Nephilim Genes are Still With Us

John Smith to Jeremy Auldaney: "I was born with 6 fingers on each hand, the extra fingers were cut off shortly after birth so all I have now are nubs in their place, I don't feel evil or like an offspring of a fallen one." (John is in right picture.)

My Answer: This does not automatically make you evil. 

It is interesting that most Polydactyl (6 fingers on each hand and feet) people are not white. The Nephilim lineages were mainly Hamite and Ashkenazi Jews. 

In ancient times about 2000 BC, the Giants were evil cannibals, thieves, and came to kill, steal, and kidnap women. The Nephilim were hunted down and killed. But some were not Giants, but they had six figures. The ancient American Natives and others developed the practice of holding up a right hand and saying 'How', to prove that a stranger was not a feared Nephilim enemy who built the megalithic structures. 

Today there is only prejudice against anyone who is different, including left handed people, other nationalities, or Christians. And those with six figures. However, beware those Nephilim descendants who are Illuminati supporting the New World Order.




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