Culture Invaded by Satanism

The world is becoming more are more Satanic and I have noticed that there is an increasing use of piercings, Satanic stickers on vehicles, skulls, odd clothes, men with feminine jewelry, and tattoos. And most of the tattoos and symbols are Satanic. See the proof below.

 Notice the moon god symbol of Islam which is also the symbol of Moloch also known as Baal 666 or the Bohemian Grove Illuminati Owl. This is Obama's promised change!

 Skull and Bones Illuminati secret society both Bush Presidents and John F. Kerry were members of this secret society who support the New World Order. Satanic Hand signs are shown below.

 Both Bush and Russian President Putin are Illuminati Masons.
And Putin is also a Satanist.

 Theologian Pat Roberts a Mason and theistic evolutionist who was supported by Roy Rogers for President. Roy was also a Mason. Roberts give the Satanic sign while praying? Several other theologians are also Masons and Theistic evolutionists. 

Rachel Anne Maddow American television host, political commentator, and author. She says she announced she was gay when she was 17 and is proud of it. Satanism is part of the homosexual and feminist movements.

 Notice the Fish cap representing the fish god Dagon.

Notice the Illuminati Knights Templar Red Cross, the same Templars and Masons who worship Baphomet. And the Celtic and Illuminati Rosicrucian cross.
 Above is the logo for the central Illuminati organization to coordinate all other Illuminati secret groups founded by famous Satanist Aleister Crowley follower of Madam Blavatsky.

 This is a version of the Eye of Horus 666 in the Illuminati Triangle.
 Represents Satan's victory in bringing death into the world.
The Egyptian Eye of Horus the sun god 666. The Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaton founded sun god monotheism and created the magic square of the sun 666. This will be carried on by his descendant the Antichrist who will exalt himself above all other gods.

 Tattooes and Satanism go together.

This is Harvest Church symbol, a break off from Calvary Chapel church chain which has been shown to be setting up the one world church of Antichrist led by Jesuits. It is very similar to the Humanist symbol without balls. The Humanists are agents of the Illuminati.

You seldom see Christian signs or bumper stickers on vehicles. The few there are are made up of the majority about 90% from Harvest Church. At first I thought it was some new Heavy Metal Rock Band. Then I realized it was the initials for Not of this World. Signs seldom give good Christian comments that are understandable. I call them Harvestites because I do not consider them true Christians, because I saw the way the they dress for Sunday Morning, like they were going to the park. And some have tattooes and piercings. I also noticed that they are worldly from ones I have know. And they promote Rock Bands with an emphasis on entertainment with little wholesome teaching of the Word. And now I find they secretly promote Holly Rollers who speak in tongues which I have researched and found to be Demon Possession similar to Voodoo, hypnosis, ouija boards and automatic writing. 


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