Why Did 9/11 Occur?

“Where Was God on September 11?”, sermon for 09/11/2016, 17th Sunday after  Pentecost: https://youtu.be/I8UJVfDTslE

On the 15th anniversary of this tragic event, we stopped to consider that God is always with us, even in the midst of disaster. This sermon, based on Psalm 46, was a bit longer than most but offers numerous scripture passages to reinforce that reassure us of God's ever-present love.

My Answer: 9/11 was a warning to America that judgement is coming. People are shocked at the fact that so many people were killed, but they ignore the fact the same amount of babies are being killed every day in abortions. Thou shalt not kill! These are being sacrificed to Moloch just as the Pagans did. Sacrificed in support of our lust for sin. Two towers were destroyed. Towers have always been the symbols of man's rebellion since Babel. We are in the process of jettisoning our Christian heritage. Christian leaders are denying the fundamentals of the faith. Political leaders have been determined to convert us into a secular society. Americans have responded by embracing a hedonistic lifestyle. In the words of Judge Robert H. Bork, ever since the mid-20th Century, we have been “slouching towards Gomorrah.” In the process, we have become the moral polluter of planet earth through the exportation of our immoral and violent television programs and movies. See: The 9/11 Attack on America | Lamb & Lion Ministries
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The most obvious answer to why America would be attacked by Islamic terrorists ... States for the sins of our nation, for our rebellion against God and His Word. We are being run by the Illuminati (Jesuits and Knights Templar Masons New Age Deists) who have infiltrated into schools, media, museums, churches, preparing the way for Antichrist to u-serpent absolute control of the world


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