All Evil is Cosmic WAR

Mankind has been at WAR since the Garden of Eden between God and Satan. Nothing happens in the physical world by accident. Each person must choose who he will believe, God or Satan’s human agents. Every evil thing in history has been planned by Satan/Demons and his human agents. Nothing happens by accident. This is the Creation view of history. Those who believe in this know the illuminati are real. Satan wants to rebuild Atlantis PreFlood civilization/and Post-Flood Babel. The Civil War, World War 1 and II, and the Unconstitutional wars today are planned by Satan and his agents for the purpose of destroying God’s creation and setting up his evil kingdom under a World Ruler the Beast led by the European Union revived Roman Empire organized by the United Nations. Then Satan can make total slaves out of man and eventually kill us all and send us to Hell. Those duped by Satan’s propaganda believe world events are a random natural process of evolution. Christians know they are created.

Typical example: World War 1 was caused by a Demon Possessed 19 year old helped by circumstances that were arranged by Demons triggering WW 1. World War I had been planned by the Illuminati 50 years before this event to bring about a World Government. Historical statements recorded of famous Illuminati like Francis Drake, and Teddy Roosevelt mention this fact. Roosevelt descendant of one of the founders of the Illuminati 1776 was asked how long the United States would last, and he said 50 years. WW 1 was exactly 50 years after his statement. Drake said America was being created to create the New World Order.

Nineteen year old Demon Possessed Gavrilo Princip murdered Archduke Franz Ferdinand under odd circumstances engineered by Demons, and this triggered World War I.

Gavrilo Princip met the car Ferdinand was in when the driver made a wrong turn and someone shouted stop. Gavrilo walked up to the car and shot Ferdinand with one shot at close range.

Gavrilo Princip was named Gavrilo which was derived from Gabriel. Whenever Satan wants to hide his name Lucifer, he substitutes Gabriel or Michael. The Druids did this at Nephilim Megalithic sites. And Gavrilo almost got away with it. He was within two weeks of reaching the age where he could not be executed by hanging, instead he got maximum sentence of 20 years. But God intervened and he went to Hell 4 years later of tuberculosis.

Gavrilo was the same nationality as Hitler who was an Ashkenazi Jew (Origin of Nazi). The Ashkenazi are European Jews who follow the Talmud which is hate literature against Jesus, Gentiles (Goyim), and Sephardic Jews who follow the Torah. The Askenazi Jews married Gentiles who had Nephilim bloodlines forbidden by God, the same ones behind the Learned Elders of Zion the Illuminati. And the Talmud and Zohar are the sources for the Illuminati Plan called the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion of the Priory de Scion the main headquarters of the Knights Templar Scottish Rite of freemasonry.


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