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Theodore the Great: How Trump Channels Teddy Roosevelt
Donald Trump’s campaign for the White House recalls the presidential election of 1912 — when another brash New Yorker, Theodore Roosevelt, defied the establishment of the Republican Party, writes author Daniel Ruddy in his new book "Theodore the Great: Conservative Crusader." Roosevelt has been one of America’s greatest and most popular presidents ever. Find out how Trump is channeling Teddy Roosevelt.

My comment. The Roosevelts were descendants of one of the founders of the Illuminati in Washington Clinton Roosevelt. The Roosevelts were carrying out the plans of the Illuminati for a world government under Antichrist. They were NeoConservatives, which are Conservatives, and Christians etc. in name only. Franklin said Communists were some of his best friends.

Pix 1 Teddy Roosevelt. Pix 2 Franklin Roosevelt. Pix 3 Trump Clinton's friend. Pix 4 Trump's wife the Playgirl. Pix 5 Trump giving the satanic hand sign with fellow satanist. Pix 6, 7, 8 Trump giving the 666 hand sign.


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