Flat Earth?

Joe Taylor on Facebook: . The FLAT EARTH. AiG, scientist, Danny Faulkner, just wrote a lengthy article explaining why he believes the earth is not flat. Rob Skiba and Jered Chrestman have pretty well-thought out reasons why they think it is. Before you dismiss either, look at their positions.

MaryAnn Stuart on Auldaney Facebook: It's really simple. When people think of the word "flat", they are thinking of a pancake or a piece of paper with edges that one can fall off of. There is another meaning for "flat" that is more Biblical. Think of the Great Plains or a flat field as opposed to the foot hills and high peaks of the Rockies. In other world, many suspect (without using the word "flat") that the earth had a "smoother" surface topography before the Flood. Many suspect that the high mountains did not exist until during the Flood or shortly after. When I think of a flat earth, I am thinking of a glode whose surface was smoother all the way around than it is today. Does that make sense to anyone else?

Auldaney: Good point. You are right, even the atheist evolution paleontologist retired curator of paleontology at the American Museum of Natural History signer of the Humanist Manifesto, Dr. Edwin H. Colbert said that the high mountains did not exist in the Mesozoic and thus there were fewer and milder storms, and the climate was tropical. Geologists say mountain chains formed during orogenies. These were simply worldwide earth quakes that occurred in relation to the world wide Flood and Post Flood events in the days of Peleg. These were not slow events because they produced slickensides, and melting resulting in metamorphic rock. I have found slickensides in every strata sedimentary and granite. The point is these flat earthers need to explain that they are not flat earthers who believe the earth is a plate on the back of three elephants on the back of tortoise and the sun goes around the earth. They need a different name so the agents of Satan cannot ridicule all creationists as flat earthers.


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