My Fossil Casts in Museum!

I used to sell Archaeopteryx Berlin and Eichstatt specimen casts on eBay which I cast and painted myself, until the militant evolutionists at the Committees of Correspondence (overseen by the Center for Science Education a militant group organized to stop all creation information from reaching the public at Cal State Berkeley) attacked me by having 5000 of their members visit my site in one day (buying nothing) then slandering me because of my creation interpretation. eBay closed my site for the second time.

One day, I was looking for a picture of Archaeopteryx a few years ago, for an article, and there was a picture of my Archaeopteryx! I have said that of all the hundreds of Archaeopteryx I sold world wide I would see one of my Archaeopteryx casts in a museum some day. I decided to look up pictures of Archaeopteryx today and found a picture of one of my casts at the University of California Museum of Paleontology at Berkely (Pix 1) and another on Wikipedia (pix 2). I also found my cast of the dinosaur Compsognathus at (Pix 3). I know they are mine because of a defect in the original cast I got from Joe Taylor. I recognized the Compsognathus by they way I painted tiny details others did not.

 PIX 2
 PIX 3


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