Attack by Evolutionists is Political.

Young Earth Creationists are under attack by Committees of Correspondance members (C of C) . You must understand that this is a political battle by agents of the New World Order. Evolutionism is a conspiracy and a religion. Agents of the NWO created by the Illuminati to create Antichrist's world Marxist dictatorship. These attacks are organized under the Center for Science Education at Berkeley through the C of C, they are an offshoot of the Counsel on Foreign Relations public relations for the Satanic world order orchestrated by the Priory de Scion the Knights Templars and Jesuits i.e. the Illuminati torch bearers for Lucifer. The C of C get their members to write massive letters and e-mails to slander YEC, and they infiltrate Protestant Christian organizations to undermine them and spread false doctrines and heresies.


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