Bible Study Israelite Temporary Conversion

Bible Study: Exodus 36 to 38. In the construction of the Tabernacle Tent they were directed by God to use Gold, Silver, Bronze, Blue, Purple, and Scarlet. Everything God made has a spiritual meaning. Gold represents His deity, Silver (white purity) redemption form sin, Bronze Judgment, Blue the third Heaven where God dwells, Purple is divine Royalty, Scarlet the sacrifice of His blood. This was the Scarlet covering of the sanctuary. 

The Israelites were Pagans a few days before now they became repentant and were overzealous to contribute to the tabernacle and its work so that there was too much contributed. But when people are scared into obedience they quickly revert back to their evil ways.

The description of how to create all the things relating to the Tabernacle were dictated by God to Moses who wrote it down at the top of Mt Sinai for 40 days and nights. Then it was interrupted by the Israelite’s Satanic orgy. Moses had to go down and put a stop to it before God came down to destroy them.
Moses destroyed the first set of stone tablets with the Ten Commandments so that they would not be accounted to their destruction. He then cut off the leaders of this rebellion by having them killed to save a remnant.

Then Moses went back up and continued another 40 days and nights with God. The first time God cut the stones, their replacements were cut by Moses, and then God wrote on them. This is the same trend in the writing of the first 5 books of the Bible. God dictated the plans for the Tabernacle using future tense, then Moses rewrote them as part of the 5 books using the past tense.

Bezaleel was specially filled with the wisdom and knowledge from the Holy Spirit to make the most precious Ark of the Covenant. He also taught and led others to help in the work. This is why we should listen to leaders whom we find are led in wisdom and truth. But first test them against what the Authorized King James Bible tells us.
However, Bezaleel was not allowed to place the tablets of the law into the Ark, only Moses could do that. This shows that a reliable Christian leader cannot save anyone, he can only teach the truth, only Jesus represented by Moses as a type of Christ can do that.


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