONS. Some versions are worse than others, even  Van Impy who supports the Pagan Catholic Religion has had heated discussions of some truly Satanic versions. David and Charles allow uneducated Christians to be brainwashed into New Age Pagonism!

Beware of these new False Bibles since 1881 - Bible Probe
Church of England Bishop Brooke Foss Westcott and Cambridge University Professor Fenton John Anthony Hort were the driving force behind the Revised Version of 1881 which these new bibles above are based on. ... Hort and Westcott defended the inclusion of a Unitarian scholar on the ...


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