Moses Met Jesus on Mt. Sinai

In Exodus Moses tells us what happened when he met God at Mt Sinai. It says God told him to come up to the mountain with Aaron and 70 elders. There God spoke to them from the fiery cloud called the shekinah cloud. This is the cloud that led them for 40 years and showed them with Manna to eat, and stood in the way of the Egyptians before they escaped across the Red Sea.

There is an uncertainty about the actual location of Mt Sinai. Was it Egypt or Saudi Arabia? 

Secular atheistic scientists claim science (which is a religious cult founded by Francis Bacon called Science which came from Gnosticism) can explained all the miracles of the Bible. Here they claim the sea opened and became dry land because of a powerful wind from natural causes. But they ignore and do not explain the shekinah cloud. As for the burning bush where God spoke to Moses, they claim Moses was on some hallucinogenic drug and thought he heard the voice of God. And the burning bush was over a volcanic vent. Then how come the bush did not burn? And Jesus healed as a result of suggestion like a placebo. This is blasphemy. The truth is they make man and his logic called science into a religion and man as god. Who is more reliable? God or Man? Of course they claim God doesn't exist. So god must be man. The Bible calls them FOOLS.

The Jesus appeared to them in his celestial body before his incarnation in a human body. This is called a theophany. Jesus was around from the beginning and it was Jesus that created the earth and stretched out the universe during the six 24 hour days of creation week. After Moses, Aaron and the 70 elders had eaten, Jesus told Moses to come up into the mountain with Him. Moses was gone for 40 days and nights. Meanwhile the Isrealites decided to do things their own way and went back to making idols of Baal 666.

While in the mountain Jesus showed Moses the Blue Prints he had drawn up for the Ark and the wilderness Temple, and dictated the instructions while Moses wrote them down. This is when God/Jesus wrote the first 5 books of the Old Testament, using Moses as a scribe.  Jesus also wrote the Ten Commandments on slabs of rock to exhibit to the people as a reminder of their covenant giving basic rules to live by.

It is fascinating to realize that the hand of Jesus drew up Blue Prints for every machine in creation. Like your hand and nerve connections to the brain, etc. 

I remember where Jesus said he took the earth like a bowel and washed it with water and turned it upside down. It shows Jesus washed the dishes and placed them in a drying rack just like we do. And he used it as an illustration of what he did during the Flood, and will do to any evil country. 


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