Is the Earth Flat or Round?

Jeremy Auldaney I looked at some of the videos and found they do claim the earth is not round. This is nonsense. It is a lie used as a straw-man argument claiming creationists and Bible believers are dumb flat earthers. The experiment of the boat in one video said it did not disappear from sight because earth is flat. This could be caused by a miscalculation of the size of the earth and its assumed amount of curvature. And the possibility that light can curve instead of going in a straight line. 

As for the speculation that water could not stay in place or flow up hill unless earth was flat and stationary, a fly in a car going 60 MPH prove this wrong. The fly flies about like its environment was sanding still. Motion is relative to surrounding environment. Only when speed changes does inertia cause things to move as conservation of motion. Everything we see in space is round. Even asteroids are not flat. The earth has been seen from space and it is round. The Bible is the key to all truth and it says God sits on the circle of the earth and hangs it on nothing. When sailors look out at the ocean it has a curve to it. And when a ship sails away it slowly sinks out of sight around the curve of the earth till only its mast or smoke stacks are seen which also sinks out of sight. Airplanes do not go in straight lines, they use curved paths because it is shorter to go around the curve of the earth. I have personally observed the curve of the earth while flying in jetliners.

I discovered that these flat earthers believe our space programs a hoax! Is it? Where do we go when we want an answer? The Authorized King James Bible. There it says Satan wanted to ascend into space and then into the third heaven where God is. And he has used man to carry on at the Tower of Babel, where they had a project to reach in to space. I think they may have succeeded before the Flood, and they were about to do it again. I believe stories of vemanas and chariots are memories of these inertialantigravity space vehicles.

I think as Satan takes over, man becomes insane.


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