The Western Temple Wall in Jerusalem a HOAX?

Excuse me, but the Western Wall is not the Temple! It is a Roman Garrison! Jesus said not one block would remain upon another. This Temple Mount idea is a myth. The Temple is 1000 feet South of there in the City of David! It may be surprising to some, but in the fourth century, people were trying to find the lost sites of the former temples of Solomon and Herod. They simply did not know where the temple sites were placed. In 70 AD the temple was completely and utterly uprooted by the Romans, thus fulfilling Christ’s prophesy that not one stone would be standing upon another there. The temple was eradicated from all recognition, so much so that no one could even tell that the building had ever existed. So, in the next 300 years, with so many Jews having been killed or expelled from the land, people were not sure where the correct location of the temple was so four other sites that were proposed. The temple mount was settled on as the site of the lost temple even though the Bible seems to indicate that it is someplace altogether.

Like so many, I have always thought that the location for the temple of Solomon had been proven to be on the traditional Temple Mount in Jerusalem. But, I began to become doubtful of that traditional view of the temple placement after Dr. Paul Feinberg alerted me to the revolutionary work of the late archaeologist and author, Dr. Ernest L. Martin. This research effort would not have been possible without his groundbreaking insights. 
However, I hope that my own personal research presented herein offers a bold new chapter in this potentially history-adjusting subject. 

Jesus warned His disciples of the coming destruction of the temple and that not one stone of the temple would be left on top of another. Matthew 24:1-2 says, ”Then Jesus went out and departed from the temple, and His disciples came up to show Him the buildings of the temple. And Jesus said to them, ‘Do you not see all these things? Assuredly, I say to you, not one stone shall be left here upon another, that shall not be thrown down.” Christ’s words clearly state that the entire temple, each and every stone, will be dug up, dislodged, and tossed away. It is interesting to note that there are massive stone blocks by the thousands set in the wall supporting the Temple Mount platform. Was Jesus wrong in His prophesying that not one stone would remain standing? 

When you look carefully at the Bible verse, “not one stone upon another,” we find that Jesus was actually gone from the temple when He spoke those words. Jesus was walking away when His disciples came up to Him and called His attention to the temple buildings. The verse continues with Christ asking, ”Do you not see all these things?” 

What Jesus is mentioning is the whole of the temple, being seen from a distance of some unknown calibration, but most assuredly down the road some from the temple complex. It was from this space of separation that Christ says that every stone of the temple would be thrown down. He would have been describing the walls, ancillary buildings, and all. 

Historian Flavius Josephus wrote that the entirety of the temple was indeed in total ruin and destruction after 70 AD. He went on to say that if he had not personally been in Jerusalem during the war and witnessed the demolition by Titus of the temple that took place there, he wouldn’t have believed it ever existed. In Josephus (Jewish Wars, VII, 1.1) it speaks of widespread destruction in all Jerusalem as well. Archaeology and eye-witness evidence suggests that Jerusalem was destroyed so severely that not much of it was left. However, the foundation walls of what we call today the traditional Temple Mount would not, in all likelihood, be included in the manifest of any destroyed edifices because it was Roman-owned and would be considered separate from Jerusalem by Josephus. 

If found that Jews at the Wailing Wall, when interviewed, said that the huge high walls of stones standing there today gives testimony that Jesus was flat-wrong and that His proclamation that not one Stone of the Temple will remain standing disqualifies Christ as a being completely truthful. 

I however feel that those high stone walls there today are remnants from a former Roman fort occupied by the mighty Tenth Legion (Legio X Fretensis). I also believe that the true site of Solomon’s temple is about a thousand feet South of the temple mount in the City of David. This would mean that Jesus was correct in His prophetic words and that each and every stone, to the very last was one, was cast down.

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Jeremy Auldaney  Benjamin Netanyahu said the Jews would never give up the Western Wall. This is like keeping an idol from Rome to worship. The fact they worship this wall is evidence of Pagan idol worship! This is similar to the worship of the Shroud of Turin which was used to torture the founder of the Knights Templar Illuminati, Jaques de Molay, the ones orchestrating the creation of Antichrist's world government. 

The above information proves Benjamin Netanyahu - בנימין נתניהו an Askenazi European Gentile Jew (contaminated by Nephilim bloodlines) is either ignorant, a liar, being politically correct, or he is hiding the truth. This fact has been used by Pagan Jews to falsely claim Jesus was wrong. Jesus and the Authorized King James Bible is NEVER wrong. It is man's interpretation that is always found to be WRONG.

Temple's location found, says Israeli archaeologist -

Feb 11, 2007 - ... on the site of the present Muslim Dome of the Rock, Prof. Joseph Patrich says archaeological remains show its exact location – and the consensus is wrong. Dome of the Rock on Jerusalem's Temple Mount, facing west.


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Was what we now call the Temple mount or was it something else? Was it a Roman Fort? If so where was the ...

Biblical Archaeological Evidence for the Temple | Base Institute

Even though the Temple Mount is in the most holy site of the Jews and situated right in ... Like so many, I have always thought that the location for the temple of ... Was Jesus wrong in His prophesying that not one stone would remain standing?
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