Constantine Catholic Illuminati

John Mark Reynolds this is for you (Facebook prevented me from posting on your site or comment on your post): This is the Greek god, the two faced Janus you posted. Some picture him as an old man and a young man symbolizing the past and future reincarnation of the Nephilim god Nimrod king of Babel as the Antichrist. And notice the 33 degree Illuminati Mason symbol of a Nephilim god with the Phoenix representing Janus in the second picture. Third picture is your picture of the Catholic Saint Constantine Academy. They have suppressed this and I could not get a picture from the Internet because Paganism is too obvious, and had to copy your photo. Constantin was a Pagan Roman (Baal/Satan 666) sun worshiper who combined Christianity with Paganism as shown on this coin in the first picture. Dale Carnegie is an Illuminati international banking dynasty and one of the heads of the Masonic Illuminati Knights Templars and promoter of Darwinian atheistic propaganda with Morgan and Rothschild.

 New York Catholic school.
Ancient  Greek coin of Janus.
Janus Masonic symbol of double headed Phoenix representing the rise of the Babylonian Nephilim Nimrod reincarnated as the Antichrist out of the fires of Baal.

This symbol is Constantine's Symbol which is used by the False Prophets Illuminati called the Jesuits. There are two groups of Illuminati that work to create the NWO; the False Prophet, and those who represent the secular Antichrist. See the Celtic Cross of Tammuz son of Nimrod, See the flaming sun god of Egypt symbolized by ancient Egyptians as the solar magic square of 36 creating a square of 666. And the three nails that nailed Jesus to the cross. The cross is like the cross in the o in Monster Energy Drink which has Hebrew Vav vav vav which is 666 in Hebrew. Now notice as I did just now, the three nails look like Vav! The claw marks of the Beast!


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