Jesuits Promote Evolution

Catholicism is Christianized/Paganism Christian in name only. All false religions promote evolution. Catholics support evolution. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin was a Jesuit (a secret society working with the Knights Templar Freemason secret society to create the New World Order) representing the Vatican, who obtained financing from the Illuminati bankser Rockefeller (leader of the Illuminati) to conduct research and promote propaganda in support of a human ancestor hoax at Piltdown England. He went on to promote the Peking Man hoax made up of chimpanzee skulls.

Teilhard was also an occult writer that helped found the New Age Religion of the False Prophet.

This is a reconstruction of Peking Man. It has been reconstructed to look human, but even so it appears to be a chimpanzee.
 This is a cast of an adult chimpanzee skull.


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