Christian Symbols Made Satanic

The Triquetra 
Basically, a stylized trefoil knot.
153 x 3 = 459The Triquetra symbol right is actually composed of three Vesica Piscii, the holy symbol of the Pythagorean Christos. Pathagorus was a Pagan. See below* It represents the seed of the Serpwent the descendants of the Nephilim 666 the Satanic Trinity. It is composed of three ‘almond-shaped’ icthyi, each with a height to width ratio of 1.73205, which is the square root of three. This ratio gave rise to the Divine number 153 (the complete mathematical ratio being 265:153, the ratio of whole numbers under 1000, which approximated the square root of 3.) 153 is the number of fish Jesus caught in the Gospel of John 21:11. When one considers that there are three Vesica Piscii in the Triquetra, the following calculation has surprising results:
4 + 5 + 9 = 18
1 + 8 = 9
The number 9 is only divisible by 3, 1 and itself. One can understand just why the Triquetra symbol has fooled  Trinity-believing Christians, even though its origins are Neolithic, the time of the scattering from Babel when man lost technology and had to rely on stone tools. The number 9 is sacred to Satanism as it is the number of Satan himself and represents the ego (In the Bible 9 is the number of Judgement), epochs and ages (The Table of Nine, Satanic Numerolgy, Draconis Blackthorne).
What does the trinity symbol mean? The Triquetra represents the UnHoly Trinity: Lucifer , Antichrist, and the Goddess. The unbroken circle represents evolution. The interwoven nature of the symbol denotes the indivisibility and equality of the three. It symbolizes that Satan is three beings of power, honor, and glory but is indivisibly one god the sun god of Akamenton of Egypt. 
Many Christians, claim that the Triquetra is an occult symbol, rather than a representation of the Divine Trinity. This piece of knot work clearly predates Christianity at ancient Mesopotamia, beloved of the Pagan Celts and Norse. Agents of Satan argue that it is a Christian symbol. Satanic. The symbol is used as a means of expressing Pagan beliefs.
“Marilyn Ferguson, a New Ager, used the symbol of the triquetra (another name for the triskele) on her book The Aquarian Conspiracy. This is a variation for the number 666. Other books and material have a similar design printed on them, such as books from David Spangler, the person who lauds Lucifer, and The Witch's Grimoire. As most people know, the number 666 is the number of the beast (see Revelation 13:18) and is evil, yet the occultists and New Agers love this number and consider it to be sacred.
As stated earlier, many (Jeremy: Satanic Illuminati Bilderberg organizations), such as the World Future Society and the Trilateral Commission, incorporate this symbol into their logo. I think it is quite interesting to see that this same symbol appears on the cover of the (Jeremy: FALSE VERSION) of the New King James Bible as well!” (Dr. Cathy Burns, Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated, pp. 242-243)

*All through history there were the descendants of the seed of the Serpent, today we call the the Illuminati who are behind the New World Order. Pythagorus was one of them.

Pythagoras was initiated into the rites and mysteries of not only the Greek mystery religions, but also was a student of Egyptian and a pupil of Zoraster and a disciple of the Brahmanas. He was pretty much a contemporary of the Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama, and many doctrines similar to Buddhism because they are related. He formed an order or secret society known as the Pythagorean Brotherhood. His students were divided into 2 distinct categories; the more advanced members of the inner circle were called esoteric and his more casual followers were known as the exoteric. He required his students to divest themselves, of all worldly possessions, and to undergo instruction in silence. He dressed in a white linen robe, wool was prohibited since it came from an animal. His esoteric students, much as himself, subsisted on a raw vegetarian diet and abstained from sex (The Bible says in the last days they will refuse to eat meat). His students also received the daily sacrament in which they symbolically consumed the body of Dionysius, this was later incorporated in the Roman Catholic Church by it founder Simon the Sorcerer. The cannabalistic practice of the eucharist dates back to the cult of Osiris (another name for Nimrod of Babel) in which the participants consumed an image of the god made of wheat paste and drank a libation of barley ale. The ale was later replaced by wine among the Greek Dionysians (the Greek copy of the Osiris myth.) The practice was based on the concept that you are what you eat, and by eating the symbolic body and blood of a god, you would become holy. Earlier indigenous Egyptian people had partaken in the cannabalistic practice of eating the flesh of their deceased loved ones. The Pythagoreans also practiced regular baptismal purification, which Pythagoras undoubtedly picked up from the Zorastrians, and would become a staple of the Jewish Essene centuries later. The Essenes placed the Dead Sea Scrolls in caves at Qumran they rejected Jesus and tyhe New Testanment, and they were a cult offshoot of Jewish Phariseeism. The founder of Catholicism was Simon the Sorcerer a Pharisee 


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