Upside Down Cross of Simon the Sorcerer

In Roman Catholicism the Petrine (Simon the Sorcerer not Simon Peter) Cross is not seen as Satanic in any way (by Catholics). However, an inverted crucifix (a Latin cross with an artistic depiction of the crucified body of Christ upon it) is seen as immensely disrespectful, and could be used to represent Satanic forces. The distinction between a Cross of Peter (Actually the
Cross of Satan) and upturned Crucifix is sometimes obscured, leading to confusion about the acceptability of each symbol. (My comment: Both are Satanic) This was seen when controversy arose over the aforementioned Papal visit to Israel; pictures of the Pope sitting before a Petrine Cross were widely circulated on the Internet in an attempt to prove that the Catholic Church is associated with Satanism and the Antichrist. (My Comment: They are Satanic, I have discovered lots of evidence that the Catholic Religion is the FALSE PROPHET.) Notice the Pagan Celtic cross on the back of the Priest. By the way, Christianity has NO PRIESTS because Jesus is our High Priest doing away with the office of Priest after his resurection. 


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