The wilderness Tabernacle
An exact model of the Tabernacle.

Exodus 29 to 32. Atonement is a covering for protection. It is symbolized as pitch on Noah’s Ark which is related to the ark Moses was placed in as a baby, and the Ark of the Covenant. They were referred to as boxes. No, tar from oil did not exist, the pitch was like shellac that protected the surface of the wood. Gopher wood was a process of compressing the wood making it flexible but stronger than steel.

Noah’s Ark was an elongate box. (It was as large as a football field with three stories. The bathtub arks are a lie from Satan to make them look overcrowded and top heavy so kids will reject the truth as a myth. God created the design for this ship and he created the laws of shipbuilding.

Ken Ham's exact life size model of Noah's Ark. It was a city in itself with tree floors.

Exodus continues with God’s Words to Moses in Mt. Sinai, on how to make the furniture of the temple for sacrifice, incense, and amount of money in offerings. All gave the same rich and poor. God always deals equally with everyone. And it was to be given willingly.

Before the Priest did anything he had to wash his hands. The Bible has the answer for everything. Pagan cultures did not wash their hands and this spread disease. Today doctors and nurses wash their hands before doing anything. This is also true of workers in restaurants and grocery stores.

The incense represented prayers and had to be have certain ingredients or God would not accept the prayer. God does not listen to the prayer of a non-repentant person.
God gave the workmen not only written direction by the hand of Moses but he gave his wisdom and knowledge to them. This included secular physical understanding of cutting stones and working with wood and cloth. The Bible working with the Holy Spirit instructs us in all good works in our daily lives as well as spiritual understanding. 

People make excuses to use the corrupt versions of evil agnostic men twisted to fit Jesuit heresies, Westcott and Hort. Religious people claim their illiteracy and ignorance of the meaning of old English: thy, waxen, thou, shalt, etc. makes it so they cannot know the truth, so they go to the words of evil men speaking Satan's twisting of the Scripture. The Catholic Greek New Testament is the "source text" for many of today's modern Bible versions. These men were heretics. These ‘modern’ versions are man’s twisted words copyrighted for profit, as opposed to the Spirit led Protestant Authorized King James Translation used by Spirit filled Christians for hundreds of years. The Bible has been written in Hebrew, Greek, and English.

The commandment to worship on the Seventh day is based on the seven days of creation showing that God created the universe in six days. It says he rested on the seventh day in a past tense, indicating he is not still resting today as the theistic evolutionists claim. It also shows that his creation was perfect before Adam sinned. Which also contradicts the heresy of evolution in any form.

God rested and contemplated the marvelous universe he created from stars to molecules to life on earth. And this is what we should do. Seven is the number of spiritual perfection in Bible codes created by God.

The most important was the Ten Commandments. Moses wrote what God said, but the Ten Commandments were written on slab of rock on both sides by God himself. This has provided the basis for all our laws. Laws which became the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

While Moses was working for God in the Mt the Jews were doing what they always did. They scared Aaron into making a Golden Calf. This was the god Apis which is Baal Taurus the bull or Sat-an meaning the god Saturn. Also known as the sun god of Egypt symbolized by their magic square based on astrology and their 36 constellations adding up to 666.

 This is the magic square of the sun which adds up to 666 and adds to 111 in 28 ways. It consists of all numbers from 1 to 36 representing Egypt's 36th god the sun god which later was called Baal or Satan. 
This is an Egyptian obelisk in the city of Heliopolis. It represents the highest sun god. Akamenton made him a monotheistic god which has been carried into out times. The bloodline of the Nephilim came from Egyptian kings and will produce the Antichrist who exalts himself above all that is called God as a reincarnation of Nimrod of Babel. Washington's obelisk came from ancient Egypt and is 555 feet tall with 111 feet underground placed in Washington and the Vatican by Masons.

God tested Moses by asking him if he wanted Him to use his descendants to replace the Israelites. Jesus could have done this, recreating another Adam and Eve and start over. Instead he died for us. Of course Moses knew that this would be a sin to take vengeance on them. He chose to intercede for them like Jesus did. He had compassion on those who would come to him.
When Moses asks Aaron what was going on, he said well they gave me gold and I cast it into the furnace and magically out came this idol. He lied. The Jews were celebrating Saturnalia where they have an orgy of food, sex, and sacrifice of babies. Today abortion is being used by New World Order Satanists to perform sacrifices to Baal or Moloch the Owl. The same owl that is on our one dollar bill and at the Bohemian Grove.  This disturbed God and Moses. He knew that the Egyptians and other Pagans would be laughing and say so it was our great god the sun that brought them out of Egypt after all.

Moses stood and ordered everyone who stands for God come to me. This is a type of Jesus who calls us out of the Pagan world of Satan. The sons of Levi did not participate in the sin, and they gathered together to Moses. Then Moses ordered them to kill all the others. There was a mass slaughter of three thousand, but not one of the Levites was harmed. This was not vengeance. They did it to cleanse the sin. Sin requires justice which brings death.

The Levites are still with us. Many have the last name of Levi. 

God ordered the Canaanites to be slaughtered by the Israelites because they were Nephilim hybrids the seed of the Serpent. And they did not kill them all and this has caused the Nephilim bloodline to exist in our day as the Illuminati. 


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