The Ten Commandments Binding Document

Bible Study Exodus 33 to 35. Since Israel had rebelled and worshiped the Golden Calf Baal, God was angry and said he would not go with them or he would destroy them. So the Tabernacle was pitched outside the camp at a distance. This Tabernacle was Moses own tent because the Tabernacle had not been built yet. This shows us that Christian groups start at one’s own house. Home meetings are always better than a fancy church which are usually teaching heresies. The home churches are more homey and personal and people can commune their and meet with likeminded friends who know the purpose of life is to educate each other in the truth and spread the Word.

Here are our Baal worshipers in recent history. 

Due to the traumatic experiences of meeting God personally, then seeing the unbelievable ignorance and evil in the world illustrated by the rebellion of the people, Moses asks for assurance that God would prevail in the end. He asks to know if any will follow the truth. And if God will accept him and those that follow, knowing we are all sinners. And let me see you.

God said you cannot see my triune glory while still in the flesh. But he would allow him to see a glimpse of Him as the “angle of his presence”, a theophany, Yeshua (Jesus) before he became flesh in his celestial body. As he passed by the crack in the rock where Moses was placed, God proclaims: merciful, gracious, longsuffering, goodness, and truth. These are to reassure Moses that He will perform his covenant in spite of our sin. There are 5 attributes, and 5 is the number of Grace in the Bible code.

This is a cleft in the rocks at Mt. Sinai.

God does warn that he will forgive those who repent, but will punish those who reject the truth down to the fourth generation of this descendants. Witchcraft causes Demons to haunt the descendants of those calling on Evil Spirits.  Unless they repent. 

God cut and wrote on the two tablets of stone the first time. Now he has Moses cut the new tablets, then God wrote on them the second time. Moses spent another 40 days and nights in Mt Sinai. God was testing them to allow them to rebel again to see if they could do what is right without Moses. People usually rebel and turn from doing what is right, when the Christian leader dies or goes away. Or when the boss is not in the office.

Other gods including anything that comes before God. Do not falsely claim you are a Christian, and have not accepted Jesus and obey his Commandments. Make no graven images. That is because it would be a counterfeit of the engraved Ten Commandments. Remember the day God rested in his completed creation and see God's hand in its creastion. Obey your godly father and mother. Do not kill any living thing except when defending yourself against evil in man or nature. Do not think about or have sex simply for the purpose of pleasure with anyone except your mate whom you are responsable for, including the responsabilty to offspring that are the result. Do not take anything that does not belong to you. You are not to harm anyone by lying. You must not even think about taking anything that is not yours. 

The Ten Commandments were the contract on which God based His Covenant. He would not go back on his promises, but he would have to punish them as children. Those who willfully disobey he will destroy. When America takes away the Ten Commandments in public it opens us up to terrorist attacks from Satan’s army. 

During those 40 days Moses writes down the words God dictates to him. This confirms that the very words are directly from God. Anyone who says the Bible has been written by men, or doesn’t carry the very words of God are liars.

When Moses came down his face glowed like Adam and Eve did before they sinned by rebellion and denying God’s Word. The commandment to keep the 7th day Holy, was for the purpose of a reminder that God created the universe in one week. The one period of time that has never been changed. Months, years, etc. have been changed. Those who say God did not create the universe in 6 days about 6 thousand years ago are condemned to death. 

When the Israelites left Egypt they all had lots of wealth, gold, silver, gem stones. God blesses his people even when they disobey. However they did lose the gold they gave to make Baal. The bull represents Satan the fallen bull of heaven Zeus-Apollo-Taurus with the Assyrian term Sat-an. Semiramis of Babel was Assyrian. Gold or red represents the sun or fire god. 

The Israelites gave their gold to build the Temple, but it was required of only those who were willing. Those who were made willing by the Holy Spirit. But all were rich. God only uses those he knows are willing workers. And these were given God given skills.


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